Well I must say that after the heat of France,and getting back home to Eastbourne it was certainly much cooler, blooming cold at times! Even the planes for the annual "Airbourne" were largely grounded for 3 of the four days……

So on my return things were largely quiet for me, but not EVER totally quiet as you will see. 

Well my "Book Six" is officially agreed with Rex my publisher at My Voice, and WILL have a very different title than previous books ?, but as the five were published in only three and a half years I wanted a bit of a gap, so it will be about right and 15 months by the end of the year that I’m aiming for. 

Book SEVEN ideas, script, poems and text etc are already "well formed" shall we say, and I luuuuuurve well formed ? (ideas!!!).

During this "quiet" period I have been thinking and may reflect this in latest poems I will share soon, SSShhooosh Mick Seaman, but for now from my 4th book comes….

Alone in the Mirror

I am alone in the mirror

This face I’ve come to know,

That’s been staring back at me

From so many years ago.

But that face has changed now

Though the expression is the same,

For it has seen much of life

And situations you can’t tame.

This face has looked on loss

So tragic it creased with pain,

While trying hard to smile out

As inside the heart was slain.

Inner traumas rocked the soul

Which nearly split the seam.

Causing untold agony but,

Outside the face would beam.

So laughter which we cherish

Has cracked the outer look,

Though these smile fed lines

Will belie the times it shook,

With mirth, and sometimes grief

As it was worn across the years,

That eroded pristine youth

With many of life’s fears.

So that cruel mirror on my wall

Reflects the good and bad,

Showing with lines and wrinkles

All the years of life I’ve had.

But I’m not ashamed of this

Please don’t be taken in.

For though sometimes I force it,

Years drop off when I grin.

I have almost confirmed now at least one collaboration re weddings, and possible other "poetic connections", but like a fair bit at the moment,……. awaiting confirmation!

Mentions then, and first, yes first, M F G Sharon W of Olive Design who continues to produce excellent leaflets, cards and posters etc for me in record time and reasonable price too. LOL, thanks SHARON. Tony C of East London Radio and Talking Stories, The Boys from Carbury Films who wanted me to "Take the High Road" but nicely, Alex H B and her "Write from the Hartland", Vanessa Mrs Ovens, Pink Spaghetti Sandra, "Uncle Austen", Lesley 81, Jimbo, Glenys, Tina, G’day Doooon Ooooonder , Simon the 42nd cook, Hazel of "flashing thighs, boobs and drinks" ‘ello, ello, Grahame B of Southern P C Services for many rescues, and ALL my friends and kind supporters including Astrid in Germany! Thanks guys!!! MORE mentions next time, so no hiding place….

I can only post this first book poem now and explain after, but needs none really!


Pouring, soaking, drenching rain

Descends on us again and again,

Flooding, drowning, spraying wet

Day after day is all we get.

Pounding, crashing, driving wind

Hitting us as though we’d sinned,

Blowing, gusts, and shrieking bluster

So a sigh is all we can muster.

Pouring, soaking, drenching rain

Pounding crashing, a driving force.

Flooding, blowing, drowning storm

Batters us which ever the course.

The wind then drops to just a gasp

And after the sunshine shows,

So when we feel like peering out

Another deluge freely flows.

Gusting wind, and driving rain

Twin partners in their crimes,

Get together to unleash on us

The very worst of times.

Houses flooded, power lines down

Wonder if we’ll freeze or drown,

Railways stopped, roads under water

Seems we’ve upset the devils daughter.

As three of the photos will give away, including lead photo, I had a stall for two days at a local event by Eastbourne Harbour and Waterfront.

 Now even "I" know they are windy places without the weather further demonstrating it, but that it did, but with a "mini monsoon" on the Sunday, and whilst I stuck it out for a while, I did beat a prudent retreat. Somehow I still managed to sell some books, give quite a few of my leaflets out and collect a fair bit for Help for Heroes too…?.

Needless to say that our now famous and intrepid bears were NOT very happy about being blown about and getting wet, especially as accompanied by Big Ted who apparently refused to hold a "Bear Umbrella" over Ted n Beth. They also "Fur" mly, fur get it? lol, informed me that my skin dried out quicker than their fur…. ??.

I am going to put up poem "Memories" from 4th book in honour of a "memory" as I bumped into the lovely Mantel Farm Kerry of the ??’s last week, so I was very pleased to be, albeit it briefly, reunited with said sight. My "threat" of coming down is REAL Kerry so look after that kettle!


Oh how well we can remember

The recognition of a mothers love,

Given so free and unconditional

As if sent down from high above.

Oh how well we can remember

The comfort of a big hug,

Like warming before a big fire

Sitting on a thick pile rug.

Oh how well we can remember

The magic of our first kiss.

As we puckered up together

With a handsome hunk or pretty miss.

Oh how well we can remember ,

When we first had too much to drink,

Vowing never to do that again

As alcohol is stronger than you think

Oh how well we can remember

The wonder of when we first made love,

Feeling the intimacy and warmth

As we soared to skies above.

And it’s well that we remember

These precious moments of life’s thread,

To enjoy them and the memory

Before the time you wake up dead!

Nearly done except to say I’m on the excellent Uckfield F M Radio again this Thursday, so looking forward to that! Speaking of radio I must mention again Lynn Parsons of Magic Radio who often is "on air" as I write, thanks Lynn for the mentions.

Helen P of "Get Well and Prosper" thanks for kind compliments on that latest poem you read for me, which I may save for a competition that only accepts NON published poems, thus cannot go in book Six!!! Steve B of The 42nd I will see you at the battle re enactment next week end and it IS your round mate lol. Pam L will also be there but NOT to clean up there Pam.

O k, time for last poem and a "Romance" one again from book 4 strangely, but Suanne  you knew I wouldn’t leave you out, "over there?" didn’t you?

Hypnotic Dance

Everyone has a love song

Or poem deep in their heart,

Maybe you can never sing it

But knowing it is a start,

To begin to seek your dream

Of a love you never found.

So you slowly start to move

Towards that luring sound.

Hypnotic rhythms stealing thoughts

When drawn forward in a trance,

To the person of your desires

Who is wanting you to dance,

While cuddling up so tight

Before kissing that loving face

You now know waits for you,

At that magic, sensual place.

So with bated breathe and hope

That was never there before,

You prepare to meet your muse

Of which you’re really sure.

Because this love song tells you

Something great is coming,

And while you wait and tremble

Loves music is now strumming.

Therefore you sway and wallow

In loves mood that’s oh so deep,

Without the slightest movement

To awake you from your sleep!

With thanks, love and gratitude I remain The Psychy Poet, "Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated" as The Journey Continues WONDERFULLY…

By from me, Ted n Beth AND not forgetting Big Ted too…..

Laurie xx


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