Hello to many new friends met in a plethora of locations and venues, and of course "Bonjour" as I’m back at my French place, (Sssshhhooosh NO mention of their "lucky" lol World Cup win yet, but I DO have answers ready)?. SO of course I have to make the "lead photo" of "my" lake again, but gorgeous scene in the bright sunshine.

We happy few and bunch on here are again growing in numbers, thank you, and after the "GDPR Curse" a special return welcome to the excellent Lynn Parsons of "Mellow" Magic Radio 8.00pm – 12.00 Monday to Friday, great music, humour, some nice "aaaaah moments"  a warm welcome and much more.

 ALSO hello Jennifer, Alex and a some who have slipped my "radar", for which I apologise, including the smashing "Lady Pam" of Dustbusters, Gladeona (hello lovely), The Carbury Film" boys, and anyone else I have missed, but PLEASE give me a prompt, nudge or (polite lol) comment and you will "be in" and hahahaaaaaa ON…….

AS the title of this epistle, non biblical, suggests I’ve been "out and about" even more with The Psychy Poet and Help for Heroes "word"… One event was a return to Pevensey Castle area "Market Place" next to The Royal Oak and Crown pub now also selling my books, which was quite successful, not least down to "The Bears" ably joined by "Big Ted" who attracted more attention to our stall, also in a photo on here. First poem then can ONLY be "Teddy Friends" from my 3rd book….

Teddy Friends

Our Ted n Beth have many friends

With whom they share their time,

Chatting away, and laughing with some

While with others they sing and rhyme.

Big Ted is a soft cuddly protector

Like a giant minder watching out,

For any dangers or problems seen

That can make him growl and shout.

For although a big fluffy bear

He can talk and knows what’s right,

In the world of his teddy friends

That he always keeps in sight.

Now Sleepy Bear just slumbers on

And keeps her teddy eyes shut,

Though on occasions she will peek

And do things sweet as a nut.

But the other bears don’t all know

Of Sleepy Bears little game,

Thinking she just dreams forever

And always looks the same.

But I have seen and caught her

Moving and adjusting her bow,

Though she didn’t see me looking

So still thinks that I don’t know,

Of her little tricks and secrets

Which she keeps from other bears.

Hoping that she fools them

And leaves to their own cares.

Ted n Beth aren’t caught though

And know exactly what she’s at,

But think she’s really cute

So agreed to leave it at that.

Brown Bear watches at the window

For he is always on his guard,

To see who is living near us

Or is walking up the yard.

Though he knows friend from foe

And maybe watches for a ghost,

But he mostly recognises callers

Like the man who brings the post.

Thus Ted n Beth are very lucky

To have such lovely friends,

Who care and look out for them

And follow all their trends.

But though Ted n Beth are happy

With how they spend each day,

At the slightest talk of travel

They can’t wait to get away!

Ok so what else have I been doing? WELL I have published my monthly article in "thesussexnewspaper online & Bonjour Limasoun on 12th July called "Loud", please have a read as includes poems on the theme as usual, I’ve done another couple of gigs, meetings, stalls, AND have quite a few more enquiries AND bookings for my "Poetic Presentations" & Help for Heroes support" readings as far ahead as NEXT June 2019 !!!

Of course I have quite a bit happening nearer to now, but you WILL be advised….
Another poem on friend theme, and an "ever popular" one at my gigs from my very first book, "Poetic Views of Life" and entitled "The Friend"…

The Friend

Strong is the friend who stands by you

When others turn aside

The minute they’re asked to help

They are off to run and hide.

True is the friend who stands by you

In times of your demise,

Always there to chat and cheer

And make sense of all the lies.

Humble is the friend who stands by you

And can’t see what he’s done

By being right alongside you

With no thought to cut and run.

Loyal is the friend who stands by you

Even if he feels you’re wrong,

And tries to mediate a deal

To leave you standing strong.

Caring is the friend who stands by you

When all blows up in your face,

Then will resolve and tend your hurt

And play down the disgrace.

What have you done to earn this friend

Who shelters from the fame?

I suspect that when he was down

You stood by him just the same!

Cutting through the Blog today as to say that our "Grockle filled French site internet" is "ponderous" would be being very charitable! LOL I don’t feel it, but hang on another wine may help? ME not the flipping slow internet….?

RIGHT, where was "I"? Oh yes trying to get this done!
I met a smashing prospective writer lady "Jennifer" a couple of times for coffee, beer, food etc and that was just her! NO sorry Jennifer, I hoped my info helped and thanks for "book buying" and look forward to you coming back for more!
 Yes most people get them all after buying the first two I’m pleased to say. PHEW, lol did I get away with that? ?
Anyway moving swiftly on and a MASSIVE thanks to "On The Go" book, cards and lots more shop in Polegate who have sold many of my books but WON’T take their cut, and put into my Help for Heroes pot! Thanks to a wonderful couple.


Go safely as you make your way

Your worth is hard to measure,

Not everyone will value you

But you really are a treasure.

Go safely as you make your way

Turning many a mile and bend,

Strong and sure in knowledge now

You have a special friend!

Safeway then, and again from my first book. Notice the theme eh, notice the theme? He Heeee clever a?

Right a plug for my wonderful but never met friend Alex, who was my 2nd and "long time" contact lady at Help for Heroes before making a "diversionary move" within the organisation. 
Alex now has a great page for writing to get your thoughts, worries, concerns etc out in primarily support for Mental Illness and asked me to help. Willingly given and some of my "stuff re" (AND the Bears) on this:- Alex Hartland-Bridges page "Writing from the Hartland", so please check it out!

Nearly done now, (says I PRAYING it not all going to get lost!!!)

Two last things,

1) In case the people who promised to return on here, but have not, cannot, (will not?) don’t intend to etc, DO read this, you ARE welcome back but please tell me as very hard to check names and numbers, as with all other GDPR sufferers.

2) I am under some kind persuasion to bring out my book SIX soon as have 70 + new poems at THIS moment, but I’m still considering as although book 5 was out nearly a year ago now, last August, I am not too sure yet. Any thoughts please?

Last poem and as a bit regular now a "Romance themed" one for all you (US !!!) romantics….

Desired Effect

In your dreams and imagination

You can conjure perfect sight.

So fashioned just for you,

It’s sure to fit you right

Up your street and in your door,

As if by magic it arrived,

Delivered just for you

To ensure your wish survived!

Fantasies and pictured visions

You would like to have with you,

Can be brought to walk along

Just as if they were all true.

For the powers of want and need

May fan desires into flame,

So wish for your sensations

Without a hint of shame!

Thus have no fear of calling

Unseen icons to your mind,

Perhaps of people not yet met

Who would be nice to find.

For inside our rampant brain

Our ideas can ebb and flow,

Allowing all perceptions in

To where you want to go!

Ok I seem to have succeeded with this quickly checked Blog, so close time and of course as ever big love, hugs and thanks from me and "Ted n Beth" (and Big Ted say hello

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