Like the old, but fantastic 60’s  hit of The Four Tops "Reach Out I’ll Be There", I am reaching, sending and spreading my "Poetry World and Help for Heroes support" message out!

Well at least I’m certainly trying, with radio stations, stalls, network meetings, local magazine and poems published in lots of places, so you can but try!

 AND with all the Radio Stations I’m on it reminds me of another pop song hit (for the bit younger than "Sixties hits" folk), "Video Killed the Radio Star"! Hope it doesn’t kill me, well….. not yet anyway as I’m having too much fun….

Anyway a big WELCOME to a fantastic few more sign ups to here, and I really hope you enjoy this if it is your first Blog of mine read, AND of course also if you have seen many !!!!

Thanks Helen P of "Live Well and Prosper" for lovely comment for last time, but big PRETTY PLEASE put comments in the box at the end so they can be seen by all. 

As the lead photo is an advert for me in The Wealden Eye magazine, the first poem can ONLY be "Eye Line Smile" (that got into national finals and publication). SEE (groan get it, see) the follow up pop songs, and now "matching poems" for themes, LOL all had work!

Eye Line Smile

It doesn’t take much to lift a heart

Or cause our head to swoon.

Just loving words or chaste kiss,

Can lift us round the moon.

Whether eyes are dark or light

They can twinkle and bewitch,

Causing a thrill right through you

As if someone clicked a switch.

Seeing can makes hearts flutter

With pulses racing with a touch.

There is no magic spell for this,

Just that we love so very much.

Contented sighs descend on us

Like some heaven sent cascade.

And nothing will keep us apart,

Even rivers, hill or barricade!

A plain face may cause sunrise

When it breaks into a smile,

And when that beam is loving

Joy will fast flow like the Nile!

Whether eyes are dark or light

They can twinkle and bewitch,

And if they sparkle just for you

Your whole life will enrich.

For in a world that’s tough at times

Where you strive hard for reward,

Being drawn to loving eyes

May bring ecstatic life accord!

So what else have I been up to? LOTS…
Last Saturday the 7th I was on Hailsham F M Radio again, accompanied by Ted n Beth who got more than a mention, Uckfield F M Radio the week before with a follow up interview that may lead to more, various network/promotion meetings, and again spoke to my "Lady of The (Eastbourne) Herald" who will soon do another article on me! Yeah spreading the word…?

Before next poem, again APTLY, yeah, entitled "Open Up" I will add some more news. The Polegate book and card etc shop "On The Go", run (for many years apparently), by a lovely couple, have sold quite a few of my books but won’t take anything, insisting on giving their "cut" to Help for Heroes. Thank you again. 
The Royal Oak and Castle pub Pevensey is also now selling and advertising my books after I appeared at a terrific "Open Mike" night there last week, but more on that in a minute….

Open Up

I’m so glad that I spoke to you

How else would I have known,

Thoughts that you have told me

That are all your very own?

You shared just what you think

What makes you laugh or cry,

The things that make you angry,

That you love, or perhaps let by.

We can often pass each other

Without a smile or spoken word,

And that we don’t talk to each other

Is quite frankly so absurd!

We need to share our feelings

And how others may endure.

For in a world of madness

It’s good to know what’s pure.

By listening and talking

We learn some different views,

Like how life can be for others

When before we had no clues.

We can often pass each other

Without a smile or spoken word,

And that we don’t talk to each other

Is quite frankly so absurd!

So give a nod, or even smile

Who knows what may pan out?

You may have great times spent

If you end your speaking drought!

So open up, talk and spread the word…. yup this Blog not just thrown together, (are you watching James?).

The Open Mike night at Royal Oak and Castle then, (plus a bit of a working with as  too, as I will have a stall again (14th July) at The Market Place market), was a great night. Music, those little "strummy things" becoming popular now, spoken words, and OH, yeah ME. I read a mixture of themed poems out, four, and was fortunately, (ok I know pretty much now) well received. In fact Chris, the lady organiser called me "B" but kindly put "ant" at the end !!! Bless ya gel, and YES izzzza coming back!?

I am trying to pack it all in without making it too long, but here goes, so possible new promotions with people include another photographer and a (very nice!)? business lady who wants to "sell" my poems?, GO for it, amongst my usual antics…..

ANOTHER poem on theme of Wealden Eye and spreading the word comes, "Re Viewed" now.

Re Viewed

A paradox of life, and poetic licence,

With the privilege of free speech

Allows me to make all my comments,

But I must be careful not to preach

Or even drift into being pious,

Though I will always have my say.

So if you don’t like my poetic views,

You can always look the other way.

For I firmly believe in expressing

My take on the world I see,

And those behaviours of people

That will amuse or enrage me.

So I observe in daily activities

All that is done or even said,

For as an expansive, prolific poet

I make sure that it is read.

At other times I really cut loose

To write what’s on my mind,

About the injustice and outrages,

That in our world we find

Are often manifested by those

Sick, and psychotically converted,

To wreak horror on the innocent

After sad minds are perverted.

But mostly I love to just sit back

And silently observe what’s acted out,

Daily by people of all varieties

The good, bad, thin or stout,

If involving themselves in bizarre

And strange things that they do.

So please tread soft and carefully

Or I may be writing about you.

Yes and that poem very much "me and my style" but you knew that didn’t you? I have pinched that line from the excellent Lynn Parsons of Magic Radio "Mellow Magic" show 8 – 12 pm Monday to Friday, who has been kind enough to mention, compliment me and read out one of my poems. A show very worth tuning into with Lynn’s  great music and humour as well.

Right just to confirm "The View" photos, so obviously the first is my (exchanged for a personal poem) advert in magazine, 2) Outback Oz, 3) South Africa beauty spot, "Gods Window", (GET it S P?), and 4) those bears and "I" also in (south) Australia…

JUST time to add that I’m being interviewed AND with video next Friday, more on that next Blog, and lots more, so watch this space!

Last poem, and (get it?) "Guiding Light"…..

Guiding Light

It took a time to move me

More a nudging than a push,

And when I finally did react

It was quite slow, and not a whoosh.

But steadily laid foundations

Are mostly very strong,

And when we laid our cards out

We saw nothing was wrong.

And so within an understanding

The way was open to proceed.

Thus I felt quite contented

To follow on behind your lead.

So to where it would take us

Be it quite near or very far,

For whatever could be lost

If I followed a guiding star?

To perhaps a unique experience

Or something more to gain,

As I like to have distractions

After which you’re not the same.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Is a great saying that I love,

And with no preconceived ideas

You may even reach stars above!

So a nice romance poem to finish and I KNOW who will like that one.

AND I also know I have not put too much about our "Bear Friends", but they’ll get their turn soon….

As ever then The Journey Continues SPECULATIVELY !!!! lol I just couldn’t resist….

Thanks and CHEERS as ever, 

Laurie xx


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