Yes well those last 16 days shot by pretty quickly, and I have been home in "good Ol’ Eastbourne" for five days too, BUT what else have I been up to?

Just for "starters" then, I actually wrote 12 new poems whilst in France for 3 weeks, (two or three of those "I" think are quite special, which is unusual for me to say), but sure you can tell me later. Could it be my thoughts, style, ideas or just confidence is changing a bit?

Apart from publishing my June article I also wrote July and Augusts scripts ready for publishing in those months so well in front!

One of the poems I wrote in France was for the site bar, so hopefully a couple of free drinks or so coming my way…..

AND talking of bars, my favourite "off site" bar (in lead photo) run by my  now two very good "non English or my French speaking friends" is expanding to provide a shop for that camp/mobile home site, and they are selling my books. They get quite a few English and Anglo speaking visitors there! 

TO amuse you, I’m know at that bar where always greatly welcomed, (and topped up) as "The smiling Englishman", LOL well I’ve certainly been called much worse!!!! ?

Poem break ,and I put this up again for all my wonderful friends, acquaintance’s, contacts, and general correspondents who fit this bill, but NO worries as those concerned probably won’t reply again anyway? ?

Anybody There?

Is there anybody out there?

Someone who can hear or see,

All those texts and messages

That were sent to you from me.

Oh, you thought they were statements

So there was no need to reply?

Even though I had asked questions

Like how was that and why?

But nothing came back from you

If that reason is to be believed.

And don’t you think it’s good manners

To acknowledge they were received?

Yes I know that you are busy

There’s not enough hours in the day.

But does it really take so long

To quickly reply back and say

Thanks for my communications

And you will say more later on?

For I am not clairvoyant

So must guess where you have gone.

But just ignore my protestations

For I know I’m not alone,

In making these observations

And I’m sure you will atone.

Though of course I know for certain

That I will hear you loudly yelp,

And be inundated with your contacts

The moment you need my help!

Obviously that poem isn’t about any of you or ANYBODY who will read it, so just WHO am I on about? LOL go on you KNOW you want to answer me HAhahahahaa

So as prior to poem was my main French involvements before coming home to an excellent interview and discussion on as well as some more usual banter and closing with me reading out an AAAaaaaagh romantic one, (Blindspot Suanne)lol

For those (most of you if not ALL?) astute, switched on and excellent attention taking of you will remember that last Blog I promised to mention more of our "Fav Bears", so promise kept here now!
 I wrote 2 new poems about them amongst the twelve written, (excerpts coming), and to mention that they are gaining in popularity, stealing the odd moments of gigs, stall & presentations etc I do!!!!
 AND their Facebook Page "Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet" is getting lots of new views and "likes", so please go there, view and if not already, please like their page…..??

O K, couple of "intro’s" of their new poems…..

Circus Clowns

Ted and Beth saw a circus advertised

And got tempted before I realised,

Their idea for having thrills and dares

Was to run away and be circus bears.

Now I’m not really sure about this

And I explained what they would miss,

When touring about in a circus bus

For Beth is known to make a fuss,

If everything isn’t all neat and trim,

Getting cross with Ted, and blaming him

For being untidy and not putting away,

Things that he had used that day.

You can probably guess how it all ends up, but CAN you? I mean they are pretty clever bears aren’t they ????
The second one is a little bit sad, but as about (ALL of?) our favourite bears, not too sad, (Ya ok Yvette & Liz lol ), but a bit dramatic…

Dental Bears

Poor Beth has got a toothache

And is in quite a lot of pain,

But she really is too frightened

To go to the dentist again.

Because the last time she went,

It wasn’t very pleasant there.

As the dentist had no experience

Of tooth treatment for a bear!

Poor Beth, but let me reassure you, with Teds help she will be alright, but maybe not at once as it IS Ted we are talking about here, (be QUIET Ted I can HEAR you !!!), Oh dear, I did say they were getting (too ????) popular and confident….
Back to sensible script, well a bit more then, and just to round up my first five days home, I had a "free", thanks Pollie (candles) Rafferty, stall at school Fete where I sold some books, collected money and raised awareness for/of Help for Heroes and gave out loads of my leaflets, so who knows what will come from those….?
I have another radio, and video, appearance lined up with, thanks Sonia, one with Simon at Hailsham FM, and again with Tracey on Radio DGH Eastbourne online, so get "The Words" out there Laurie Boy!
Will close soon then, but one more poem…. have to admit this is bit of a "close to my heart" one from my 3rd book…..

Guardian Angel

To keep me out of trouble

I have a guardian angel bold,

Who makes sure I toe the line

And do exactly as I’m told.

So I should stay completely safe

And on the straight and narrow track,

For with my lookout and adviser

Someone always has my back,

To ensure that from any problems

I am always free, and safely steered,

As my angel will redirect me

If any wrecking rocks are neared.

Thus I had set out in life

Confident I would commit no crime,

Like falling foul of Albatross

Or talking loudly all the time!

So my conscience would be clear

My character wouldn’t have a stain,

And if invited out for dinner

I’d have an invitation back again.

But oh, I did get in some mischief

And into major problems I did leap,

So why didn’t my angel protect me?

Because the bugger had fell asleep!

I am still trying to totally work out just who is still with me on here exactly, but anyway BIG THANKS for support to all who are, including, Sandra of Pink Spaghetti, Carbury Films, Hi guys, Mantel farm ?, Kerry I’m missing your lovely chickens, the "switched on" yellow glasses lovely Anna of Pembury Stores, Grahame of Southern P C Services, Healthy Helen  of Live Well and Prosper, and forgive me if I have not mentioned you more business people, but PLEASE nudge me and I will do as no special favourites here!
 Just a "forgetful and unbelievably thick at times" poet, and Jennifer "Junniper", I am not putting myself down as hahahahaaaaaa by the time you read this you will KNOW about that! 

As EVER, thanks as The Journey Continues EXPANSIVELY 

Laurie xx


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