Hi all, and a sincere post from "me to you" as  GDPR (data protection where you decide if you want emails/communication from people) has struck, and many of you will be gone!!! You will not receive any more of my Blogs, ?, though "good" Ho, Ho, I hear some shouts????? How very DARE you HAhahaaaaaaaa

BUT, please read on as you are not yet lost…. 

This IS a "Last Full Followers" Blog, allowed in "good faith", as of my current 109 "followers" only 30 have "agreed/signed up" for my Blogs, thus 79 of you won’t get them after this one UNLESS you agree re the Privacy Setting to allow me to send, OR of course you can just re sign up….

Having seen the lists which I TOTALLY respect, I am sure, nay KNOW, in quite a few cases people have either not seen, misunderstood or not got round to doing it as some are amongst my most loyal supporters….

Anyway I will not bang on, especially for the 30 sign ups, lol so a very aptly title poem aimed for Book Six, or the start of the poem, comes "On or Off?" (See this Blog IS well thought out) ?

On or Off?

At those intimate moments in life

We have decisions that we may fear,

Such as when is the right time

To let those suitors extra near?

Maybe other little nagging worries

So you don’t appear to cheat or con.

With that massive choice for men,

About leaving those socks on.

The photos are 1) Me donating 2 books to a "rescued" local Library. 2) Stall at Help for Heroes fund raise last Monday, & 3) The sun setting on my Blogs for anyone who will not be getting them any more, (as explained at start,) so I hope it is  "Bye bye" and not farewell!

Of course as I promote Help for Heroes I want people to stay with me for that reason too…

To end this Special Blog a nice romantic poem, again quite apt and from my 4th book comes, "Come Our Tomorrow"……

Come Our Tomorrow

I will have all of your love tomorrow

And share our kisses so very sweet,

For we will always have it all

Each and every time we meet.

I will feel your touch tomorrow

As your hands explore my frame.

Saying you’ve had private moments

But without me, it’s not the same.

I will bring you to life tomorrow

As I gently stroke and softly caress

Your body, just as you like it,

When your secret parts I address.

I will fuel your desire tomorrow

To make you want all you feel,

For until it’s just the two of us

Those desired heights aren’t real.

I will hold you close tomorrow

As we melt our bodies into one,

To feel that glorious togetherness

When we are finally all done.

But I’m coming for you now my love

Coming for you fast as I can drive,

For I have set desire all aflame

And tomorrow may not arrive!

Anyway I will still be here striving for more Help for Heroes recognition, improvement in myself and hopefully more interesting and amusing blogs….

So for now from Ted n Beth and I, see you soon, later or perhaps another time as without a shadow of doubt,


Laurie xx

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