So it seems that I’m "Wizard Wilkinson" now then as well as prolific psychy poet! Ha ha, so "Wizard Wilkie The Prolific Psychy Poet" then…????

As a little "overdue" with this Blog I am going "straight in" so you will soon see the content, BUT as promised from last Blog, a couple of my "deeper" poems are included!

News then, and WHY I’m a "wizard"… Merely because I met a chap, Jarred of the excellent Wealden Eye magazine, who asked how quickly I could produce a personal poem as it was his wife’s birthday the NEXT day! Sufficient to say I managed it in just a few hours, to his great satisfaction, pleasure and comment that I was a "wizard", so there you are, lol now "Good and Fast" wizard

Onto my invitation to be on local radio Eastbourne Online, Thursday May 3rd, and it was great to meet them, thanks guys! An (unsurprisingly?) lively interview and my poem reading ensued and you can hear it on Eastbourne Online, or check my Facebook page The Psychy Poet, (keep UP). Thanks again Chris and Sonia and I am chuffed to have been asked back and to be a "regular"…  ????

For no known reason I have written a glut of poems in the last few days so now have 50 new offerings for any 6th book that may appear? Certainly not before this Christmas time at the earliest, but whooooooo knows?

Last week I bumped into "The Carbury (films and video’s) Two" who lol ???????? seemed to be very complimentary of the Blogs, but requested more of Ted n Beth, well they ARE well to the fore at gigs and on the radio, but Rod and Alistair, I hear you chaps!!!

From my 4th book then comes a T & B "biggy" about their mates….

Teddy Friends

Our Ted n Beth have many friends

With whom they share their time,

Chatting away, and laughing with some

While with others they sing and rhyme.

Big Ted is a soft cuddly protector

Like a giant minder watching out,

For any dangers or problems seen

That can make him growl and shout.

For although a big fluffy bear

He can talk and knows what’s right,

In the world of his teddy friends

That he always keeps in sight.

Now Sleepy Bear just slumbers on

And keeps her teddy eyes shut,

Though on occasions she will peek

And do things sweet as a nut.

But the other bears don’t all know

Of Sleepy Bears little game,

Thinking she just dreams forever

And always looks the same.

But I have seen and caught her

Moving and adjusting her bow,

Though she didn’t see me looking

So still thinks that I don’t know,

Of her little tricks and secrets

Which she keeps from other bears.

Hoping that she fools them

And leaves to their own cares.

Ted n Beth aren’t caught though

And know exactly what she’s at,

But think she’s really cute

So agreed to leave it at that.

Brown Bear watches at the window

For he is always on his guard,

To see who is living near us

Or is walking up the yard.

Though he knows friend from foe

And maybe watches for a ghost,

But he mostly recognises callers

Like the man who brings the post.

Thus Ted n Beth are very lucky

To have such lovely friends,

Who care and look out for them

And follow all their trends.

But though Ted n Beth are happy

With how they spend each day,

At the slightest talk of travel

They can’t wait to get away!

Talking of T & B being focused, the furry duo nearly stole the show at my Gig at Catherine’s excellent Lansdowne Hotel in Eastbourne last Wednesday, and somehow got the appreciative large group to request MORE of their poems, AND end with "Teddy Friends" as above… But you’ve gotta luuuuuuuuuurve them! ????????

One "mini gig" our bears didn’t steal as they weren’t there , was my now "regular" (yes ANOTHER one!) at Underground Theatre "Open Mike" night where adorned in my Help for Heroes tee shirt I read out 5 poems in total, over two slots, that as ever were very well received again! 

Another poem, and one that I read at Open Mike and also a theme as promised last blog, so hold on for Listen to the Flowers (from my 5th book)…

Listen to the Flowers

There are so many people now

That won’t stop to hear the flowers,

As they always rush to meetings

Or stare at a screen for hours.

Hoping to get fantastic reviews

And many more than all the rest,

Equally seeking the top ratings

Whilst yearning to be the best.

For the flowers and natures beauty

Like the birds and spreading trees,

Are still wasted on these drones

That simple things don’t please.


As they look over their shoulders

Or battle hard to constantly reach

Peaks and heights others haven’t,

As the blossoming flowers teach

Simple lessons that will arrive,

The more pressures that you stack

Upon your blind indifference,

Before you have a heart attack.

Then you can just lay back in bed

Listening to the flower’s words,

To calm down and fully appreciate

All life’s beauty and the birds,

Who maybe now will visit you

At your bedside window view.

For you never saw them before

And now that fact you rue.

Thus sadly your new harsh lesson

From the wonders outside your gate,

Has come to visit your suffering

So lets hope it’s not too late.

A lesson for us all then maybe? But meanwhile I continue to be a "busy Bee (NOT B), and at another networking and promotional gathering I was ecstatic to catch up with my "big Ami" in the (very nice) shape of the lovely, patient and caring all round, whilst gorgeous outside, Sandra of Pink Spaghetti, who had helped me very understandingly with my Social Media profile and promotion.  That we had a nice couple of cuddles, hugs etc was only a part, as Sandra said some vey nice and complimentary things about me too, bless ya gel… Best check out my Psychy Poet F/book page for photos and comments!

Whilst mentioning being busy and time, (what a lead in), here comes from book 3, the poem "Not That Kind of Time"

Not That Kind of Time

With stealth and cruelty the years go by

Casting spells on both body and mind,

So that we wither and our frailties form

Thus we realise, time’s not that kind.

Our resisting brain cells and lively wit

Dispute any damage is being done,

So you still believe you are fit and well

When in truth you can barely run!

But is it wrong to live a white lie?

You’re still young and everything works,

For the real truth will slowly seep in

So that doubts and uncertainty lurks.

Going back over time, you now see it all.

The things you did, or should have tried,

For however much you want to catch up

You can’t do this when you’ve died!

The march of the years won’t be stopped

Whatever actions you try to pursue.

For once you did things to kill time,

But that time is now killing you!

With stealth and cruelty the years go by

Casting spells on both body and mind,

So that we wither and our frailties form

Thus we realise, time’s not that kind.

They say time and tides wait for no man

Though we can do things as they release,

But do not squander or spoil the years

Or you will lose your inner peace.

So maybe best to make a covenant now

As your body loses all strength and vigour,

For the secret of youth and endless life

Is a solution we are yet to figure!

So don’t waste your time then, BUT of course time is always well spent here, hahahahaaa????. 

Mention time then, and a big thanks again to Grahame  of Southern P C Services who sorted both phone and internet out last week, a BIG welcome to another Newbie "sign up" this week to Tanya Mc with her smashing (two legged lol) creams, and lotions & potions, and maybe a helpful promoting fan for me! Bless ya. 

Quiet and absent Mantel Farm, (want another poem soon guys?), ????????????(?????)he heee. Jo of the lovely hair and hairdressing is NOW with us, keep UP Jo X, and of course ALL you wonderful others who read or not, hahahahaaaaa Oh please yourself,  my Blogs! Thanks…

Last bits then and MUST mention my latest article for The Sussex Newspaper, called "Dressing up, …. Or down? Please don’t miss it as WELL worth a read, laugh and maybe a grimace or two?

Next Wednesday 16th I am again "guesting" on the great Eastbourne Radio DGH Online, so report next time, and possibly also again on the growing and inspiring local radio station Eastbourne Online, so get your "earholes and lobes" wagging as you WON’T be disappointed!

So to finish a nice romance poem, from my second book comes my poem "Rock Star"..

Rock Star

At times life seems a struggle

You just don’t know what to do,

But you will always find a way

When someone really loves you.

They will help to pick you up

And send you back on your way,

So even if you stumble more

You will feel their love each day.

The best way to deal with strife

Is to take the worry and share,

As any help and encouragement

Will remind you that they care.

A simple man can be like a king

And lifted on towards his glory.

Knowing that he has an ally who,

Will support and tell his story.

This ally will help to pick you up

And send you back on your way,

So even if you stumble more

You will feel their love each day.

When you’ve won and are the star

And all the accolades you pack,

You will look round for your "rock"

But they’ve gone three paces back.

Thus leaving the spotlight all on you

As by the admirer’s you are trailed,

You will know deep in your heart

Without your rock you’d have failed!

O k nearly done, but a mention of the photos, so lead is me now being a "Wizard", Ted n Beth close up, me in Australia and those wonderful bears and me together!

To close again with my thanks to everyone for support, compliments, and all important encouragement as well…. Now even more difficult to imitate but not duplicate, with my wizard hat on…

The Journey Continues SPECTACUARLY 

Love, thanks and power,

Cheers, Laurie

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