Moving on, and yes very nicely, without much paddling, pushing or indeed any obvious effort really, just perhaps my ongoing momentum? More clarification later…

Meanwhile am back in France with usual lol restful, manic, writing, drinking and laughing scenario’s I guess. See photo evidence of some?

Synopsis: News, update, plans etc

                  Gigs, events

Photos:- 1) Very calm photo of "my" lake, 2) Biking road, (1 & 2 "moving on" clever a?) 3) Advert leaflet for St Georges Day event I’m doing, 4) "Laurie (not Tom) foolery" after being (nicely) ambushed by the 2 gels, and 5) Of course our Ted n Beth who don’t like being left out

Poems: Moving On, Reasons Why, Safeway & Back Pass. (All neatly to do with "moving" lol????)

O k, so we’ve seen I continue back here in France, home next week to 3 gigs/events in three days, Wah Hoooo deep end or what?

But meanwhile I write copiously as per for here, cycle, walk, drink wine, beer and fraternise too… WELL one must do such things before one gets old I am reliably told, but never did take too much notice of such procrastination! Normally I’m too busy "doing"..????

Welcome back to a lovely long term friend Tina from Brisbane now, who went briefly from here when changed jobs and emails, glad ya back "on board" AND anyone I not think to mention, but HEY give me an allowance guys, as I can’t remember everyone, so please give me a shout, message or give me a metaphoric slap and mentioned you will be!!!

Lynn, the excellent "Magic Radio" lady, Kerry of the great chickens "doooon on ta Mantel Farm" Ooooo arrr, Sandra De Whatsit, Lesley T (was F), Claire H W, Jo of the great hair, Carbury Film guys, AlisonWonderland, Suanne in Saaaaarf Africa, Sharon M F G, C & A team, Steve B of 42nd, Mick S & Co Of La Res  etc, etc, but PLEASE gimmmeeee a wave or shout if not acknowledged (James man, please help me out with a list ??? lol)…

Laurie is now taking refuge in a poem, from my first book and an early poem from my "Second Coming" of writing just over 4 years ago…. Title is absolutely spot on, sentiment, wider..

Moving On

Our death is certain

That we all know,

But when, is the mystery

And how will we go?

Will we be ancient

Sick frail and weak?

And dependent on others

For the succour we seek.

Perhaps not so old

But contorted with pain,

As our body shuts down

And wont start again.

But some will decide

To decree their own fate,

And control any future

In their suicide state.

And what of young ones

With a lifetime ahead?

That cruel destiny curtails

And cuts them stone dead!

Thus our lifetime journey

Will evolve come what may,

And we can only ensure

To make the most of each day!

So onto news, and more the same really with some great gigs coming up, many mentions of me in various magazines, reviews, and suggestions etc I know nothing obviously about….

I am apparently going to be featured again on the excellent Tony Cranston’s Talking Stories show on East London Radio this weekend, but seems "people talk about and mention" me without little "moi" being aware? Well if it further promotes Help for Heroes charity, CHEERS, and all good stuff! ????

Oh YEAH, I have to do an interview/update with my lady J M for E/B Herald on my return from France next week as well!

Cue apt and very quickly written (you may tell), 3 days ago and put on Facebook, poem now about Errr, well me and my writing I guess?

Reasons Why?

My favourite times!
A good few wines,
Some great friends
Home road bends.

Ideas and inspirations
Poetic writing destinations,
Music of Strawbs and Moody Blues
So I scarce know which to choose.

Maybe Garfunkel and Simon
With more material to climb on?

Yes it all comes so easy now
Or is it that I’ve just learnt how,
To be my best, and now I know it,
Writing as The Psychy Poet!!??

I must mention as per photo of leaflet, an excellent event I am "entertaining" at for St Georges Day evening on 21st April, being nearest Saturday to 23rd which of course as all we "English" know, or not, (but BLOOMING SHOULD DO) is St Georges Day!

I’m really looking forward to it, no less because I have always thought we should celebrate it more like our other G B neighbours, and have even written a couple of "Patriotic Specials" for the night… "Cry for Sir Harry, England and St George" (For fellow Shakespeare buffs!!!)…..

Another rescuing poem then, again from my first book and called simply "Safeway" but it is very popular and far from simple?


Go safely as you make your way

Your worth is hard to measure,

Not everyone will value you

But you really are a treasure.

Go safely as you make your way

Turning many a mile and bend,

Strong and sure in knowledge now

You have a special friend!

Nearly done again, so couple of more quick things, but no less important.

I have in the last 3 days also published my regular monthly article for The Sussex Newspaper online, and it is entitled simply "Time", and of course like all my stuff now WELL worth a read,, he heee and has my poems in it as well, so have a peep please…..

AS my books are still selling I have had to order lots more from Mr Rex at the excellent My Voice Publishing, who have looked after me so well (LOL give the odd spat or two) for four years now since my first book came out, and I got a rare (but much valued) compliment that I was doing wonderfully well!!!!

Stack me sweetly , as my "old manor" saying goes, and pass another drink, swiftly!!!! But cheers, man and thanks!

O k think we done so a closing poem from my 5th and latest book, I really proud of this one, called "Life Presented in Verse" with the poem "Back Pass" again on "moving on" theme…

Back Pass

As I contemplate the world

I must also consider then.

How would I be received,

If I passed this way again?

For unlike the famous saying

We only pass this way one time,

That was more on our whole life

Rather than a local climb.

So back to my conjecture

Of how would I be perceived,

If returning to past haunts

Would I still be well received?

Well certainly I have never

Done anything criminal or dire,

That could be held against me

And cause a greeting to expire.

As I have always tried to live

By not wanting to wear a crown,

And always nice to people going up

I might meet coming down.

And with my other true motto

Possibly the best I ever had,

For if you can’t do a good turn,

Then don’t do one that’s bad.

Thus I really like to think

Happily and with some sway,

That I would be quite welcome

Should I return this way.

For people often mention my laugh

And say I have a ready smile,

But just to be on the safe side

I’ll be good for a little while


So as nicely cued from moving on, I will, albeit feeling slightly guilty that "The Bears Ted n Beth" not had much of a mention, but do have a photo on here.

Of course as integral part of my "act", presentations and readings now, they will be with me at the oncoming gigs, where they are no less popular than the "Star" ???? hahahaaaa, of the show, and wow the ladies, (and gents)????????… 

Cheers then, and as ever thanks for being there as I continue, often imitated but never duplicated, as The Journey Continues FANTASTICALLY !!!

Love, peace & laughter to you,

Laurie xx

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