There are times when even a positive, manic (?), upbeat and as once described  "effervescent personality" (loud ??? lol) person like me has to just stop and say WOW!

Now is one of those times, as with seemingly "automatic pilot" on my Poetry World, and as the saying goes "Is all happening"! Wonderful and a tough ask to squeeze it all in…..

Synopsis:- News, news and even more good news! (Some literally LIVE and sensational)

                   Competition, "sign ups" & support etc

                   Poems: Spark, Exposure, Unknown Journey & Blindspot

                   Photos: 1) (lead) My new Banner, 2) Ted n Beth *, 3) ME, and 4) Ted n Beth again*

                   * On x 2 T & B photos will be explained further down, (don’t miss it ????)

Not for the first time I must say "I don’t know where to start", as so much happening!  I will start then with a WELCOME to seven new "sign ups" including the lovely Anna of yellow glasses, Leon, Dietmar, Jenni, & Mark all totalling 111 now. Brilliant…

CONGRATULATIONS to Nadine of Calmer self for winning my latest book in the over 100 draw, THANKS to Dietmar and Leon for my interview and photo, (hope it’s good of me) for publication. BUT I must mention the lead photo of my new Banner, excellently done as ever by Sharon of Olive Design and using photos by Lucy Carnaghan Photography. The Banner also features Help for Heroes logo and badge kindly supplied and allowed by that excellent charity I support whenever/however possible.

Poem one… Unashamedly they are largely about me and my views, (except maybe the last romance one , but YOU tell me?), and also the theme is on "trying" after my "Better and BETTER" title, thus poem "Spark", and like all this time, from my 5th and latest book "Life Presented in Verse" that I am so chuffed with!


To have a spark for life is vital

To gain fulfilment true,

And a sense of achievement

With the many things you do.

For though all people have one

Some are left to wilt and die,

Or because they’re lost in sorrow

Will drown and cannot try

To combust or kick start life

That lives in an empty shell,

For only flints that keep sparking

Can help us truly to excel.

But some people become jaded

And wearied by their road,

With heavy heart and failing soul

They’ve collapsed beneath their load,

So no longer have their spark

Or make any attempt to rise,

Which will only bring contempt

For someone who never tries.

Sometimes if we are besieged

By worries and troubles both,

We feel that we are strangled

With a deadly cancers growth.

But by fighting on and trying

To escape from consuming dark,

We can succeed and flourish

When we regain our spark.

So with our spark regained

We can really be on song,

As we go about our days

Knowing we can do no wrong.

Other news involved me reading out a poem for mothers at a "Mums Sadly Missed" gathering with Catherine at the wonderful Lansdowne hotel Eastbourne, attending a charity coffee morning in aid of Blind Veterans, who I also visited five days later to read some poems and chat to the wonderful folk there. I raised money for Help for Heroes for that.

Another poem then, and you can hear me reading the start of this in the video near the top of this website page, and it’s called "Exposure", but again not for the reluctant? ????


It takes a very brave person

To rise above the parapet alone,

And to show themselves completely

Whilst standing on their own.

Now of course they would expect

That others would support them too.

But sadly not quite the case

As some find it hard to do,

Something else for any others,

Or maybe it’s indifference

That causes them to duck out

All safe behind their fence.

Of course they watch keenly

To see what happens next,

With their well rehearsed excuse

Or some other lame pretext,

That will justify themselves

From any exposure to the fray.

As they really do believe it’s best

To run, and fight another day.

So what of our poor victim

Now standing open to it all?

Leading a flock who didn’t follow,

And maybe smile to see him fall.

For in some cases it would suit

The cowards to say, I told you so.

We were right to keep our cover

And thus not to have a go.

Which certainly would be safer

And not take any chance to gain

Successful wins in their life,

But all their fears remain.

Now I have to mention this next as Ted n Beth are almost beside themselves with excitement, and cannot contain their elation at being "national radio stars" as they put it! ????????

I need to qualify this, although regular readers, bless you, will recall I reported being mentioned on Mellow Magic Radio show by the excellent Lynn Parsons (Mon – Fridays 20.00 til midnight) on her show. Well I have had several mentions now as regularly listen while writing, BUT Lynn is now a "Ted n Beth Fan" since I sent photos of the bears, NOW you can identify the two photos I highlighted at start, which made her "really laugh, as so funny", (well 2 bears popping up while you’re broadcasting WOULD I guess)!!! ???

I must add, following the online jokes with Lynn I sent in a "staged" photo of Our Two Bears (tastefully) half undressed ready for a bath, which again amused, but Ted n Beth got quite "animated" and won’t let me show you!!!!

WOW !!!! A this point I’m (almost) lost for words ????, as LITERALLY as I am writing this listening to Lynn on Mellow Magic, she messaged me to see if I had a "short & sweet" poem that was appropriate, of COURSE lol, that she could read out for world Poetry Day!!!? Obviously I sent one in "Unknown Journey" which Lynn duly read out and mentioned me a bit later…. Now THAT is news HOT off the proverbial press…. 

Now I HAVE to post that poem before our "Romance Fans" (S P, CHW, H P N S etc) rebel…


Unknown Journey

The very beauty of the gift

Was that it was not seen or showing,

We did not know or notice

That something great was growing.

You sailed in your ship, I in mine,

No other course was charted.

We journeyed on across our seas

Unaware just what had started.

I did not know but I looked for you,

Your way, your eyes, your smile.

A touch can take our breath away

And be felt from near a mile.

But the greatest star was yet to shine

Beaming light from sky to sea.

I was manic, laughing , flying

When you said you cared for me!

WOW, WOW I’m still recovering from that, but pull yourself together lad, and carry on!!! RIGHT I will….

AS I squeezed that extra poem in I will try to make this last bit more succinct!

THUS will just mention, (more next Blog) that I’ve been invited to present and read some poems at a St George’s Day event the weekend near the actual day…

Just to add that I have some extra gig bookings lined up so fundraising for Help for Heroes, I’m going to be busy, busy, BUSY and have to fit going to my French place in soon too….. Just HOW do I do it all ??? ????

O K, last poem and close then, but hope you enjoy this "Literally Live" Blog, and allow my last minute change of poems to fit in the one above, "Unknown Journey" read out on International Radio Station? PHEW…


Solid foundations can crumble

As a solid structure quakes,

When love crashes into lives

With the vibrations that it makes.

For a complete stranger may suddenly

Cause childish behaviours to show.

When for no apparent reason

They arouse feelings you don’t know.

As something about them haunts

Some deep and inner thought,

That you only have at those times

When desire and lust are caught

Seeping into your own world,

And giving such a lonely view,

So are shattered dramatically

When emotions awake you.

With bright eyes alluring gleam

And ocean depths revealing,

Every attraction you can’t resist

As your defences all start peeling.

So you feel completely naked

To those beautiful probing eyes,

As you recoil in shocked confusion

And can speak no words, just sighs.

For if you can believe in this

Miracle of attractions glow,

You never know when you will fall

Under magic moments flow

To take you on a journey,

Though you may not move too far

As your dreamy loving muse

Just wants you as you are!

I have to say that I could hardly finish this Blog with all the unexpected "Fame and Excitement", but of course that’s why I’m so "Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated", so from Ted n Beth (Yes you’re famous too) and YOUR Psychy Poet, thanks and cheers as The Journey Continues STUPENDOUSLY !!!!


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