Great movement, with little effort as we move forward….. Work, contacts and “spreading the word” are now paying dividends which apart from “moving me on” are great for Help for Heroes in both extra money raised and continued promotion and awareness !!! ????

Synopsis: -News items, sign ups, competition, supporters and contacts.

Poems and photos…… Two of the poems are as promised last Blog remember? NO?, shame on you so go back and check it (or them ) out… ????

New sign ups beyond 100 (4 so far) Alinsonwonderland photography, Nadine’s Calmer Self, Kat Clark excellent singer & entertainer from La Reserve last year and now more, and Dexter at Mercedes…Thanks guys, SO the next SIX will join them in a FREE draw for my latest book, so C’MON folks get ya friends etc IN it !!! ????

I have an “Interview & photo shoot” this Saturday 10th March for an article and story on me, give thanks to the lovely Anna of Pembury Convenience store for great free promotion of me, (sorry about my jokes and “mini havoc” in your shop), Claire H W a gorgeous fan who promotes me also and commissioned a poem too, Phillipa for her comments, Jo S great hairdresser (not mine lol) and her son who “loves” my book and not least here my new friend and fan Caroline who is just like the song and has “stars on my files” now apparently!

Such things and people ALL help with so many others too in making me both humbled but honoured to carry on, .. pause whilst tear is wiped and bless ya all! ????

Phew, run with a poem Laurie, and no better than a romantic one (S P, Troy Lady, Sandra Pink Spaghetti etc) from my 4th book and read out by my good self on East London radio last month..


Dreamy figures of great delight

All come dancing into view,

I have a panorama of beauty

But know what I must do.

For you have made intrusions

Seismic like upon my soul,

As we determine to be together

Making our separate pieces whole,

Like some closely fitting jigsaw

That a glorious picture makes,

For it had become quite desperate

To complete for both our sakes.

I can still see your posture

With majestic desire for me,

That I had to return with vigour

How it was designed to be.

Now disappearing from all else

Except the views fixed in our sight,

We released basic desires

With erupting volcano might.

So now our jigsaw was complete

And you in your ecstasy cried,

Whilst we had flown together

Returning to land satisfied.

Phew again as a bit hot now? Settle down then as I will quickly follow with second promised poem from last blog as this one was published in Eastbourne Voice latest edition and entitled “Heartfelt” from my 4th book (Life Scene in Verse)…..



A positive mind yields a happy heart

For troubles come, and some go slow.

But if you are steadfast in your way,

You can help any heartaches go.

For all of us will have challenges,

We must do our very best to meet

With strongest resolve we can find,

Or get knocked right off our feet,

By seismic shocks that shake you

And possibly cause you many tears.

Though if you tackle these heroically

You may have better future years.

For a positive mind yields a happy heart

And helps make worries seem smaller,

Thus meet them in a courageous way

And you certainly will walk taller.

For I feel I’m living proof of this

Being a very optimistic man.

Though I have had many troubles too

But met them the best way I can,

For even if I lost sometimes

I always stood back up again,

Which certainly was best for me

Although of course I felt the pain.

So onwards in life and upwards

We must make our merry way,

Because even if sad times prevail

We can still fight another day.

So moving swiftly on, but before too quickly, can I just please ask and point out that if anyone wants a “mention” I am more than happy, as with my view of “Mutual Backscratching”, (nice a?), I want to support / mention people who support me etc, but being a “simple man” (older friends will like that) I can’t remember everyone, and if not heard from you for a while may need a prompt, so PLEASE contact me, on here or email = or even 07967 355236

Moving on greatly then with more mentions from the excellent Mantel Farm ???????? out by Catsfield, check them out and have a peep… The lovely Kerry has wonderful chickens ???????? !!!

And also The Yacht Club at Sovereign Harbour is generously allowing me to have a stall for two days at their fantastic annual Harbour-side fete Bank holiday weekend in August for free as I’m collecting for Help for Heroes as ever. Thanks as well to Pollie Rafferty with her amazing lights etc who is offering me a free stall at her school fete too… dates to follow!

AND I have to mention that the excellent Sharon of Olive Design did the amazing double sided leaflets in lead photo, AND next week I will have my own BANNER to take to events, stalls etc complete with Help for Heroes logo they supplied and are letting me use !!! YAY, and I did say was all go, go GO ….. The other photos are obviously me with my five books, a “slimmer” me and my “French Place” I return to very soon…. c’mon keep UP !!!!????

Last poem in a busy “Blog Spell” but hopefully interesting and amusing? SO lets have a favourite of mine as one of my “pet hates” are (NOT subtle lol) hidden in the poem “Genuine” from my 5th and latest book “Life Presented in Verse”….


There are two groups mostly in our lives

With people that will, and those that won’t,

So the one’s that won’t you cope with

Unlike the “say they will” who don’t.

For if someone won’t do something

However much you may ask,

You know just where you stand

And must then undertake that task.

But other folks will gladly fawn

When saying “leave it all to me”,

So you are left high and dry

When there are no results to see.

Now we know it’s easy to talk

With little action to show,

For what they have fully promised

Is likely to be a no go.

Unlike the stiff resistive

Who just prefer to take no part,

As they have a selfish side

With no interest to even start.

So give to me a stalwart

Who will spend life trying

To succeed and really help you,

Without a thought of lying,

About what they have to do

Despite hardship and a test.

So you will have to admire them

As they always do their best.

WOW a full and exciting period of time, so I’m very glad that I’m now “lighter and fitter” to keep up with it all, but a BIG THANKS to all you guys and don’t forget to give me a reminder/contact and you will “Deffo getta Mention”….

ALSO if that all wasn’t enough my monthly article in the free “The Sussex Newspaper Online will be published in next couple of days too and entitled “Silence”, lol YEEEEesss written by me, so check it out …..

Remember The Psychy Poet is now often imitated but NEVER duplicated, so from myself and a very happy (with their leaflets and all) Ted n Beth its love, power and BYEeeeee for now, as The Journey Continues STUPENDOUSLY


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