Contents:- News, updates, photos and poems…

 Also people, places & events. Theme of "being in right mind, working hard, others not working, and possibly writing past the sunset….

Photos:- Lead photo = The Bears with their "100 up" sign, Try Harder or hard whatever, end of day sunset, and a losing weight me!

Poems:- 1) An Inside Job, 2) Promise for tomorrow, 3)The Farmer and the Magpie and 4) Effortless.

Being "well chuffed and grateful" I will start with our "100 up" success of a hundred lovely people on here with us, including many nationalities, countries, cultures and opinions!

Bless you all, for every one of you being on here supports me, and thus the excellent charity Help for Heroes I support and donate to, giving me renewed confidence and encouragement to strive further. THANKS!!!

The first and apt poem then about "sorting your frame of mind" (and mine?) from my 3rd book "Reviews of Life in Verse"…

An Inside Job

On a night of non stirring air

With anonymous perfection,

That’s the time to sit and deal

With deeds that need correction.

For any self doubt or sorrow

And a pain that never goes,

Has to be sorted, or put right,

Or it like a cancer grows.

But running away or hiding

Was not the way to solve,

Problems hid, or still denied

Should that be your resolve.

How could you ever run away

Or leave others all deceived?

When you know for certain sure

You will never be believed.

So best for heartfelt honesty

On that night of non stirring air,

With its anonymous perfection

You must be forced to dare,

To tear off all that armour

Which protects the unseen you,

And come to terms with feelings

That on your inside grew!

Easy then and just what to do! Well is actually what I tend to do, for if I’m not happy and something is affecting me I usually go into attack mode or deal with it quickly somehow!

NEWS then, and lots of it thus a "brief" outline, (well for ME that is?)


My monthly article for The Sussex Newspaper online for February was published earlier this month and is entitled "None so blind?" and of course well worth a read, even for the poems therein!


The website has been "spruced up" and changed a bit, not too obvious but nicely done (thanks James) and improved. Did you/can you see the changes? NO clues come ON ????


On Saturday February 17th I was again featured on the now "international" East London Radio show "Talking Stories" hosted by the suave and smooth Tony Cranston (cheers man, one back there lol). Sorry no easy link but is easy to find and I’m reading out my poem "Jigsaw", a fairly "spicy" romantic one, (be still S P ) ???????? about 3/4 through. Me being me, it is not in this blog but I WILL put in soon and it is in my 4th book !!!


I have some new booked "gigs and ventures" arranged soon, all donating to Help for Heroes, so more details a bit later on that..????

MORE news further on but now a "poem break" and one on sunsets that I often work beyond, and from my 2nd book, and also an early "newspaper published" offering.

Promise for Tomorrow

Stunning, blazing, setting sun

Like a fireball in the sky,

Enriching even dismal views

Like a picnic for your eye.

It seems as if the day won’t leave

Without an ending glorious sight,

Before it passes into dark

It has to demonstrate its might.

Then promise that it will be back,

With a shepherds delight tomorrow

So the day can slip away,

With cheer instead of sorrow.

Stunning, blazing setting sun

Like a fireball in the sky,

Enriching even dismal views

Like a picnic for your eye.

But be sure when night has done

And surrendered all the gloom,

The sun will come up once again

All keen to show its bloom.

Thus the shepherd will be right

About the promised daybreak,

So the only way to spoil the view

Is with bad decisions we make!

Not a regular themed style or subject from me, but hey you never know what I am going to produce, but it WAS an early one. ????

Back to more news and further "expansion" involves Andrew at the wonderful Mantel Farm Catsfield ????, who is now going to have one of my poems quarterly in the farms excellent monthly magazine. I have already had two poems in the magazine.

Of course the lovely "Chicken Kerry" ????????is still about there, but I suspect hiding a bit as not seen her for a while.????

This coming Friday another of my poems "Heartfelt" ( O K !!! I will post that one next time too) will be in a great (Eastbourne area) local newspaper of The Volunteer Hub run by the energetic (or manic, lol says "I") Helen. The astute on here will recall that I wrote, and read to the "Great, Good and Supreme" last January 2017 at the Volunteer launch my poem for them "Volunteer"!

Another little bit of "fame" is that I have now been mentioned on the excellent "Mellow Magic" show hosted by the wonderful Lynn Parsons ???? 20.00 – midnight Monday to Friday on Magic radio. I love the show and regularly listen while writing away, so the mentions and "resident poet who occasionally contacts" was well appreciated thanks Lynn!

The last couple of poems are on people, Errrrr, "less active than others" (LAZY), so the first of these two from my 2nd book, "More Poetic Views of Life"…..

The Farmer and the Magpie

The farmer works ploughing fields

And scatters good seed around,

The Magpie will not do a stroke

But takes all that can be found.

The farmer’s day starts at early dawn

And he works hard all year long,

The Magpie will take from everyone

Not thinking they’ve done wrong.

For it seems to some people in our life

They can give no bean nor clout,

So the more that they see you put in

That bit extra they take out!

The parable of the Talents

Tells of the man who wasted

All that he was given then,

Took yours you’d not yet tasted.

So our farmer works his boots off

To provide for him and friends,

Whilst the Magpie looks slyly on

Then just squanders more, and spends.

Not thinking of the workload

That farming types put in,

But for our opportunist thief

Such a commitment is a sin!

It must be some strange attitude

That allows the thief to thrive,

Off the back of others work

Like the farmer’s gathered hive.

But all this doesn’t matter

To our thieving Magpie’s gains,

For not a jot or care has he

For ours or the farmer’s pains!

Last but not least on the "nice news" front was an "overseas phone call" from a (self titled) "Major Fan" and supporter Suanne from South Africa, who regularly reads, feeds back and critiques my poems for me, (one of several highly valued ladies who does this) and also supports me with advice and encouragement. The phone call with contrasting accents was interesting as well as pleasant.

Last poem and again on "energy challenged " people, and from my latest book "Life Presented in Verse". It actually started out as a "vague" piece but soon turned into this….


The Bluebells in the woods

Proclaim the coming time of spring.

And all hopes for a bright new year

With masses of joy to bring

To your celebratory table,

Laid out for the greatest feast

Consumed by all, but especially,

Those who contribute the least.

Sawdust can clog up the works

Whilst waffle can baffle brains.

So ensure your mind is clear

And that all the rubbish drains

From the well oiled machinery,

Running in clockwork perfection.

Thus no action or effort is required

To improve or make correction.

Bees and butterflies seem to dance

As they go about their work,

With a gusto and involvement

That many would try to shirk,

Although ensuring that for them

A lions share is obtained,

Without a hint of conscience

That in the effort they abstained.

So round and round spins the world

And fortune just a random prize,

Though often only gained by those

Who never care, or tries

To look out for any others,

Only what will effect them.

They believe that no one noticed

But watching eyes condemn.

So that’s another Blog finished and I hope you enjoyed it, (again?) hopefully . Thus from Ted n Beth and "I" who remain "often imitated but never duplicated" it is goodbye for now, as The Journey Continues WONDERFULLY….

Cheers, Laurie



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