SO expanding adventure’s, new ground and territory….


News:- Expansive, expanding, contacts and opportunities

Photos:- 1) Open road in Oz, 2) My little “hotel” in outback, 3) Me, the sea & South Australia,

                4) Ted n Beth celebrating

Poems:- Travelling Bears (part of), Only You, Wandering Within, & Final Destination

Some “clever” titles and themes of travel and journeys ✈ there to come later then ????

Explanations then, with recognition of the title. Expansive is my “Poetry World” now with all its involvements. Expanding each week with new avenues, contacts and opportunities.

I can only start with our “Travelling Bears” and their poem, AND as they remind me to say, was published in the Daily Mail and started their fame!

Travelling Bears

Ted is a travelling bear

And he has a passport too,

He loves to travel all around

So will come with me or you.

Beth, she is Ted’s girlfriend

And they are never far apart,

Since Ted found her abandoned

Now they’re joined by teddy hearts.

When going about by aircraft

They go in hold bags snug,

For if carried to the cabin

They may be searched for drugs.

Ted says he has heard stories

Of teddies made to hide,

So custom staff were searching

To see what they had inside.

Beth gets quite upset by this

And starts to fret and shake,

For the fear of being cut apart

Is more than she can take.

So the start of Travelling Bears from book one… phew seems ages ago, but not four years yet! 

As of the title here things had been expanding but as (per) usual with me, they jumped forward yesterday. First the successful completion of a commissioned poem, always satisfying, (thanks Marisa S ), a pleasant discussion with the smashing Emma A at “Blind Veterans” who has booked me for more gigs there, and perhaps a new venture that surfaced during our chat, and a great Open Mike night I will mention further on…

WOW, with all that is happening there is only one poem I could put up now. I was using anyway really, but perfect timing! From my 4th book comes, “Only You”.


Only You

Most of the successful people you meet

Won’t have let grass grow beneath their feet.

But it’s not all about making money,

More of creating your world that’s sunny

And makes you smile across your ways,

And grin back at whatever days

Don’t sit well or rest with others,

For the fact is we’re not all brothers.

So get up and get your ideas on

For tomorrow they could all be gone,

And disappeared down the slippery slope

Leaving you frustrated without hope

That you can ever move yourself,

To gain prosperity and wealth.

But do not worry too much on this

For money is not the only bliss.

Now cast around this world of ours

Where a negative thought always devours,

But if you have your health and brain

There is little that can restrain

You from doing what you will,

Ensuring happiness soon must fulfil

Your heart and all you do,

For there’s no point in being blue.

So to just finish and be very exact

It all comes down to a simple fact.

And in this there’s no need for debate

That you can a success create.

Yes, and prior to that I was going to report on expanding Facebook activity, contacts, compliments, and increased networking invitations and attendance which led me to meet the lovely Caroline at First Friday.

An avid poetry fan Caroline has joined us on here, as now from Polegate Business Club also Chloe E of Willing Legal Services, Annabel C of Ace Cleaning Services too, but I must “double mention “S & S” Caroline, (sorry couldn’t resist) who has opened a special “Laurie file”, along with giving me a great endorsement! Many thanks gel, ????.

Gosh, all the excitement I need another poem. Again on the travelling and moving theme, it has a special place in my heart, being one of 3 poems I read out at Anderida Writers that got all of this started. It is in my first book, written about me about 2005/6 and I’ll leave you to guess at its meaning…..

Wandering Within

I have been to another place

Crossed the line and dared to see,

What other shapes and pictures there

Would have in store for me.

But when you start to wander off,

Turn from the beaten track,

You may return from another path

And are never truly back.

It’s hard to tell when you go away

If you come back to the start,

For you can be around in flesh

But not with all your heart.

So in the small hour of the dark

And eerie sounds of dawn,

Ghostly figures, words and thoughts

Emerge to mock and fawn.

Are you happy and at hearts rest

Not to change the things that past,

And would you still be where you are

After your choice is cast?

But hindsight is a wondrous thing

It can make all gambles right,

So we must make our peace within

Without the gift of second sight!

Back to my earlier reference then of the Thursday night Open Mike gig at the Underground Theatre Eastbourne, where I read out three poems as of my allotted time.

I wanted to spread the 3 across my spectrum so chose romance, reflection and humour poems. Starting to great response with the ever popular “Feeling Special” from book 3, I then did “No More Light Brigade” as yet unpublished before ending with the ridiculous, but very important need, for my take on a bowel cancer check called “Sample”. It is of course a vital test, whilst still being somewhat awkward, and it is this that I am describing!

I admit I did “pepper” the “sample collection act” with humour, but it all had the audience in stitches…

At the interval a lady bought a book “the one with the romance poem in it please”!

After a while she complimentarily said I should sell “tissues with my books” as she was crying (nicely) “from the emotions you have put in your words”…. Humbled, I could only thank her again for her support!!!!

It is all I aim for….

Talking about support, a big shout out for the lovely (Lady) Catherine, co director at the magnificent Lansdowne Hotel, Eastbourne who are having me do some poetry reading evenings for them. Again thanks!

AND before nearly closing I must thank the wonderful Sandra of Pink Spaghetti social media and more, who has advised, helped and rescued me on numerous occasions! WHATEVER would I do without all you, errr, ummmm  yes, all ladies… ?????

Last poem time, and no, sorry Suanne P, it is not , and far from, a “romance” poem this time. Hold on for an aptly title “Final Destination” from my second book….

Final Destination

As we near our final destination

Where the dead are gathered in,

Some will be heavy hearted

Others reflecting on each sin.

But there’s no need to be saintly

And do lots of good with charm,

You only have to worry

If your failings have caused harm.

For things are not all cut and dried

In the land of the Reaper Grimm,

As many a haunted lost soul

Will gladly run to him!

So as we near our final destination

Where the dead are gathered in,

Some will be heavy hearted

Others reflecting on each sin.

Yes, getting at our journey’s end

Can be a very long, hard road,

And with aching, weary bones

It seems you have a growing load.

And as tricks of life are played out

So some stutter, hurt and fall,

Looking painfully round at others

Who much older, still stand tall!

So as we reach our final destination

With some fresh as opening day,

Well, they look that on the outside

But in truth they never got to play.

So we’re running down and counting

How many days that remain,

And the victor is easily spotted

Trying hard to start again!

Phew, all done and please enjoy !!!!

From Ted n Beth and “I”, thanks and The Journey Continues MAGNIFICENTLY !!!!


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