Quiet isn’t a word usually associated with me, so rest assured it’s not me that is, or has been, quiet ????, more my "poetic world" really!

. But of course not totally quiet as I don’t think that is possible, so more accurate to say "quieter than usual", so explanation later….


News: Clarifications, scooter.

Support: Various, expansive

Invitations: Many

Photos: = Quiet, tranquil lake, (clever that a? lol ????), Scooter, Me, & last one, Ted n Beth with my latest book ????????.

Poems: = Silence Thunders, Lambs and Guns, Barely Heard ????????(part of), Sleep Perchance & Guardian Angel

So I hope you like the "quiet and almost eerie" photo of the wonderful lake (Biscarrosse) by my French place, very apt! The "quiet" relevance is that things have been a bit slower after a fairly busy week or so after Christmas, BUT as you will soon see "nothing is ever very quiet" for The Psychy Poet… ????

I have actually still been pretty busy writing more new poems, considering my next article for The Sussex Newspaper, WELL March article actually as February’s one is already written as I like to keep ahead! And also doing some commissioned poems too. I would like to mention Mantana of Pannarai Therapy Eastbourne, and another lady, K S, who have both joined us on here as well. Welcome!

Let’s get the (apt) poems rolling then, and for no other reason but the title, (and that it is a good poem, prompt, prompt ????), from my very first book out in 2014, yeah WOW…Titled as I say appropriately "Silence Thunders"…

Silence Thunders

Silence echo’s loud as thunder

Like the voice of someone dear,

That you will never see again

Or feel their body near.

Silence echo’s loud as thunder

In the rooms inside your home,

Where every noise will tell you

That you are all alone.

The special one has gone now

So won’t be heard to speak,

Or let you kiss and touch them

And so your eyes will leak.

It’s said you don’t miss someone

Until after they’re not there,

The gift is gone completely

So your life is really bare.

Silence echo’s loud as thunder

Even if you are sincere,

So no future substitution

Can ever fully cheer.

There’s silence in the heart

Like a thunder in the ears,

And so that silent thunder

Haunts your future years!

Yeeeeeeees, quite, or "quiet" deep, but something to think about. AND whilst I’m "on about" silence I guess I should put up another poem with a sort of "silence" in the title, "Lambs and Guns" (silence of the lambs, get it? ????), but it is by NO means a "quiet" poem and NOR is it meant to be as it was my response to cowardly terrorists who pick on the weak, innocent and often defenceless, (unarmed on beaches, unprepared and unaware). This poem, also published nationally by Forward Poetry after it made their finals, and also in my 4th book, was written in my anger after events in 2015, culminating in the attacks in Paris on Friday 13th November that year. Hold on for "Lambs and Guns"

Lambs and Guns

I am naked except for my clothes

No match for knives, bombs and gun.

You can kill me anytime you want

For my only defence is to run.

You are fully armed to your teeth

A veritable arsenal moving on legs,

So you can slaughter and maim at will

No matter how much your victim begs,

As they relax, carefree on a beach,

At a cafe, or maybe a music hall.

Thus your foul war on the unarmed

Ensures that only the innocents fall!

Creeping, slithering, making your plans

Hiding in shadows behind a locked door.

Disgusting cowards, strapping on bombs

For your sick, ambushing war.

Thus you avoid, and wont bring to combat

Any trained and well armed man.

So you stick to putrid sewers,

And attack like only scum can.

For I am naked except for my clothes

No match against knife, bombs and gun.

You can try to kill me anytime you want,

But it’s not my only defence, to run.

So stalk our free world, trying to see

Easy targets like lambs, unaware at play,

Your brainwashed mind and smoking gun

Will never earn a winners sway.

Right I have got that out of my system, but I’m sure it resonates with everybody!

Another reason, or partly for quieter is I haven’t done any readings for "ALL" of 17 days, well WOW as that shows how many I’ve BEEN doing. However I have bookings further on and several Nursing Residencies etc are "taking my information" to their respective meetings. Also there are some return visits in the pipeline as well…. 

While still on the "quieter" theme I should mention my NEW motor scooter in second photo. Yes apart from being brand new, faster and generally sleek and nippy it is much, ye’sssss quieter. Relevant because I use it to go to many meetings, gigs etc……

The "Bears" are vying for a mention, so whilst not Ted’s favourite poem, "Barely Heard" again fits, so just an excerpt of it!

Barely Heard

Ted and Beth are very happy

Content bears and not bores,

But there is a little problem

Beth has told me that Ted snores!

Ted of course he denies this

And says it’s just not true.

Though actually I heard him,

Only that’s between me and you.

Beth says she is quite desperate

To have a peaceful night.

For every time she drops off,

Ted’s snort gives her a fright.

That is obviously just a part of it, and from my second book, (More Poetic Views of Life). Have a look…

Before the last poem in the "quieter" theme, entitled "Sleep Perchance", I will touch on a little subject that is "massive" to me and Help for Heroes ????!!!!

That subject is the immense amount of kind words and support I have had (always really, but building now it seems), in the manner of reviews, feedback, comments, "liking and sharing" many of my Social Media posts, tweets and photos. Many thanks guys, with Geoff H, Claire H W, Brenda W, S P, Natalie H amongst many, many more!…………. 

THANK you guys, SO much !!!!

Sleep Perchance?

We all love and need our sleep

Perchance to dream as the bard said,

So just relax and prepare to rest

When you put yourself to bed.

For sleep they say, is a great healer

And recharges both body and mind,

To feel refreshed in a healthy way

Maybe to solve problems too, I find.

For we’re also advised in life

To “sleep on” a decision I hear,

But whether this is true or not

In the morning things seem clear.

Thus allow yourself to drift away

And to slip into a world of dreams,

Maybe to caress those hidden thoughts

So all will not be as it seems.

Then allow the visions of your deep

To take you soaring to the moon,

In a fluttering of warm sensations

You awaken from much too soon.

So just relax and prepare to escape

When laying down to sleep,

For if you can lose yourself in peace

Great councils you will keep.

Before I get onto the "Invitations " bit I will mention something else that I was "involved in", (there TOLD you it wasn’t totally quiet for me lol ),and that was me being involved on the live and excellent "Talking Stories" on East London Radio with the sublime Tony Cranston. The link follows and my poem reading is near the end (reading out "Blind Faith")…..

Hello Everyone New Talking Stories Programme is now Available to download or listen time after time It will then be available as a podcast This is the Link to Show no 11


Welcome to Programme #11 New Talking Stories Programme to download or listen to time after time. It will then be available as a podcast Featuring Fabulous Tales from Tom Phillips aka Tom the Tale Teller David Heathfield and Dorit Oliver Wolff, Featured Guest Facts and Fiction Storytelling Magazine with Pete Castle… Poets Keith Armstrong, Martha Cinader Mims and Laurie Wilkinson Plus news from Pippa Reid and the Society for Storytelling and messages from Sebastian Lockwood Joseph Sobol and more… Get Your Stories and Poetry Heard by a new and Growing World Wide Audience… email totocranston@hotmail.com Deadline 8th of each month there are no themes but we might just give a nod to those things happening that month …

So that’s a treat for you as well…. BUT not the last !!!

The lovely Kerry from the interesting Mantel Farm has been in touch and their great monthly magazine goes out this week complete with a "nice" romance poem from me for Valentine’s Day , ( lol 14 th for the naïve, unwary or VERY brave to forget !!! ). 

Also the two previously mentioned pigs have left the farm to fulfil their adventures elsewhere, but NO worries for there are plenty of chickens ???????????? etc ???????????? ???????????? to fill the place..

Website = www.mantelfarm.co.uk

Invitations !!!

Despite me thinking I will now go to less "networking/word spreading" meetings, I somehow have got invited to more! Always nice and a great compliment I guess, and one lovely lady, BLESS you C, was kind enough to say my "energy and enthusiasm was contagious" !!! THANK you kind Lady …

Closing poem then, and the astute will see the "invitation" connection in the poem called "Guardian Angel" and from my 4th book……

Guardian Angel

To keep me out of trouble

I have a guardian angel bold,

Who makes sure I toe the line

And do exactly as I’m told.

So I should stay completely safe

And on the straight and narrow track,

For with my lookout and adviser

Someone always has my back,

To ensure that from any problems

I am always free, and safely steered,

As my angel will redirect me

If any wrecking rocks are neared.

Thus I had set out in life

Confident I would commit no crime,

Like falling foul of Albatross

Or talking loudly all the time!

So my conscience would be clear

My character wouldn’t have a stain,

And if invited out for dinner

I’d have an invitation back again.

But oh, I did get in some mischief

And into major problems I did leap,

So why didn’t my angel protect me?

Because the bugger had fell asleep!

A nice full Blog this time I think, with the poems you can read at a later date if you wish!

As always, goodbye and thanks from myself and Ted n Beth. and as The Psychy Poet, "Often imitated but NEVER duplicated " our Journey Continues WONDERFULLY !!!!!

Cheers, Laurie x


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