Ringing in a great new year indeed!!!

Nearly two weeks since last Blog as I said they would be stretched out a bit, so hope you haven’t missed me too much?, but maybe not SO long a gap between the next blog ????….

I hope the year has started well for you, for it certainly has for me and "My Poetry World", so just a simpler "Synopsis" this time:-

News, updates and reports.

Photos: Lead one taken of me ringing a church bell in Greece, Blue lake Australia, "The Bears" and lastly me!

Poems: Will, Exposure and Days

So why has this new year been so great for me?

Well because my books are still selling at a quiet time of year for a start, plus a succession of both requested and interest in my “poem for you” service, some of my reading “gigs” done and new ones booked, and also my “poem production line” is rolling well again!

I feel privileged to have been invited and do a reading gig at Blind Veterans that went well, and I have been told that I will be asked again, and perhaps more times. I also did an Eastbourne Care Home in the same (last) week too.

A poem break then, and one that is quite apt I think. It is from my 5th and latest book “Life Presented in Verse” with the poem entitled “Will”. ( I am actually reading the start of this poem, AND the following one, on the video which is featured at start of my website).


Well weeks will come and weeks will go

And months soon follow in life’s flow.

But days we enjoy will pass by quick,

Whilst tougher times go slow.

So then we must remain steadfast

With our resolve strong and unbowed,

As all of us will have our turn

To be under a sad, tragic cloud.

For nothing in this world is given

To remain the same, or even arrive.

So grab those moments of delight

And just celebrate you’re alive!

There will of course be time for sorrow

With that very time going slow,

So try to cry behind your mask

Because others may not know.

Well at least that’s what I try to do

Not that I think men shouldn’t cry.

But I shed my tears in private

So the world doesn’t puzzle why

This chap with a constant smile

And a jokes all-day token,

May continue to laugh and grin,

When inside his heart is broken.

So back we will go to the weeks

Which pass according to our fate,

But whether going quick or slow

We should try for heaven’s gate.

Other positive news from the start of this year is some agreed bookings at the salubrious Lansdowne Hotel in Eastbourne, interest from a large school and some imminent publicity from Help for Heroes promotion department.

I mentioned earlier about this second poem being read on the website video, again from my last book the poem is called “Exposure”.


It takes a very brave person

To rise above the parapet alone,

And to show themselves completely

Whilst standing on their own.

Now of course they would expect

That others would support them too.

But sadly not quite the case

As some find it hard to do,

Something else for any others,

Or maybe it’s indifference

That causes them to duck out

All safe behind their fence.

Of course they watch keenly

To see what happens next,

With their well rehearsed excuse

Or some other lame pretext,

That will justify themselves

From any exposure to the fray.

As they really do believe it’s best

To run, and fight another day.

So what of our poor victim

Now standing open to it all?

Leading a flock who didn’t follow,

And maybe smile to see him fall.

For in some cases it would suit

The cowards to say, I told you so.

We were right to keep our cover

And thus not to have a go.

Which certainly would be safer

And not take any chance to gain

Successful wins in their life,

But all their fears remain.

My usual monthly article for The Sussex Newspaper online was published on 6th January and entitled "Peace and peaceful plea" and can easily be seen online at "thesussexnewspaperonline" (not surprisingly lol). Please take a peek.

A little extra "fame" for me this week was a (brief) mention of Laurie The Psychy Poet on Magic radio Wednesday evening Lynn Parsons show. Also a very nice text reply from Lynn saying "Laurie how wonderful and wishing me more inspiration on my work"! Nice one.

Before closing this Blog article I must give a mention and update on "The Mantel Farm Two" ??. From an earlier blog you may recall that the future of these two pigs ???????? was not looking good before a stay of execution, which is still in the balance. Meanwhile they remain oblivious in their pen. This story could become a saga as is ongoing…  ????

 Last poem then, and this one called simply "Days" (strangely all 3 have a simple one word title this time which is unusual for my titles really), and from my fourth book "Life Scene in Verse"…


We count our time and mark it

By the number of our days,

Although this can be deceiving

For they’re spent in different ways.

With some people doing nothing

Content to watch the world go by,

But others work or fill their hours

So for them their days will fly.

Though time will always beat us

As like the tide it never waits,

So before we’re mindful of it

We are at those proverbial gates!

So looking back at times past

Allows our yesterdays to arrange

Thoughts some will say are foolish

For those days we cannot change.

But perhaps looking back is prudent

With its memories and teaching,

To review and maybe smile

At our actions so far reaching.

Thus if those past times are sad

It is best not to mope or dwell,

As we can take lessons forward

So may prevent another hell,

Which perhaps befell our lot

Whether ours or others fault,

But if the learning has gone in

We should not again get caught.

Another concern for some folks

Is having ambitious dreams,

That can change days into nights

And a life not what it seems.

But enjoy and embrace such thoughts

Even if your body they do tire,

For it’s a very strong belief

That we need dreams to aspire.

So there is the quandary of life

No matter what you think or say,

For we live in the here and now

And must fulfil the present day.

With a “goodbye” from Ted n Beth ???????? and also me ????, it is time to close this blog, I hope you have enjoyed it, whilst as ever…..

The Journey Continues EXCELLENTLY !!!

Cheers, Laurie

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