Involvements: Activities, visits & Christmas

Emotions: Bemused, relaxed, amused & satisfied (full !!!)

Happenings: LOL, See pigs etc below……

Photos: Peace doves (main), Statue “The Kiss” (relevant see below), Ted n Beth, Me with

Ted n Beth and Me, (cheers also relevant)

Poems: Blind Faith, Poets and Scrollers, Arrival of Love, Love to Live & Kiss (relevant)

Well as you can see by above synopsis, quite an involved and varied pre New Year Blog, hence the doves wishing peace for us all, (poem to follow on that), but here is hoping for a peaceful 2018 for us all, maybe not worldwide altogether, but perhaps more peace than war or unrest for all!

After that straight in to one of FIVE poems for you this time, as is my following peace wishes with love, but peace first and a poem Blind Faith from my latest book “Life Presented in Verse”, and I have posted this on my Facebook pages with very kind responses and compliments…

Blind Faith

Thoughts are tumbling from my head

Almost written before I’ve said,

What I really need to say

About our world on a given day.

With all its tragedies and war

Who knows what they’re fighting for?

Just I guess, that desperate need

For more power, wealth and greed.

So little children, babes in arms

Are blown up and lose their charms,

Or any hope of normal life,

Torn away by psychotic strife,

Performed by armies of the just

Who grind opposition into dust.

Believing they have their gods will

To terrorise, maim and kill!

But this world has always seen

Acts of cruelty by the mean

And callous bullies who all say,

We must live and pray their way.

But I have hope deep in my heart

That if everyone will play a part,

We can make this a nicer place

Free of all extreme disgrace.

Amen and all hopes for that then, but quickly moving on with my involvements since last blog, and very different too!

I must start with my visit to the amazing Mantel Farm and the lovely Kerry showing me round, although as she said a lot of chickens had been sold, for pets and “layers”, lol, thought I had better get that in, so not too many animals, but I did meet “Billy” Goat who was tempted to “butt me” on seeing I was “foodless”, and two extremely lucky fat pigs! They were the four legged type, (legging less) and I should state here, that growing up in my “Manor” in East London I wasn’t especially involved with too many animals so the next bit was a bit alien to me…

Apparently said pigs had been fattened up for sausages after Christmas and all the orders and demands for them were taken, when the pigs got a reprieve! A scouser accountant lady was prepared to pay the inflated (sorry) price due to them being fed up (not depressed, they were unaware of their death sentence) for sausage provision, they were expensive, but said accountant was determined, and thus “Pinky & Perky (ier now !!!) were saved (hooray), the sausage orders would have to wait, and the accountant was now “plus two” more pets! Phew…

Anyway that telling took longer, but hopefully interesting and amusing for you as it was for me, (AND the pigs lol). There WAS a funny story about me getting to remote, rural setting, but that’s for another day unless you visit my Facebook pages, (WELL worth it anyway!) to read about it. Suffice to say I had a great morning with “Kerry & Co” and they are now selling my books there too, so visit Mantel Farm, Henley Down, Catsfield!

As a contrast in the afternoon I visited The View, Eastbourne seafront, a luxurious hotel where yet another lovely lady Tina, (great being a poet) showed me round personally and I even got a free pint. Tina has kindly bought my books and I was there for a secret commission (for a while) payment, but a super and varied hotel that is comfortable and relaxing, a friendly team and the said “lovely Tina” too. Nice!

Quick Laurie another poem, and still following earlier peace theme, Poets and Scrollers from my 4th book “Life Scene in Verse”….

Poets and Scrollers

The news comes flooding into our lives

From places nationally or world wide.

Amusing, frightening or tragically sad,

Yet from it all, it’s hard to hide.

Graphic images often feature large

As the world comes to our door.

Exposing to us the very worst of man,

As the news channels try to explore

All aspects of life to fully scrutinise

Under a glaringly microscope.

Making you angry, laugh or cry

Or possibly give up all hope.

So how do we deal with a bombardment

Reeking havoc on mind and senses?

Confronting us with with manic thoughts

That causes mass upset and offences.

Some will merely just look away

Denying they have seen, or know it,

But others take it all to heart

And most likely they’re a poet.

For poets tend to write on things

With strong thoughts and burning phrases,

That encapsulates and rams it home

To the indifferent who it amazes.

So having seen it put into words

These ostriches or rock and rollers,

Still prefer to avoid any sympathy

By being just news reel scrollers.

Who turn a blind eye to sad events

Until something happens to them too.

When a poet will then come forward

To comfort their tragic view.

Phew, keep UP Wilkinson but I’m trying, I’m trying!

A quick mention of a “Charity Fair” the day after “farm & hotel” day with no stalls, more “tea cakes etc, raffles and Tom Bola” (nice bloke), and I had donated one of my books (3rd one) as a prize, which was appreciated and got a fair bit of attention. One elderly chap asked me about publication of which I had advised him, (MY Voice Rex & James b t w), but strangely although having written many poems, mainly “Bubble Gum” and nearly all on people, he had never tried to publish! As I’ve said before that in my humble opinion, writing and not publishing is like visiting a brothel for a pint!!! But of course each to his own (publishing or not I mean, and not visiting a brothel, although I like a drop of broth myself?). Philippa I have thrown that in for you as I know you now like to “flirt with the rude side” in your writing (or walking?), but hope amuses!

ON to luuuuuuurve then (settle down S P) and from my second book More Poetic Views of Life, (gosh really that long ago, well October 14 anyway) comes “Arrival of Love”..

Arrival of Love

When love arrives the first time

You will never be quite the same,

Despite wise words of people older

Your heart is hobbled, you are lame.

For you will think you know it all

With the fluttering thrill of love,

Turning grey into a blinding light

As if sent down by heaven above.

You no longer walk about, but fly

Fuelled by compliments that flowed,

From your lover, this faultless one

Who all their love on you bestowed.

So your soaring heart glows bright,

Within your very soul and breast.

Marring sight and convincing you

That you’ll pass your every test.

Your head will try hard to steer

A safe course of sense and welfare,

But your heart will not be cooled

From loves bright, saintly glare.

Dreams of wonder and dancing joy

Will swell into the heart and soul,

At the very sight of the one you love

Who makes the bells of Utopia toll.

For they can never do any wrong

And will love you all your years,

With their body, heart and kisses

And be your armour against all fears.

For you will think you know it all

With the fluttering thrill of love,

And the finding of your soul mate

Whose body fits you like a glove.

So walk in wonder, sun and light

Alongside your angel, who has fed

Your very breath, thought and being

That your heart rules, not your head!

Right this has turned/turning out to be a “bumper” and with 5 poems too, but it is the holiday period so read it at your leisure, (put that bath down James), and hopefully enjoy! Hahahahaaaa, well “I” am anyway, but on to Christmas where I got invited to a huge meal of all varying and possible meats, birds etc.. Kerry you may have a household challenge! Thanks Linda and co, nice one!

I have actually been quite relaxed and content with my “Poetry World” situation the last few days and have written x 2 articles for my monthly bit on The Sussex Newspaper, several poems, including a commissioned one, and now this epistle…

Another poem, and definitely me this, from book three, Reviews of Life in Verse comes “Love to Live”….

                                                                        Love to Live

To love is to live

In all things, they say,

As to feel like this

Must enrich every day.

Though some people can’t,

Get love past themselves.

And the result of this is

They’re left on the shelves.

Others spend their love

All on one single thing,

Which if it goes wrong

Only heartache will bring.

You can love what you do

To give you much pleasure.

So long as it’s spread out,

And done in equal measure.

Many folks type of love

Will only bring strife,

Whilst for me it’s all simple,

I just love my life!

Getting there now after that happy note, and just one more news item before the last poem and close. SO, this week “zonezine” have featured another one of my poems “Accident Report” from my latest book, and this poem is getting some very favourable feedback, and often the case with me, is on looking back at it, even in my “careful not to presume”, pretty good. I will post it another time, but is in my latest book “Life Presented in Verse” or see on zonezine that publishes to our (East Sussex area) of the south downs and coast.

Onto the final, but by NO means least, last poem, AND to show this writing is not just “thrown together”, (how COULD it be !!! ??? lol), it is called KISS, and if you can remember I have included a photo of the classic statue “kiss” to show my class, culture ans total waffle”, so from my fourth book again comes “Kiss”, that we surely all love, enjoy and express ourselves with, yeah peace and love!


A quiet, simmering, burning fuse

Maybe oh so easy to miss,

As with a soft awakening

To someone you’d love to kiss.

So the signs of any recognition

Or consent given from your muse,

Are sought for their confirmation

You are the one they choose.

Thus with heartbeats all a flutter

You slowly pucker up to brush,

That alluring sirens ready mouth

As you prepare to make them blush,

With that soft sweet sensation

Now blowing bubbles on your lips.

So you lean closer in together

Lest this precious moment slips.

Eyes tight shut to keep out the world

From your very own embrace,

Your bodies pulse fast and close

So you are now lost in space.

With bright stars and planets forming

Brilliant lights across the sky,

To transform your understanding

That you’ve just learnt to fly.

Yes, so with that and my final photo I want to say thanks as always, but also CHEERS to a happy, peaceful, contented and successful New Year to everyone,

Love from me and Ted n Beth xxx

Often imitated, but never duplicated The Psychy Poet’s journey continues …… WONDERFULLY !!!!


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