Yes we are almost at that “special” time of year, (though I have always wondered why we couldn’t all be nice, happy and grateful all year round, but that’s just me), so here we are anyway, Christmas time! ????


News: My slow down, pause, thoughts & new ventures for next year…

Emotions: Contentment, gratitude and progressive recognition…

Reports: Website, stall and last events for now….

Photos: Christmas teddy, me & stall, hunk & The Bears..

Poems: Poignant, blessings, Ted n Beth & a (v nice) romantic one…

So yes it IS the Festive Season that means so much or so little to various people, depending on their situation! The clue is in my first poem…

                                                               Crowded Out

Can a tree in a forest be lonely

Or a wave crest on the sea?

So if surrounded by people

How can loneliness possibly be?

When you look at peoples faces

For a smile or glint of an eye,

Everyone seems to be moving

And like spectres just pass by.

The fish in the ocean have shoals

And the bees will build their hive,

But many people live in surroundings

Where no one knows they’re alive.

So maybe we should reach out

With more effort to connect,

To try and prevent isolation

That even stout hearts will deject.

No person wants their passing

To go off with barely a squeak,

With people saying they saw them

But never found time to speak!

Yes "alone as never speak" and poem from my very first book Poetic Views of Life that is still selling very well!

So along with most people now I guess, I am slowing down as dinners, lunches etc nearly all done, including one very heavy liquid one that didn’t all end totally well, but a great time was had! I think…

I have been gathering my thoughts for “future directions and plans” but as all is “ticking along” rather well I am disinclined to change a “winning formula” so will continue to see what arrives!

I do have some interesting “gigs” booked for the new year, plus some in the proverbial pipeline too… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” springs to mind!

Another poem time, and maybe we should all indulge this as we spend the holiday period in “comparative luxury”?

                                                            Home Comforts

You must really count your blessings

I do that each and every day,

For there’s always someone worse off

No matter what you think or say!

We live closely in our own world

So don’t see much else around,

And very little affects us here

Thus we sleep safe and sound.

No war now overshadows us

Earthquake, drought or heavy weather.

In fact if we get deep heavy snow

There’s panic running hell for leather!

We have no major killing diseases

Of course cancer threatens us all,

But that’s a worldwide problem too

Thus our health concerns are small.

Well apart that is from obesity

That will be the new fatal killer,

Unless people stop eating fast food

And go easy on their stomach filler.

We live closely in our own world

So don’t see much else around,

And very little affects us here

Thus we sleep safe and sound.

So rest safely in your beds tonight,

For it’s only you that cause distress

And shock waves in your tranquil pond,

Thus why would we settle for less!

Mmmm, what do you think? Poem from my 2nd book and was written at the pool bar at my French place in warm sunshine! Yes wish it was now….

Well I must admit to being very “contented” with my poetry world now, with commissions coming in, and never failing to astound the “requesters” by how quick they are turned round !!!! LOL, like shelling peas?

Regarding my Help for Heroes interview for their “Press Release Presentation” on me, after discussion today we agreed to leave it until the new year for more coverage and reception. Good plan sirs….

A quick note on the (slightly changed) website is that all seems to be running well again now, thanks to James, and all gremlins have been squashed !!! ????

I must mention, and I’m visiting tomorrow, the excellent Mantel Farm at Henley Down, Catsfield, who breed, train, raise etc ALL kinds of “animals & things” from chickens, (LOVE your chickens Kerry and STILL can’t wait to get my hands on them lol), pigs to bees etc etc, also boarding animals too and selling all foods, gifts, (my books) too.. LOOK them up and visit, (coming S P?).

They have been brilliant with me, featuring my poems and doing an excellent article, poem and coverage of me in their December magazine! THANKS guys !!! ????????????

So hahahahaaaaaa, I am trying to “rein back” these (“fantastic”, thanks) blogs, but it IS holiday time so please enjoy at your leisure.

A “Bear” poem is due and as “our cuddlyies” have been very good I will mention TED n BETH and put up their poem from my 2nd book again, but VERY apt with all their success now…. ????

Threadbear Cover

Ted and Beth like being stars

And not only featured in a book,

But also in a national paper

So real posers now they look.

Ted’s taken to wearing dark glasses

He thinks they make him look cool,

But Beth just laughs back at him

Saying he looks a right Teddy fool!

Mind you, Beth likes her fame too,

Talking to her friends on the phone.

Saying about being a “poem star”

And thinking she was home alone.

But Ted and Beth know they are lucky

Having such a great life for bears,

With their fun, fame and travels

As they enjoy life without cares!

Though they are always asking me

What I will tell about them next?

So I say, just behave yourselves

Or I will write you out of context!

Now I believe that three new poems

On them, in this poetry book closed.

Is enough as although they’re bears

I don’t want them too over exposed!

O k so I’m nearly done and just the now (well for the moment) customary “Romance” poem to finish with. (Keeping in with the laaaaaaaaaadies lol)

But before that I will wish everyone a happy, peaceful and contented end to the year, with as ever my thanks for your support, encouragement and interest, (welcome to “Quality Control” Claire H W xx and thanks!), so again now as The Psychy Poet I’m “often imitated but NEVER duplicated” whilst as ever……

The Journey Continues MAGNIFICENTLY…

Hypnotic Dance

Everyone has a love song

Or poem deep in their heart,

Maybe you can never sing it

But knowing it is a start,

To begin to seek your dream

Of a love you never found.

So you slowly start to move

Towards that luring sound.

Hypnotic rhythms stealing thoughts

When drawn forward in a trance,

To the person of your desires

Who is wanting you to dance,

While cuddling up so tight

Before kissing that loving face

You now know waits for you,

At that magic, sensual place.

So with bated breathe and hope

That was never there before,

You prepare to meet your muse

Of which you’re really sure.

Because this love song tells you

Something great is coming,

And while you wait and tremble

Loves music is now strumming.

Therefore you sway and wallow

In loves mood that’s oh so deep,

Without the slightest movement

To awake you from your sleep!

Cheers, L xx

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