TECHNO, TECHNO, lovely Techno! Or NOT !!!!!!

My page has just been hit by a “Blip” which meant although my (wonderful lol ) Blog went onto the web site, it DIDN’T  send to you WONDERFUL people, so I am hoping this amended Blog goes out ok…
SO you won’t miss anything I have largely repeated the “lost or unsent”  Blog article as it has some great news, photos, poems and stuff on it!❤
Apart from changed “lead” photo of possibly the “techno spectre” who caused the problem, and ho ho a “frustration of technology” image, and a couple of site changes (can you spot them?), all is hopefully the same!!!????
As I’m re doing this Blog I will just add an update on what you will read further down, in as much as I had yesterday my “Phone  Interview” with Help for Heroes !!!! YAY… Read on for explanation and great news…
WELL as this is now longer than intended, (it IS Christmas), I will send, but just give a mention to James H who sorted out my website and also sets them up, as this excellent one, and works other wonders in that line too. Thanks James, who is also a partner in My Voice Publishing who have published all my books!!!!
Please read on, and ENJOY….. !!!!????

Stalls, food, booze and balls….

So as the headline goes I’m into a period of stalls, food, drink and balls of the party type!


News: Compliments, poem writing, article and press release.

Emotions: Inspirational, chuffed and exaltation!

Photos: Me at a Christmas lunch, looking like a “Barrow Boy”, food and The Bears.

Poems: Tango for One, Butterflies of Life, Ease of Entry, & part of Tea for Two

Well I have been fortunate to have a lot of compliments on both my poems and reaching my 1,000 book sales, so very nice and thanks to all!

With my poetry writing, or perhaps lack of, because since the middle of October I hadn’t really written anything. Apart that is from a couple of “commission requests” where I have the script done for me, “ONLY” needing to write them!!!

SO a few days ago enjoying a “quieter” period I sorted my poetry folder out, and whilst I hadn’t written any poems I had noted my ideas, titles and themes. FIFTEEN of them as it transpires….. THUS wrote my first poem again for a while!

AND different in as much as I now have 15 poem ideas that just need writing. Simple a??? LOL, just need to get on with them and the first one I did is called “Please Forgive my Warts”…

Righto, first poem is Tango for One from my 2nd book.

Tango for One

They say it takes two to tango

And you must have two to dance.

But I don’t fully agree with this,

As alone you can make your stance!

For you are mostly responsible for,

Any bad things that happen to you.

And whilst it’s easy to blame others,

It’s largely down to what you do.

With any recorded success or not

And your choices of people met,

So any failure or unwanted grief

Is all down to your bad call or bet!

They say it takes two to tango

And you must have two to dance.

But I don’t fully agree with this,

As alone you must take your stance.

Though it’s nice to dance with another

Who makes all your troubles seem small.

But don’t be fooled it will last forever,

As it’s all your fault should you stall!

Having posted that poem it is the “time of the month” for my article in The Sussex Newspaper online. Check it out, but posted a couple of days early as has a “health warning” and is not for the “off the scales” sensitive!!!! Please look and it’s called “Food, LOTS of it!”

Not specifically “apt” but the next chosen poem is “Butterflies of Life” from my 5th book….



Butterflies of Life

The happy butterfly is busy

Showing off its fun each day,

With many expansive shows

Of exotic scenes of play.

These conjured images of fun

Show the happy life you’ve got,

Being a butterfly of fun times

When in fact you’re not.

For there are aches of sadness

That a loneliness compounds

Conflicting with the smiling,

As if from a wall rebounds.

For like the many comedians

Who have had a crowd in fits

Of hysterical tears and laughter,

Whilst their own life is in bits.

Struggling hard with themselves

Away from the stage and fame,

A stark inner deep reality

Illuminates their shame.

Is it like the “great Bard” said

That the lady protests too much?

With these butterflies projecting

Fun times they need to clutch

Firmly across a painted image

That smiles and doesn’t cry,

Until they remove this mask

Which then shows the lie.

Ha ha, yes “I” like that one and I guess we all know plenty of those “butterfly” people don’t we? Bless them !!!

The other bit of news, is great news, and that is what I’m really “Chuffed” about, and is that after getting a certificate of gratitude from Help for Heroes, they now want to do a “press release presentation” of me, my poems and books and why I donate to Help for Heroes!!! WONDERFUL…

Now a “romantic” poem that has become regular on here, and this poem is also from my latest book. Here comes “Ease of Entry”, so hold on!!!


Ease of Entry

When you apply your magic touch

You take my breath away,

And take me to loves deep feelings

That don’t need shades of grey.

For it’s as if you have ease of entry

To me, without need of a key.

Though that’s no great mystery,

Just your unique chemistry.

So touch away sweet lady

For you have an open goal,

And an unobstructed free way

Straight into my very soul.

Though I don’t think I would protest

Even if I possibly could,

Because I’m certain that no-one

Can ever be so very good

As you are, when with me,

In all our glorious connections.

For no architect of life

Could ever plan such erections,

As our love and life together

That cannot be pulled apart.

So we will travel roads together

Just living off one heart.

Now I know that there are doubters,

Maybe jealous of our ecstasy.

But they’ve probably never felt

Just what you do for me,

Or perhaps I do for you too.

If all I see in your release,

Causes such deep sensations

To give us inner peace.

I really can’t finish without a mention of our “lovable bears” Ted n Beth who are getting more popular on their Facebook page “Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet” (give it a visit and “like it” please), and they have pressed me to put one of their poems on, but as I’m trying to keep Blogs shorter and less frequent, (longer gap between),I will just put the start on, but of course being Christmas you will want to buy (my latest book it comes from) it won’t you?


Tea for Two

Now Ted and Beth like a cup of tea

And will drink it all day long,

But both are reluctant to make it

So that’s where it all goes wrong.

For Ted will say it’s Beth’s turn

She of course says it’s Ted’s,

So before you can say “teddy bear”

Another disagreement spreads

Into a mini bear fight,

Although they mean no harm.

For Beth will use her female wiles

And Ted will be all charm.

So how will the poem end? Please buy me book to find out!

Well the end of another Blog, so again THANKS for support and being there, and as ever,

The Journey Continues MAGNIFICENTLY !!!








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