Yes DECEMBER and "all that" is coming…..

Meanwhile our synopsis for now :-

News :- Events, books, new targets?

Future?:- Competitions, gigs, stalls & "meal gatherings"

Emotions:- Still "buzzing", confident, excited and considering…

Poems:- Blind Alleys, Only You and Inside Job

RIGHTO !!! The "Shoooooosh was supposed to be me thinking, (and was), but the last couple of days have changed that into a YAY before into a busy and exciting December, but November finished with an EXPLOSIVE Yay !!!!

I had considered new targets, directions, ideas and entered a poetry competition, and had also got a lot of interest in commissioning me for personal poems, so I await confirmations on them!

All of this (LOL, "in no particular order" ) made me think of this poem from my fourth book "Life Scene in Verse" with the poem title "Only You"

Only You

Most of the successful people you meet

Won’t have let grass grow beneath their feet.

But it’s not all about making money,

More of creating your world that’s sunny

And makes you smile across your ways,

And grin back at whatever days

Don’t sit well or rest with others,

For the fact is we’re not all brothers.

So get up and get your ideas on

For tomorrow they could all be gone,

And disappeared down the slippery slope

Leaving you frustrated without hope

That you can ever move yourself,

To gain prosperity and wealth.

But do not worry too much on this

For money is not the only bliss.

Now cast around this world of ours

Where a negative thought always devours,

But if you have your health and brain

There is little that can restrain

You from doing what you will,

Ensuring happiness soon must fulfil

Your heart and all you do,

For there’s no point in being blue.

So to just finish and be very exact

It all comes down to a simple fact.

And in this there’s no need for debate

That you can a success create.

Yes, so only you, or at the moment a big "only me" as I plan ahead, BUT before that happens now in the new year, I must take on a busy December of meetings, meals and stall opportunities so a big chance to push on with book sales, and ho ho (HO??) stretch my waistband (AND yours lol) too?

Thus from book three (Reviews of Life in Verse) comes "An Inside Job"

An Inside Job

On a night of non stirring air

With anonymous perfection,

That’s the time to sit and deal

With deeds that need correction.

For any self doubt or sorrow

And a pain that never goes,

Has to be sorted, or put right,

Or it like a cancer grows.

But running away or hiding

Was not the way to solve,

Problems hid, or still denied

Should that be your resolve.

How could you ever run away

Or leave others all deceived?

When you know for certain sure

You will never be believed.

So best for heartfelt honesty

On that night of non stirring air,

With its anonymous perfection

You must be forced to dare,

To tear off all that armour

Which protects the unseen you,

And come to terms with feelings

That on your inside grew!

So onto the (massive) highlight since last Blog and that was Tuesday night readings and "My Poetry World and Help for Heroes support" to about 28 wonderful ladies of St Andrews hall group.

They were fantastic, (and said "I" was too, blush, blush, BLUSH), but clapped, laughed (out loud at times) and completely enjoyed my poems, Ted n Beth ,and said they  were "greatly entertained"! Oh what a "Ball", and these lovely ladies bought 8 books, gave me a donation to H 4 Heroes and put money in the collection tin as well!!!! Amazing ladies, THANK you…

Ted n Beth milked the applause and even had ladies "sticking up for them" when they were to go "in a bag" to journey home!!!! Blimey, I mean I do I LOVE them, but they CAN’T walk, (well not in front of people!  he heeee)

Last poetic offering is a part of "Blind Alleys" from book one, (lol buy it to see the end) Poetic Views of Life…

Blind Alleys

The sands of time will educate

Just what we should have done,

But these lessons are of no use

However quick we run.

The past is gone and can’t be changed

However much we’d like to,

Forget, erase and put all right

So it rests at ease inside you.

So try to forget or come to terms

With things that don’t sit light,

Upon a conscience shouting out

The things you can’t make right.

Mistakes made, or spiteful words

May reappear and haunt,

An awakened or sleepless soul

That bad memories will flaunt.


Well that’s another succinct Blog, but hopefully "all is in" and not less interesting or hopefully amusing? Please comment and let me know …..

Before my regular words, I close with my new adage of being "Often imitated, but I’m NEVER duplicated". So from Ted n Beth and myself,

Cheers, and thanks for being there as The Journey Continues AMAZINGLY !!!

Love and thanks again, Laurie xx

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