“Taking Stock” then….

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Conclusions… ?

News.. =  Bookings, Feedback & invites

Feelings….  =  Elation

Poems…… Fish and Chips (partly), Re Viewed, & Alone in the Mirror

Well after selling my 1,000 book today (YAY !!!!) 20/11/17, in only 3 years & 7 months, I can quietly (me?) congratulate myself AND set a new target!!!

Yes “taking stock” of achievements, successes, learning, varied experiences and what/where to go next, I think I can safely organise my thoughts, ideas and direction, well MAINLY, so watch this space…..

I have some more poetry reading “gigs” coming up and booked soon and in the future , with now about 5 “Stall opportunities” to promote Help for Heroes and sell my books in a very busy December!

All good stuff, and this includes a new year booking(s) for Blind Veterans that I’m very humbled and excited about!

Ted n Beth continue to revel in their fame and popularity at “appearances & performances”, latterly at Church Bailey  where they “missed out” on Fish & Chips, but got another poem written for them……

Fish and Chips

Now Ted n Beth are healthy bears

And they really like their food,

With me having to watch them

To ensure that they have chewed

And eaten their food properly,

In a dignified and appropriate way.

Because they can be very naughty

Whatever else they try to say!

Of course they will try to eat

Too many cakes and sugary sweets,

So I have to monitor them

To make sure that they’re just treats.

For although often causing upsets

With the occasional little row,

They have come to understand

I look after them now.

Which brings us to their favourite

And that is fish and chips,

For the slightest mention of this

Will make them smack their lips.

So that’s the start of their latest, UNPUBLISHED poem, but does end well for them as usual….

As I’m trying to make these Blogs more concise I will move to another poem, again apt, for this theme. It is from my latest & 5th book, Life Presented in Verse, that is selling quite well with some fantastic Amazon reviews! THANK YOU !!!

The poem is called “Re Viewed”…

Re Viewed

A paradox of life, and poetic licence,

With the privilege of free speech

Allows me to make all my comments,

But I must be careful not to preach

Or even drift into being pious,

Though I will always have my say.

So if you don’t like my poetic views,

You can always go the other way.

For I firmly believe in expressing

My take on the world I see,

And those behaviours of people

That will amuse or enrage me.

So I observe in daily activities

All that is done or even said,

For as an expansive, prolific poet

I make sure that it is read.

At other times I really cut loose

To write what’s on my mind,

About the injustice and outrages,

That in our world we find

Are often manifested by those

Sick, and psychotically converted,

To wreak horror on the innocent

After sad minds are perverted.

But mostly I love to just sit back

And silently observe what’s acted out,

Daily by people of all varieties

The good, bad, and thin or stout,

If involving themselves in bizarre

And strange things that they do.

So please tread soft and carefully

Or I may be writing about you!

Thus with some feelings of elation at reaching my “Target 1,000” sales, and some exciting new events and experiences coming up, I will conclude this latest and second “new style” Blog, but before I do I will add another poem that may amuse you as is written about me and from my 4th book. It is entitled “Alone in the Mirror”.

                                                                             Alone in the Mirror

I am alone in the mirror
This face I’ve come to know,
That’s been staring back at me
From so many years ago.
But that face has changed now
Though the expression is the same,
For it has seen much of life
And situations you can’t tame.

This face has looked on loss
So tragic it creased with pain,
While trying hard to smile out
As inside the heart was slain.
Inner traumas rocked the soul
Which nearly split the seam.
Causing untold agony but,
Outside the face would beam.

So laughter which we cherish
Has cracked the outer look,
Though these smile fed lines
Will belie the times it shook,
With mirth, and sometimes grief
As it was worn across the years,
That eroded pristine youth
With many of life’s fears.

So that cruel mirror on my wall
Reflects the good and bad,
Showing with lines and wrinkles
All the years of life I’ve had.
But I’m not ashamed of this
Please don’t be taken in.
For though sometimes I force it,
Years drop off when I grin.

There you are then and before I do close I will just post my contacts again in case anyone wants my books or perhaps a “Personal Poem” for Christmas etc… :-

Email = lw1800@hotmail.co.uk

Mobile = 07967 355236

So with that done it is as ever, cheers, regards and MANY thanks from me as,

The Journey Continues BRILLIANTLY…………




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