Bursting yes, but not as a deflating or “bust” (can we use that word now in the wake of all latest news?), but as “Bursting FORTH” !!!!

And bursting forth is really how it feels to me at the moment with my (our) Poetry World, and as someone who is manically positive most of the time anyway that is amazing.

WHY ? I hear you ask and I will answer :-

In the last week I have had more book sales, taking me to very near my “total 1,000” sales, (please see FREE book offer on this site or my Facebook pages), more “poetry reading gigs” for Help for Heroes” on top of already busy period coming up, some incredible compliments from “new people and quarters”, poem commissions, more great Amazon reviews, (THANK you), and some “new sign ups” on here, (WELCOME guys) and another offer of “free” stall and promotion in December. Yes, yes, YES !!!!!

PHEW, poem needed Laurie boy, and I cannot select a more “apt & relevant” one than “Heartfelt” from my fourth book.


A positive mind yields a happy heart

For troubles come, and some go slow.

But if you are steadfast in your way,

You can help any heartaches go.

For all of us will have challenges,

We must do our very best to meet

With strongest resolve we can find,

Or get knocked right off our feet,

By seismic shocks that shake you

And possibly cause you many tears.

Though if you tackle these heroically

You may have better future years.

For a positive mind yields a happy heart

And helps make worries seem smaller,

Thus meet them in a courageous way

And you certainly will walk taller.

For I feel I’m living proof of this

Being a very optimistic man.

Though I have had many troubles too

But met them the best way I can,

For even if I lost sometimes

I always stood back up again,

Which certainly was best for me

Although of course I felt the pain.

So onwards in life and upwards

We must make our merry way,

Because even if sad times prevail

We can still fight another day.

Yes, and we ARE a positive lot aren’t we, thus we succeed, and (sorry lol) burst forth….

So talking of me and “you lovely lot” a sort of new bit on here,

  “MENTION MOMENT” about you guys and maybe what you do, thus:-

Last week in a couple of days I had the great pleasure to bump into, (not TOO close you’ve seen the news, but I DO love an AGREED cuddle or hug !!!), Izabela of “Clean Corner”, Vanessa of “Mrs Ovens” , Sandra W the lovely face and front of EDEAL helping small businesses, Grahame B of “Southern P C Services, (who fitted me in for a rescue as you might not be reading this now). Cheers, G man good one mate, smiling Danni at Sovereign centre and my “sexy stroll” Polish favourite there too, C’mon you KNOW who you are he he heee…

Also Yvette of ”Telemarketing”, (I’m still wearing that aftershave now Yvette lol), and only Saturday at a tremendous coincidence meeting up, Nuala a Celebrant, so great to see you all. Please forgive me if I’ve missed anyone, or GIVE ME a shout!

I DO have (wistful) plans to visit Tina in Brisbane, Shona in Christchurch, James in Bali, Rex in Indonesia and Suanne in South Africa, but it may take a little while!

I’m just throwing some names in to make sure you’re reading this really, he he hee, AND showing off the “worldly expanses” of our followers!

SHADDUP Laurie, and put up another poem! Right will do and another “positive” poem called “An Inside Job” and from my third book.

An Inside Job

On a night of non stirring air

With anonymous perfection,

That’s the time to sit and deal

With deeds that need correction.

For any self doubt or sorrow

And a pain that never goes,

Has to be sorted, or put right,

Or it like a cancer grows.

But running away or hiding

Was not the way to solve,

Problems hid, or still denied

Should that be your resolve.

How could you ever run away

Or leave others all deceived?

When you know for certain sure

You will never be believed.

So best for heartfelt honesty

On that night of non stirring air,

With its anonymous perfection

You must be forced to dare,

To tear off all that armour

Which protects the unseen you,

And come to terms with feelings

That on your inside grew!

Go for it then, and following our “Bursting” theme, a couple of others who are “bursting” (Hey, getting good at this “aren’t I”? lol) are those bristling bears, (NO Beth , that ISN’T rude!), Ted n Beth!

I have promised them, and you, another feature for a while and so now today it comes!

First I must congratulate them on getting more “likes” on their Facebook page “Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet”, which is doing quite well. But ALWAYS room for some more comments on there or “PLEASE” they ask, some “likes” of their page from people who have not yet liked their page. C’mon guys if not done it, give them AND me a Facebook page like…

Ted n Beth poem then, and perhaps not such a “widely read” one, but again quite topical as of now. From my second book “More Poetic Views of Life” comes a T & B poem, “Threadbear Cover” (lol, how DO I come up with these titles? ) But read on!.

Threadbear Cover

Ted and Beth like being stars

And not only featured in a book,

But also in a national paper

So real posers now they look.

Ted’s taken to wearing dark glasses

He thinks they make him look cool,

But Beth just laughs back at him

Saying he looks a right Teddy fool!

Mind you, Beth likes her fame too,

Talking to her friends on the phone.

Saying about being a “poem star”

And thinking she was home alone.

But Ted and Beth know they are lucky

Having such a great life for bears,

With their fun, fame and travels

As they enjoy life without any cares!

Though they are always asking me

What I will tell about them next?

So I say, just behave yourselves

Or I will write you out of context!

Now I believe that three new poems

On them, in this poetry book closed.

Is enough as although they’re bears

I don’t want them too over exposed!

My goodness, that was written about three years ago, just after I (and THEY) got started, so look at where we are now, and ALL that has happened! Amazing, and thanks to you all too…..

Well I think it’s time to close and as usual a mention of the photos, largely obvious for “bursting” but of course Ted n Beth like a photo of them included, with the books, fireworks and (bursting) bangs in “photographic splendour” also included.

I hope I’ve not forgotten anything, (mostly noted and written down to help my memory, and with all that’s going on for me at moment) or anybody!

So next Blog I will report on another new “Poem Reading” gig venue for me, a BIG event at The Hawthorns next Friday for Help for Heroes before Remembrance Sunday, and a Book Fair in Eastbourne.

I MAY even have reached my “1,000” sales target, so quickly order your copy or copies and maybe get a FREE book! lw1800@hotmail.co.uk

Closing poem, and back to “Romance”. O K ladies, and perhaps you “shy” men? So from my fourth book I proudly present “Desired Effect”…..

Desired Effect

In your dreams and imagination

You can conjure perfect sight.

So fashioned just for you,

It’s sure to fit you right

Up your street and in your door,

As if by magic it arrived,

Delivered just for you

To ensure your wish survived!

Fantasies and pictured visions

You would like to have with you,

Can be brought to walk along

Just as if they were all true.

For the powers of want and need

May fan desires into flame,

So wish for your sensations

Without a hint of shame!

Thus have no fear of calling

Unseen icons to your mind,

Perhaps of people not yet met

Who would be nice to find.

For inside our rampant brain

Our ideas can ebb and flow,

Allowing all perceptions in

To where you want to go!

Time to go then as I’m “bursting” lol for the loo, (not really), but again thanks to everyone for support, reading and hopefully enjoying!? Please let me know in the “comments” at the bottom, I always reply!

So from Ted n Beth and an exited, chuffed and vibrant me,

Cheers and goodbye for now, Laurie as:—-

The Journey Continues to BURST OUT MAGNIFICENTLY !!!

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