Capital punishment, smoking, marmite, and from recently, Brexit, can nearly always be relied upon to provoke debate and varying opinions!

In my own, very small in comparison, humble little way so it would seem now, so can I ?

Really? Little ol’ me? ????

Well yes, as from a (quite ) few chats and discussions with people, (not all sadly able to be face to face, I E emails, P M ‘s, phone, Facebook and other communications etc ) I seem to have figured in some conjecture (GREAT ) and that "I’m" (YEAH) being talked about and mentioned as to my "Poetry world", re progress, future plans, number of books published and "concerns v wants" of any more in (immediate? ) future ? ????

Fantastic that I am now interesting enough (or loud lol ), for such thoughts and opinions, however small in number, to warrant such attention. THANKS, as all I aimed for on setting out  just over 3 years ago was to "enjoy my poetry writing (STILL do !!!), raise money and profile of/for Help for Heroes, and the hope I could demonstrate that a simple "down to earth" style of poems could be popular and marketable" Answer = It has been, continues to be, and IS !!!

The/my future as of above conjecture is my "problem", and WHAT a Fantastic concern to have, and is on my mind and being seriously considered !!! ???? 

FEAR NOT !!! And many thanks for SO much support, I will DEFINITELY continue to write prolifically, support Help for Heroes and promote both them and myself too….

MORE just a matter of how I go about it really ??? MMMMmmmmm

To dispel ANY concerns…..

Future ?

Some people come, others may go

And for reasons I don’t know,

Guess it was something I did or said,

That didn’t settle well in their head.

But meanwhile I trek my poetic road

So all are welcome in this mode,

While I continue with my life

Mostly wondrous, with little strife.

Thus I will offer a smile or joke,

Though on this some seem to choke.

For I am not always like a saint,

And a colourful life I love and paint.

But do not worry if you can’t agree,

For I am always, and will be me!

So my "considerations" are quite simple really as I just need to think through my future plans as before they just seemed obvious. Just do another book for example? Which I have done 4 times now after the first one, but a sixth? 

  Will it be the same? When will I do it? (not too soon I don’t think ????). Shall I change it? 

These are just some questions I’m thinking on now and  "considering". 

MMmmm Well a little secret now, as  "I" always seem to have an "awake, alert & guiding" Guardian Angel, (GREAT lead in Laurie Boy !!! ????) who seems to "show / lead me the right way, so yeah I just think I will wait and see….

OH, RIGHT "Guardian Angel"

Guardian Angel

To keep me out of trouble

I have a guardian angel bold,

Who makes sure I toe the line

And do exactly as I’m told.

So I should stay completely safe

And on the straight and narrow track,

For with my lookout and adviser

Someone always has my back,

To ensure that from any problems

I am always free, and safely steered,

As my angel will redirect me

If any wrecking rocks are neared.

Thus I had set out in life

Confident I would commit no crime,

Like falling foul of Albatross

Or talking loudly all the time!

So my conscience would be clear

My character wouldn’t have a stain,

And if invited out for dinner

I’d have an invitation back again.

But oh, I did get in some mischief

And into major problems I did leap,

So why didn’t my angel protect me?

Because the bugger had fell asleep!

My little secret then is, lol, I often just "go with the flow, or my (very reliable) gut reactions" and especially with my "Poetry World", as you will see in a minute, it has worked out pretty well !!! 

When I worked in psychiatry I always used to say to the people I worked with that they should "rejoice and herald" any successes however small, as I have always believed.

We are often too quick to moan, when we should count our blessings, and buck the temptation to just "accept" things we have done well! I’m not saying we should be "Big-Headed" but just recognise what we have done.

HAhahahahahaaaaaa, and YES I can hear my Q A G’s (Quality Assurance Gels) shouting at me "we told YOU that, AND to be more confident with your work" (thanks D M, D B, A M, H P, S P, L R & newly E M etc).

SO a little look at my three and a half years "Journey" so far, which is also  part of my "problem" of "where do I go, or do now? "….

Five books published and approaching 1,000 total sales, 6 poems in Forward Poetry national finals & published in 6 of their books, 2 poems in Daily Mail!

"Guest Interviews" on BBC twice, same as Hailsham F M, Recorded slots etc on East London Radio, multi times on local DGH Radio & for nearly a year a weekly recorded poem slot, and for 2 years now a monthly columnist for The Sussex Newspaper online & also Bonjour France and (PHEW ) quite recently a 1-2 week poem inclusion in south coast magazine!

OH, and also multi local newspaper articles & Eastbourne "Resident of the Month" in Dec 2015 (for literary & charity achievements), plus 3 videos, (two by the excellent Carbury Films on here with us!).

Add to the "mix" various prizes, Gig & guest appearances, and probably most important of all, raising a fair bit of money & awareness for the charity Help for Heroes….  MMMMmm so where/what "DO" I go/do now ???

Yes a "very nice" conundrum and especially as I’m having the proverbial "ball", Cheers, ..

So very aptly then a"nice" poem from earlier days, about 1999, to recognise more "formative" days….

Unknown Journey

The very beauty of the gift

Was that it was not seen or showing,

We did not know or notice

That something great was growing.

You sailed in your ship, I in mine,

No other course was charted.

We journeyed on across our seas

Unaware just what had started.

I did not know but I looked for you,

Your way, your eyes, your smile.

A touch can take our breath away

And be felt from near a mile.

But the greatest star was yet to shine

Beaming light from sky to sea.

I was manic, laughing , flying

When you said you cared for me!

Yes written about 18 years ago and returns me to my positive mood that I mostly have!

So after my evaluating etc I think my next aims and plans will be to try for more "reading gigs" & presentations where hopefully I will sell more books, and I may even have a "pop" at a few competitions, (by coincidence an email for one came yesterday), AND of course see where my G A takes me?

After a slightly unusual, but useful for me, Blog I will close and leave a romantic poem at the end, (from my latest book) so "love, thanks & goodbye" for this Blog from me, and of course "Ted n Beth" who also send their love too, (They want to tell you about Fish & Chips but it will have to wait !!! ).

Photos with this article are "self explanatory" except for the "book" that "I" might/SHOULD ??? have written !!! ????

Cheers, Laurie 

Love Cruise

I’ve often heard it said by people

You easily fall in love when afloat,

So maybe we should take the hint

And get ourselves on a boat,

A ship or perhaps cruise liner,

That can bring on amorous fun

For most would probably enjoy it

After all is said and done.

The sailors smart in their uniforms

Ladies gorgeous with flowing hair,

And the rocking motion of the ship

Can lead the willing to a lair.

But best be warned in advance

That all voyages have to end,

So whispered promises on board

On land may cease to blend.

Of course there are many waters

With some shallow, others deep,

And unless you are compliant

No love harvest will you reap.

Thus best to set off and away

To cruise across those seas,

With open mind, and hopeful soul

And a warm heart that agrees.



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