Very tranquil, bright, sunny and very warm too at my “French Abode”, which has seen my somewhat “dormant” prolific poem writing” that was on hold , come to life as I’ve written SIX in the week I have been here!


I didn’t worry or have any concerns that I had only written “Commissioned” poems over the last 8 weeks or so, but had many  “notes & ideas”, so again my poems are flowing. Doctor What?, Brief Watching & Ache amongst my new “intriguing”  titles and themes.


One Commissioned poem that turned out successfully (of COURSE) in the end was for my wonderful and smashing friend Helen P, although much thought and angst ? went into it. All good wishes, fortune and success for your “re brand” Helen, but sure you won’t need it….


As I have travelled, or “wandered” here I guess that is good enough cue for a poem from my first book, but written about 2009 ?

Wandering Within

I have been to another place

Crossed the line and dared to see,

What other shapes and pictures there

Would have in store for me.

But when you start to wander off,

Turn from the beaten track,

You may return from another path

And are never truly back.

It’s hard to tell when you go away

If you come back to the start,

For you can be around in flesh

But not with all your heart.

So in the small hour of the dark

And eerie sounds of dawn,

Ghostly figures, words and thoughts

Emerge to mock and fawn.

Are you happy and at hearts rest

Not to change the things that past,

And would you still be where you are

After your choice is cast?

But hindsight is a wondrous thing

It can make all gambles right,

So we must make our peace within

Without the gift of second sight!

Those mischievous but lovable bears Ted n Beth are also enjoying the sunshine here and are extremely glad they remembered to bring changes of clothes for the quite hot days, but chilly nights and mornings! 

They requested “ANOTHER PROMPT” for their Facebook page “Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet” and would LOVE you to please visit their page and “LIKE” it, or even leave them a nice comment, they WILL get back to you!

I have agreed to put just the first 10 lines of a poem about them from latest book (Life Presented In Verse of course), which by the way is doing VERY well already with 18  x 5 star reviews on Amazon, but more would be GREAT please!

The “R” Word

We’ve all had a little falling out

Though it was quite a big deal,

When the mum used the R word

And said that the teddies weren’t real!

Now I don’t know how she can say that

When to me they are very alive,

Taking part in their adventures

In which they try hard and strive

To be considered as living,

And certainly they are not dead.

Controversy there then, but you must see the book to see how it all turns out!

RIGHT : Onto my “Exposure” then , but nay fears, as it is my growing promotion and publicity and NOT any exposing of myself, bits, or even parts of, so relax, OR he he hee suppress your disappointment????

Last Tuesday 10th of October I published my monthly article in The Sussex Newspaper Online (and in Bonjour France for English speakers in France). 

It is a little, (well BIT more than that lol ) sardonic and cutting, but I think you will enjoy it and attached poems too! It is called “A Bad Reaction?”, so maybe a clue there ?

Further exposure, which I’m quite “chuffed” about, is an opportunity I sought and won, by being accepted to publish a first (of many now)poem on Zonezine magazine that covers areas of the south coast. 

The poem is great and is live on the site. You can see it here…

The first poem now published there is my “Trump & N Korea tension” poem I put on here recently and in my latest book, “Don’t Write it off”, for which I have already won a prize, but hahahahahaaaaaa, I’m not one to boast, (ONLY if it promotes Help for Heroes)

SO after all that I can ONLY (ho ho this Blog is NOT just chucked together !!!) put up my poem “EXPOSURE”, again from latest book….


It takes a very brave person

To rise above the parapet alone,

And to show themselves completely

Whilst standing on their own.

Now of course they would expect

That others would support them too.

But sadly not quite the case

As some find it hard to do

Something else for any others,

Or maybe it’s indifference

That causes them to duck out

All safe behind their fence.

Of course they watch keenly

To see what happens next,

With their well rehearsed excuse

Or some other lame pretext,

That will justify themselves

From any exposure to the fray.

As they really do believe it’s best

To run, and fight another day.

So what of our poor victim

Now standing open to it all?

Leading a flock who didn’t follow,

And maybe smile to see him fall.

For in some cases it would suit

The cowards to say, I told you so.

We were right to keep our cover

And thus not to have a go.

Which certainly would be safer

And not take any chance to gain

Successful wins in their life,

But all their fears remain.

Exposure then, but as in poem, there are many types! Any requests to me please make privately and not TOO suggestive as I’m of a shy and sensitive nature….

Ted n Beth, STOP laughing !!!!! ???? ???? ????????

Near the end, and more FANTASTIC news  that shows the “Fame, far-reaching and Power” of this Blog, for as I mentioned last Blog my lovely friend in S Africa Suanne hadn’t received my book I sent her after 8 weeks. Well now she HAS !!!! YAY ????

I suspect that The Zulu had heard of my fame, intercepted my book, but on reading of my anger in my Blog, speedily returned it !!!!!

They have now gone back to reading about their victory over the militarily inept Lord Chelmsford, but are a wiser and enlightened race now. Respect to them…

Another very NICE item is that last night I caught up here in France with my wonderful, attractive and very supportive friend & fan Astrid I’m on Facebook with, after we met at a bar here last year.

I narrowly just missed meeting my German friend earlier this year, but we successfully met up for drinks and great meal last night (thanks Norbert too). Photo at end of Blog… 

A very pleasant news Blog for me to report so a “Very Nice” poem to end up with,  and maybe to all our lovely ladies on here that I thank so much, (and blokes too cheers !!!) You all KNOW who you are….

This is from my 4th book and as I said mainly for the gorgeous ladies on here…


Close is an intimate nearness

Of two bodies tight together.

And when that’s me with you

I don’t think that I could ever

Consider the heartache and pain

Of ever being torn apart,

From all your warm soft contours

Or the kindness of your heart.

So allow me to snuggle up

And encompass us both and hold

You in my passionate embrace

That all inhibitions will unfold.

Leading to those sensations

From pulsing of passions flame,

Sparked off by our desires

We must release without shame.

With our lips exploring secrets

And wonders that they find,

Amongst the sensual closeness

Of the intense lovers grind.

Following all those emotions

That a close bonding feeds,

Until volcanic movements cease

With the conclusion of our needs.

For now we have uncovered

The secrets of close touch,

So will practice continually

For we can never have too much.

Phew, a warm one there, but all done, and I have enjoyed doing it and REALLY hope YOU enjoy reading it! Comments section at the end…

As ever, thanks for being there and The Journey Continues MAGNIFICENTLY

Cheers, Love & Regards,

Laurie xx






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