I’m pleased to say that to a certain point it has been generally a bit quieter on my “Poetic Front”, so a chance to regroup and think about things and plan ahead.


I have just arrived back to my French place, so will have more time to relax and write some more now. Interestingly up until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t written a poem for about 8 weeks which was longest without writing one since started prolifically producing them  about three and half years ago. I  hadn’t been concerned and had many ideas that I’ve noted to catch up on. The main reason for the lull was that I had been promoting my new book, being on Radio, (s), book signings etc so not a problem!

I got back to writing, and quickly too, for a friends sister who had an upcoming birthday, and then the short notice poem for the Lewes Mayor  that I reported on last Blog…..


I have now written my first “for any next book” (people are saying they want my next book, so guess Book 6 will be “when, not If” ), and this first poem is entitled “Ritual Dance”.Watch this space……

A REAL early sight for you then, as the first verse:-

Ritual Dance

Performing in many offices or workplace

Dashing in and out of meetings too,

You can easily see the peacocks

Strutting in front of me and you.

So not TOO much change of style there then, but HEY I need to write another 60 odd + for next book, but WILL give you “tasters” on here. C’mon you know I love you all !!!!



I have quite a few “gigs” booked in November, and as  going to be “planted” in U K for winter will ring round some contacts as well.


Now Ted n Beth are nearly bursting with excitement of being back in France and that their Facebook page “Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet” is doing quite well, BUT they please ask anyone who has NOT (why they say ???? ) seen or “LIKED” it to do so… Teddy kisses will follow if you do!

Also I have promised that one of their favourite poems about them, “Bears Greatest Hits” will be printed on here, so as I said, and from my second book :-


Bears’ Greatest Hits

Though Ted and Beth are travelling bears

Sometimes they stay home and rest,

And of all the things they love to do

Listening to music is their best.

Sometimes their Mum will play piano

And they will join in and sing,

About a teddies’ picnic place

With lots of goodies they will bring.

Ted and Beth like other songs

Not just about teddy bears,

And one of their favourite ones is,

About a boy who climbs the stairs.

One Ted and Beth can’t work out

That is about a strange bear,

Who in a garden walks round and round

And then tickles you under where???

Another song about a special bear

Whose name is Super Ted,

And I once heard Beth let slip

She would love him in her bed!

They also like pop videos too

With all the biggest hits,

Elvis, the Beatles and also Queen

And Madonna doing the splits!

But after a while all the songs

Just seem the same refrain,

So they start to get itchy paws

To be off travelling again!

There STILL seems to be a problem with that elusive (CANNOT seem to contact at all ?) “Mister” Amazon U K who STILL has my latest book up as overpriced at £9.10, when it is actually £6.99, (SO get from ME at moment please, quicker & cheaper postage than Amazon !!! ), AND is being pedantic with a friend who wrote a really nice review, but went to change a small piece and is now blocked from re doing ????

Please anyone who hasn’t reviewed my latest book “Life Presented In Verse” (OR any of my others) PLEASE go to Amazon U K, then Books and put my name or title (s) up and review please.

  You have all seen enough of my poems on here and do NOT have to have bought from Amazon! At this time my latest book has 13 Reviews so will be great to build on that! MANY thanks in anticipation and ONLY takes a couple of minutes to do. 

A reward then and from my latest book comes “Fake” :-


Some things that we meet in life

Are just fake and counterfeit.

Though we may not always know,

For they can sorely test our wit.

Whether friends, gems or paintings

The results are just as bad,

But for me the worst is with people

As I find that so very sad.

For there’s not much else so tragic

Or debilitating to us all.

As when somebody lures you on,

Purposely to make you fall,

Into a false and cruel game

Where only the genuine lose.

Because of crafty, evil cunning

Contrived by a callous ruse,

To get you to open up

Giving all your secrets out.

So they can be used against you

And they will, without a doubt!

For some new affections are a trap

Set by the uncaring and the smart,

Who are completely void of conscience

And will probably have no heart.

But don’t be too down heartened

For these manipulators are rare,

And you can meet many honest folk

Who can make your heart a pair.

Thus just be very careful

About all the moves you make,

For if your guts give out a warning

Then they probably are a fake.

Facebook gave me a nice reminder today, saying that my SECOND book was just ready for imminent publication in October THREE years ago!!!! Well look at us NOW baby, FIVE books out, written Online column for The Sussex Newspaper (did you see their excellent review of latest book near start of website ???) for TWO years now and well worth a peep for all Sussex news and views, SIX poems in national finals and national publication etc, etc, et bloooooooming cetra, and thank YOU for all support, book purchases and fundraising with me too!

Some names, (contact me for a mention please), Helen of “Live well and Prosper” who is having a poem from me, Katie an excellent photographer, Claire with Arbonne, Gordana a lovely “Office Efficient” Macedonian lady to add to our “world wide nationality ” members, (and Katie too),and all our friends on here, so ALL welcome aboard, and THANKS !!!

Think that’s it for a lol “quiet” blog, and again bless ya for all being there and (he he heee hopefully) reading ?

I cannot close without a bit of a sad mention of my wonderful friend “Suanne” in South Africa who desperately wanted my latest book, which I duly dispatched EIGHT weeks ago, but she still hasn’t received it. She is upset, and I’m furious, but on asking the Post Office, as it wasn’t “tracked” (was already expensive to send) I may only get my postage back, but they “will look into it” so on return home I WILL chase up as well!

Meanwhile S P a poem I “KNOW” you will love (bless ya xx ) from said latest book:-


Solid foundations can crumble

As a solid structure quakes,

When love crashes into lives

With the vibrations that it makes.

For a complete stranger may suddenly

Cause childish behaviours to show.

When for no apparent reason

They arouse feelings you don’t know.

As something about them haunts

Some deep and inner thought,

That you only have at those times

When desire and lust are caught

Seeping into your own world,

And giving such a lonely view,

So are shattered dramatically

When emotions awake you.

With bright eyes alluring gleam

And ocean depths revealing,

Every attraction you can’t resist

As your defences all start peeling.

So you feel completely naked

To those beautiful probing eyes,

As you recoil in shocked confusion

And can speak no words, just sighs.

For if you can believe in this

Miracle of attractions glow,

You never know when you will fall

Under magic moments flow

To take you on a journey,

Though you may not move too far

As your dreamy loving muse

Just wants you as you are!

As ever then, thanks for being there to see THE JOURNEY CONTINUE…..





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