WOW, such is my recent level of "involvements" I scarce know where to start, and am (ALMOST !!! lol ) lost for words! Thus I’m going to report in order as the days since last Bloggy update…

Saturday 23rd Sept.  Hailsham Book Fair:- Sadly not well attended by general public but DID have several other authors (who all read) and a good turn out by Wealden Writers who organised!

I was given an amazing compliment when told they had left me until last to read as "wanted to end on a high"! (They had prior heard me read on Tuesday before at another "Hailsham Art & Culture" event). Nice though.

I read four poems, one from each of my "Book Sections" and finished with Humour poem "Who Goes There?" from my latest book. I sold 4 books (of 12 sales in all, so excellent) after reading that poem, so first verses…..

Who Goes There?

Remembering passwords can be hard

And also a user name too,

Before gaining any access

On technology owned by you.

But you tap in with a confidence

The word needed to log in,

Though sadly it comes up "error"

For this battle you won’t win.

So you try again, so sure you’re right

By putting in your word name.

This will surely be the one

But the failure’s just the same.

"Forgotten your password?" flashes up

And through gritted teeth you hiss,

"No of blooming course not"

I just like playing this

Stupid and annoying game,

Before I can check my screen

And read all my information,

Though it looks like I’m too keen!

So that was that event, quite successful with 12 books sold and a few quid in my H 4 Heroes tin too….

The weekend saw, or ho,ho HEARD me on East London Radio "Storytellers & Poets" programme with a recorded brief "resume" of me and reading out a poem, (The Walthamstow One or the Gift, which I have posted here before), which later in the week (Wednesday) resulted in an amazingly complimentary email from a lady (read a poem before me ) who "loved my work and straightforward lines" who had been on Amazon and "bought all my books".. Brilliant and thanks Sally H !!!

I have since been invited by Tony Cranston of E L Radio to record a "Jingle" for regular play, a Christmas Jingle, (get IN early lol), AND a Christmas poem, plus a couple more! Nice again !!!

Tuesday brought some pressure drama as I was asked some time before to write a poem for Lewes Mayor who would be attending our "Network Meeting" (and the local Press too) on the Wednesday. Suffice to say I finally got some "Info" on said Mayor at FOUR o’clock Tuesday, and thus a whole SIXTEEN hours to write, edit, type and copy poem! Simple, but I did and the Mayor loved it ("you are remarkably well informed, where from?"), but being a "Poet AND a Gent" I did not divulge!

Lewes Mayor and Mumpreneurs

The Mayor of Lewes is joining us

At our network meeting today,

So we are all quite privileged

To hear what he has to say.

For as a Mayor he knows the drill

Of that we can be totally sure.

As apart from standing in office now

He has been elected five times before!

That was the start of it anyway. Also at the meeting I got to release, with the Mayor Mike, and 3 others, a white (homing) dove, who seemed more relaxed about it all than I was!

I should of course say that the dove release was OUTSIDE the pub, and mine, with its mates, got home safely, but still glowing from being held and released by an increasingly it seems, famous poet ?

That Wednesday night saw me reading some poems at The Priory Court Hotel monthly Quiz Night, with proceeds again for H 4 Heroes, and a fantastic £150 made!

One of the poems I read was from my first book and also published in Daily Mail too….

Bar Room Star

Every pub or bar will have one

There are lots of them about,

And while everyone likes talking

He feels the need to shout.

Amongst his group of cronies

He must be the loudest bloke,

Then burst into raucous laughter

Every time he cracks a joke!

I turn my head to see him

But you couldn’t miss the noise,

For he’s the best at shouting

In the group of loud old boys.

We all laugh at something

In our own personal way,

Within the bounds of reason

As appropriate for the day.

But this loud man doesn’t realise

His grating voice won’t nestle,

And he clearly has forgotten

The saying of the empty vessel.

So the loud man’s noise continues

And his voice you couldn’t douse,

Though I have a deep suspicion

That at home he’s like a mouse!

All good stuff then, and I will come back to that night.

Thursday 28th September was National Poetry Day so I published this on my Facebook page and The Sussex Newspaper Online…

National Poetry Day

It has been decreed that “National Poetry Day” will be Thursday 28th September, a little earlier this year as it suits people to spread the word apparently. It has also been decided and further decreed that the theme this year will be “Freedom”!

Mmmmm, not TOO much freedom in that then really, and as a forthright expressive poet who is proud to epitomise the poet Gray who said poets have “thoughts that breath and words that burn”, I will do my own thing! Of course a sense of humour is a paramount must as well, especially if reading sardonic or tongue in cheek verse!

So no fancy prose from me then, just down to earth stuff that rhymes, is easy to understand, always has a message or observation, and you will probably relate to the meaning!

                                             Poets and Scrollers

The news comes flooding into our lives

From places nationally or world wide.

Amusing, frightening or tragically sad,

Yet from it all, it’s hard to hide.

Graphic images often feature large

As the world comes to our door.

Exposing to us the very worst of man,

As the news channels try to explore

All aspects of life to fully scrutinise

Under a glaringly microscope.

Making you angry, laugh or cry

Or possibly give up hope.

So how do we deal with a bombardment

Reeking havoc on mind and senses?

Confronting us with with manic thoughts

That causes mass upset and offences.

Some will merely just look away

Denying they have seen, or know it,

But others take it all to heart

And most likely they’re a poet.

For poets tend to write on things

With strong thoughts and burning phrases,

That encapsulates and rams it home

To the indifferent who it amazes.

So having seen it put into words

These ostriches or rock and rollers,

Still prefer to avoid any sympathy

By being just news reel scrollers.

Who turn a blind eye to sad events

Until something happens to them too.

When a poet will then come forward

To comfort their tragic view!

Last and by no means least, OOOOOooooo NO, must mention today I was also called for a "Photo Shoot" for "posters, advertising, marketing and adverts" for my now "confirmed" gig Friday 10th November (Remembrance weekend) at The Hawthorns Retirement Living.

I will be getting a nice fee for Help for Heroes, reading poems and describing my poetry world and support for H4H, book selling (hopefully) and signing etc. (know I’ve sold there already !!!).

What I was going to mention was that amongst a few gigs booked now, I am going to read at Church Bailey Living in November, (AND join them for Fish n Chips),with INCREASED recommendation as two (committee???) folks were at Wednesday Quiz night and thought I was extremely good! NO pressure there then, but NICE again…

Ho ho I’m a bit concerned now that as "getting a bit known" I must always be "seen to be good"! Certainly pressure with THAT lol

PHEW, a good Blog I think, news and successes related. I will leave you to check out the four attached photos and will now close. PHEW again.

Thanks for being there, please comment and as always, but now EVEN BETTER, The Journey Continues !!!!

Cheers, love and thanks,


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