Another chunk of time has past so now another Blog, beginning as promised with my appearance on Hailsham FM last Saturday, and what a great time, and what a great welcome from Simon who interviewed me!

He was assisted by Des and Steve, and with Ted n Beth in attendance too, it was a crowded studio, but “oh what fun we had” and I’m sure the listening audience were entertained.


For those who haven’t seen (and heard lol) the interview from my Facebook page, here is the link..…/laurie-wilkinson-the-psychy-poe…/


I read two poems, one on Ted n Beth that will follow, and on request a “serious one” which I believe I posted on here recently so won’t repeat, but it was called Don’t Write it Off” about the current situation of world crisis and when I finished reading it there was an “appreciative and stunned silence” briefly before the experienced Simon picked the interview back up. A great morning!


Ted n Beth’s Delight

Ted and Beth are ecstatic bears

Having finally achieved their aim,

For they’re going to have a Fan Club

Of their own , and in their name.

It may soon be launched on Facebook,

And have some teddy-news space

On The Psychy Poet’s website,

With their own Fan Club’s place!

And perhaps they really should now

Have that little extra bit of fame,

As they have their very own video

Thus have not been quite the same,

Since it’s been seen on social media

And even on YouTube too.

With a poem published nationally

They scarce can believe it’s true.

But the evidence is all out there

In their “Poet Dad’s five books,

Featuring Ted’s wit and brain

Alongside Beth’s dark good looks.

The poems also do record though

Flooding the house and Ted’s snoring,

Them missing breakfast, and dancing

For they never will be boring.

So all in all for Ted and Beth

It’s been a fun-filled learning curve.

And I have to finally accept now,

A Fan Club’s what they deserve!


So that was Hailsham FM last Saturday and I now understand my recorded offerings for East London Radio goes out this coming weekend. Maybe T V awaits me next, but I will leave it there before I say too much, as if I ever do ????….

Yesterday afternoon we had an amazing time at a residential home, (full details on my Facebook page again), with piano and my poems for which the wonderful residents collected an amazing £98.98 for Help for Heroes, and then contacted me again today to say they enjoyed the afternoon so much their committee had sanctioned a further £50. Wonderful indeed!!!!

Another fantastic arrangement has been agreed between myself and a (VERY) large Residential Home in Eastbourne that is rather like an upmarket hotel, for the Friday (10th) before Remembrance Sunday weekend.

For a healthy donation to Help for Heroes I will be “poem reading, talking about my poetic work” and also my support for Help for Heroes. My books will then be offered and signed where required when the event continues further.

The Home is fully advertising the event (I have to have a “High Vis” ? photo taken of me for the promoting, NO “P- taking” please, lol for “I” am becoming a “mini?” celeb hahahaaaaa) , which will be open to the general public, but seriously a massive opportunity for me, and excellent publicising Help for Heroes too. There may well be other such events in my pipeline so again watch this space……

After that I must include a “Service men and women ” poem, so from my new book comes “Not to Reason Why”

Not To Reason Why

Loyal boots march where they’re told

On rough terrain or forbidding ground,

For our courageous forces go

To where danger’s often found.

Never to disobey or question

Any strange command given out,

No matter how they feel

Or how much that they doubt,

The wisdom of the orders

And so their best they’ll try,

To perform for Queen and country

For they will just do or die.

Now these heroes all have families

Who miss them when away,

From loving parents worrying

To wives who save the day,

By keeping safe their houses

Also looking after any kids,

With school runs and homework

And preventing escaping bids.

So all of this is on the mind

Of our service personnel,

Who thinking of all those at home

Must face all kinds of hell.

From heat and dust with full kit on

To those unseen exploding mines,

Or seemingly friendly children

Who with the enemy combines.


Loyal boots march where they’re told

On rough terrain or forbidding ground,

For our courageous forces go

To where danger’s often found.

Now what is it we may ask

That brings so much commitment here?

With comradeship and loyalty

To those who share their beer.

But it is something more than this

Maybe not understood by me and you,

When these mixed background heroes

Decide there’s a job to do!

A quick mention on the last two photo, one for my “Quiz and Poet” fund raise next Wednesday September 27th, so any locals please come along, and the other is my “Laurie’s Little Library” as my son called it, consisting of the now six nationally published books that have a poem of mine in, added to my own now five books… Happy Days…

WOW and such is the extent of news I nearly forgot that myself, Ted n Beth and Help for Heroes collecting tin will be at Hailsham Book Fair this Saturday 10 – 16.00….Pop in if you are local at Hailsham Parish Church (the blooooooooooooooooooody BIG one on left of High Street), lounge…. The bears will give you a hug and “I” may even give you a big kiss ???? Any planes S P ??? lol xx

LITERALLY hot “off the press” this amazing review on my latest book from The Sussex Newspaper…….

Well, Laurie has done it again with this brilliant book of poems, Life Presented in Verse, which is officially The Psychy Poet’s fifth book in the series.

His poems cover such a wide range of topics that there’s something for everyone. Laurie’s carefully chosen words are thought provoking, insightful but also fun and reflective in their content.

I’d highly recommend this book as a gift for any fellow poetry lovers. Enjoy….

We look forward to the next edition.

All done for now, and exciting times as well, so as ever THANKS for being there, please tell your friends to sign up, and of course ……….

The Journey Continues MAGNIFICENTLY…..

Cheers, Laurie





Laurie Wilkinson (aka the Psychy Poet) chats with Simon Herbert about his poetry, what inspires him, and his recently published 5th books of poems “Life Presented In Verse”. He talks about his support for Help For Heroes, his “Personal Poem” service and reads from his wide range of work. Ted and Beth also popped into the studio with Laurie, and feature in many of his poems. More information, and details of how to contact Laurie or buy his books can be found at




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