Well hello again, and sorry another "Quick One" (before they catch us, as the saying used to go !!! lol ), as I have quite a bit going on and want to keep you wonderful peeps updated, THUS there is a "Flurry of Blogs", (is that like a flock of birds, or a pride of lions etc ???), ANYWAY some may enjoy the flurry of blogs more than others, but here goes….

I’m on Hailsham FM at 11.00 this coming Saturday 16th September, and East London Radio "Storytellers & poets" at the weekend too. Report next time!

I have some new "bookings" for readings etc for Help for Heroes and couple to be confirmed later, with of course the Quiz and Poet night at The Priory Court Hotel on September 27th…

I am awaiting several email replies, ho ho "Is there ANYBODY out there" ??? so confirmations to come! Also I am awaiting The Sussex Newspapers review on my latest book, (tremble, tremble).

The lead photo is of my new and updated leaflets (and a photo also included of my new and updated cards)from the excellent Sharon Wiltshire of Olive Design, thanks Sharon! xx

Right time for a "poetic break" or part of, as I promised a mention for Ted n Beth, who also have a photo included, so the start of one of their poems from my new book "Life Presented In Verse" and poem called "Nimble Paws", but you will need to buy the book to see it all….

Nimble Paws

Now despite being quite mischievous

Some things Ted and Beth keep quiet.

As they like to have some secrets

And not always want to run riot,

Or cause any playful chaos

That mostly they will do.

So I will whisper they like dancing

But that’s between me and you.

Thus Beth likes the slow sensual

Movements of the waltz,

While Ted loves the flamboyance

Of a dramatic dance of course.

So while Beth will slink around

With Ted counting one, two, three,

He much prefers the lively tango

And cavorts for all to see.

Dancing teddy bears then, whatever else next, BUT of course with our Ted n Beth you NEVER know what they will get up to, and in my latest book they have FIVE new poems for you to enjoy, perhaps with a cup of tea (that is a clue) while they entertain you !!!! With 85 other poems in the book you CAN’T go wrong at only £6.99…

So that is the promised Ted n Beth mention for now, but to see more of them just visit their Facebook page "Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet" (please LIKE ) their page and they will be very grateful and send you hugs and kisses!!!

On with my news and a BIG thanks to Mick S who is becoming a dab hand at selling my books, and of course that aids my Help for Heroes donations, so THANKS Mick and see you in October. ( "There may be trouble ahead!!!" ) LOL

A couple of weeks ago, (I had actually forgot with all the activity !!!), I came 3rd in a very "senior and serious long term poetry competition" against very experienced, practised poets, so "One Up" for the newbie rhymer…

When I say 3rd, there was a 1st & 2nd with then "Highly Commended" of which I was "top of the list" so obviously not in alphabetical order with "Wilkinson" so I was third, so there lol!!!! 

But against a "talented group of "sage like oldies" a pretty good achievement however surprising, but you can be the judge as I will now put that poem on. Again from my latest book, here is "Come in Number Nine" (which also had excellent comments for my title).

Come in Number Nine

Bobbing on a heaving ocean

So many miles from land,

A fragile craft of young and old

Who can’t quite understand,

Why their world had imploded

Bringing death’s angry flood,

To all the places that they knew

Now filled with flesh and blood.

Drifting about on an open sea

With no control it seems,

To direct this human cargo

Cast adrift to their own means.

Though this desolate water world

Is somewhat safer than their last,

With its continual rain of death

And indiscriminate metal blast.

Splashing spray now soaks the craft

Barely above the water mark,

All beneath temperamental skies

Over fear and misery stark,

With panic and a realisation stare

That a watery death and grave,

May be affected on them now

With no reward for being brave.

So why undertake a perilous cruise

Across vast waters stretching wide,

Perhaps to find wealth and fame

Or just somewhere safe to hide?

From a world changed by violent war

That no one seems to comprehend,

Even those innocent victims there

Who feared their life would end.

There you are, a "tragedy section" poem from my new book, written about December 2016.

Two other quick items, and I TOLD you there was lots to report, with one an issue with Amazon that sells my books as well, BUT has my latest book up for sale at £9. 10 p when it is only £6.99 !!!!!! 

Maybe a huge compliment on my work, but is NOT on, and my publisher is looking into it, but feels there is nothing much we can do.

THUS if you want my new book BUY IT FROM ME please, and my postage is MUCH cheaper too, (only £1.74 but quite a big book this time). lw1800@hotmail.co.uk  or  07967 355236 (FREE local delivery, like a sort of "Take away Poet").

The other item is a very early "Flag Up", but I have just been put in touch with a "Luvvvverly Lass" Rachel who has invited to me to her Book Fair in "Ey Ooooop" Barnsley. Yes in the Northern Wilds and past Watford Gap, but seems excellent and well worth it. More news on this later. Cheers Rachel x

A nice Romantic poem to finish, (Ok S P ??? lol xx ), so from my 2nd book comes "Rock Star"….

Rock Star

At times life seems a struggle

You just don’t know what to do,

But you will always find a way

When someone really loves you.

They will help to pick you up

And send you back on your way,

So even if you stumble more

You will feel their love each day.

The best way to deal with strife

Is to take the worry and share,

As any help and encouragement

Will remind you that they care.

A simple man can be like a king

And lifted on towards his glory.

Knowing that he has an ally who,

Will support and tell his story.

This ally will help to pick you up

And send you back on your way,

So even if you stumble more

You will feel their love each day.

When you’ve won and are the star

And all the accolades you pack,

You will look round for your "rock"

But they’ve gone three paces back.

Thus leaving the spotlight all on you

As by the admirer’s you are trailed,

You will know deep in your heart

Without your rock you’d have failed!

PHEW this is a busy and full Blog, but I really hope interesting and enjoyable, so again thanks for being there, and as ever,

                                                                        The Journey Continues, but BRILLIANTLY!!!

Cheers, Laurie


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