Back to normal then !!!!

Well that is not a word too often mentioned in same sentence as me, but never the less, back to my "normal" ???? Blog post after getting that last article’s "sardonic, inverted and ironic" message out of my system… There may be more, so don’t blink lol, but NO this is (almost) a totally non cryptic post ❤ as I watch ???? our world and report…

The "lead" photo is again me smiling as my "flying" spell continues as I will relate the news!

Th 2nd photo is "Gym" poem that I posted and reported in previous blog that is now "in place" on said Leisure Centre gym wall, complete with my "write a poem for you" leaflet !!! Thanks Boss Anna… 

More news, and as previously posted I’m on Hailsham FM Radio this coming Saturday, and will be on East London Radio "Storytellers" later (not sure when Tony?) this month where my recorded "Poetry world, involvements and story" will be broadcast followed a bit later in the show by my again recorded, reading of three of my poems, so all good stuff!

Book sales continue in slow but steady mode, including new book as I edge towards my "Target 1,000" total sales. Well into the 900’s plus now so if you’ve not got yours lol "GET THEM NOW" !!!"

Poem time, and all three this blog from my fourth book which I don’t want to "pale" into the shadow of my "quickly brought out" new and 5th book as it’s blooming good !!!

A Leader and the Pack

Many people have to bunch up

To follow the crowd like sheep.

But for others this is folly

And so to themselves they keep,

Being both confident and able

In their abilities and ways,

And while herds gets bogged down

They will look for better days.

It’s said who goes fastest, goes alone

And I guess that may be true.

But the strong leader type

Will always look for pastures new,

Where they seek out opportunity

They mould to satisfaction,

Whilst meanwhile the herd complains

Of their lack of life or action.

Though there’s safety in the pack

Jostling along with all the crowd,

Never having to worry much

As lateral thought is not allowed.

So with their minds stagnating

The herd moves slowly on,

But may later rue missed chances

After the prizes have all gone.

So why do people want to lead

With all that added strain?

Though I think many would do so

If they had the choice again.

For while there’s company in packs

With not very much to fear,

In that boring cheerless herd

Life is dark and very drear.

Thus the leader makes his way

Continuing to take his chance,

And while he may go wrong at times

His whole life he will enhance!

Yes I think that is a bit about me, and perhaps you too? Sure you will tell me in the "comments" slot.

Couple of other bits of news:- 

1) The lovely and very "clever, competent and quick" Sharon of Olive Design has changed & updated my The Psychy Poet business cards and leaflets which I should collect next Monday 11th September. Photos will follow soon!

2) My new and latest book is with The Sussex Newspaper for review, and I’m hoping, but quite confident, that I can obtain again the excellent and very complimentary review they gave me last time on book four " Life Scene In Verse".

An "interesting and intriguing" poem next, again as I said from book four…

The Spider and the World

The spider lurks in the shadows

And then its web will spin,

Waiting for the world to arrive

Before naively going in.

The world too will spin around

As we mere mortals live our days,

Trying to understand everything

In so many different ways.

With some things we succeed

But others will prove too much,

For that’s the way of a complex world

And what we never get to touch.

Meanwhile the hermit like spider

Sits patiently in its thread,

Awaiting for the blind unwary

Who very soon will be dead.

Stuck and trapped quite helpless

Condemned to a gruesome fate,

In the cruel fangs of that spider

Or maybe killed by its mate.

So perhaps there is a comparison

Between the spiders web and man,

Who in their very different ways

Just get by the best they can.

With one sitting in a subtle trap

As for victims it quietly waits.

While we in our world twirl in frenzy

And dread to hear what fates

Or misfortune will befall us,

With nerve ends all stretched taut,

Before blundering through our lives

And in webs of deceit get caught.

What do you make of that poem? Any thoughts, views or feedback? I must admit I quite like it and it was fairly quickly written.

Last bit of news, or introduction of, before closing poem and end.

I am in early stages of confirming a pretty big "poetry reading and fund raising event", and much more, for Help for Heroes, probably near Remembrance Sunday. More news later.

Last poem is (certainly) not a "Romantic" one this time, but possibly "apt" for time of the year?…..

Autumn of Love

The autumn of our love is descending

No more to feel our heartbeats blending,

It’s fading fast, the end it is near

Our love shares the fate of nature each year.

I never now see that spark in your eye

That was always there, however shy.

So I can tell that we’re going wrong

Soon to be singing that saddest song.

That haunts all loves that have lost,

Leaving us to count all the cost

Of wasted time, and wasted dreams

Replaced by our souls agony screams.

The autumn of our love is descending

No more to feel our heartbeats blending.

That loving magic is there no more

Laying instead nearly dead on the floor.

It never seemed to us we’d fail

To live forever in loves glow,

But people and times will always change

And turn into strangers you don’t know.

So best to stand up, tall and square

With your freshly painted smile,

That you know will see a lonely road

Hurting and aching, mile after mile.

Thus many a face will turn away

At your look of contagious gloom,

Whilst rushing back to lover or spouse

In a frantic bid to save their doom!

Again from 4th book, and quite an interesting poem as written from a song I wrote in my teens, (YES I can remember back that far) when I sang and wrote some songs with groups in the 1960’s (so writing always been there I guess), Mmmm long time ago!

The last photo "Trying Hard" is how I feel I’m doing at moment to push it all along!!! Any help promoting or book purchases very WELCOME !!!!

Sorry no mention of "those bears" this time, but they’ll have their day, but you can visit them on their Facebook page "Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet"

Thanks again, as The Journey Continues MAGNIFICENTLY…

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