After a very interesting few days since last Blog and with some exciting events ahead, there is still only this one photo that I can POSSIBLY choose to post as above…….

Taken at a “multi period re enactment weekend” at which on top of all uniforms, period dress and general “get-ups” there is a Fancy dress night, hence my “cuddle with cat woman”!

    A very tall lady anyway, with the heels on her (rubber) outfit she towered over little me, but HEY I was unafraid.. She also agreed to allow me to use the photos (YES there are more) to promote myself and thus Help for Heroes, but lol as this is a “family blog” you will have to look elsewhere for those and comments!

If that is photo of the last few days, getting an email reply inviting me to go onto BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey radio on Thursday 31st August, was the highlight !!!

   I am on at 14.40 and to be interviewed by Mark Carter re mainly I guess, my books, poetry and Help for Heroes support. Watch this space if you can’t listen…

I mentioned before I’m on Hailsham FM in September (16th), but now also on a London “storytelling and poetry” station, to where on invite I’ve sent a recorded resume of my “poetry world, achievements etc” plus another recording of me reading out 3 poems that will all be aired on the same September show!

   Add to that a couple of other invited engagements later in September which will ensure my latest book is announced as much as possible. OH, well of course I’m trying for the local papers as well, advertised in on my two “online newspapers” (thesussexnewspaperonline & bonjourFrance) and sent a copy of my book to be reviewed by The Sussex Newspaper again, who did such an excellent review on last book, (only just removed from website to allow latest testimonials on new book)!

While mentioning website I hope you have seen latest updates and new video (thanks James) and I have to say I am “mega chuffed” with. … Almost spine chilling I thought?

Poem needed… From new book “Re Viewed” seems appropriate?

Re Viewed

A paradox of life, and poetic licence,

With the privilege of free speech

Allows me to make all my comments,

But I must be careful not to preach

Or even drift into being pious,

Though I will always have my say.

So if you don’t like my poetic views,

You can always look the other way.

For I firmly believe in expressing

My take on the world I see,

And those behaviours of people

That will amuse or enrage me.

So I observe in daily activities

All that is done or even said,

For as an expansive, prolific poet

I make sure that it is read.

At other times I really cut loose

To write what’s on my mind,

About the injustice and outrages,

That in our world we find

Are often manifested by those

Sick, and psychotically converted,

To wreak horror on the innocent

After sad minds are perverted.

But mostly I love to just sit back

And silently observe what’s acted out,

Daily by people of all varieties

The good, bad, thin or stout,

If involving themselves in bizarre

And strange things that they do.

So please tread soft and carefully

Or I may be writing about you.

Yes that poem is in my latest book, and on mentioning that I must say that I am quite please with early sales, further boosted by (buy lol) many of my friends in my re enactment regiment at “said multi period event” mentioned at the top of Blog who bought book. All going well……

Another excerpt of “new book poem” then that I am quite pleased with, and could be my modern version take on “the three little pigs”… You tell me!


The Bluebells in the woods

Proclaim the coming time of spring.

And all hopes for a bright new year

With masses of joy to bring

To your celebratory table,

Laid out for the greatest feast

Consumed by all, but especially,

Those who contribute the least.

Sawdust can clog up the works

Whilst bullshit can baffle brains.

So ensure your mind is clear

And that all the rubbish drains

From the well oiled machinery,

Running in clockwork perfection.

Thus no action or effort is required

To improve or make correction.

Bees and butterflies seem to dance

As they go about their work,

With a gusto and involvement

That many would try to shirk,

So how will it all end? And does it end a bit like the three little pigs? Please let me know…

The other two photos included in this blog are 1) all my previous books, and 2) my regiment re enactment mates. Despite their protests I haven’t included Ted n Beth in this current blog, but will report that their Facebook page is going well, gaining page “likes” and they are very happy.

So to end with,  a “nice” romance poem from my second book and poem entitled “Rock Star”….

Rock Star

At times life seems a struggle

You just don’t know what to do,

But you will always find a way

When someone really loves you.

They will help to pick you up

And send you back on your way,

So even if you stumble more

You will feel their love each day.

The best way to deal with strife

Is to take the worry and share,

As any help and encouragement

Will remind you that they care.

A simple man can be like a king

And lifted on towards his glory.

Knowing that he has an ally who,

Will support and tell his story.

This ally will help to pick you up

And send you back on your way,

So even if you stumble more

You will feel their love each day.

When you’ve won and are the star

And all the accolades you pack,

You will look round for your “rock”

But they’ve gone three paces back.

Thus leaving the spotlight all on you

As by the admirer’s you are trailed,

You will know deep in your heart

Without your rock you’d have failed!

Well the end of another “epistle” from me, I hope you shared my excitement as you great folks kindly share this fantastic journey, which with love from “Ted n Beth” and me continues AMAZINGLY !!!



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