Getting there yes !!!! 

For those who have been kind enough to have followed me for some time may remember about 15 months ago I found I had sold about 540 books since I started in April 2014, and so decided on my "Target 1,000" to sell a thousand books. 

Well I’m getting there, NOT a "bestseller" by any means , but not too bad for a "newbie" of only just 3 years starting and standing! C’mon I’ve "shown you mine, show me my yours" I shout to all those too "shy" to reveal their "figures" lol books or human form?

Anyway on counting up tonight I find (with Approx Amazon sales) to have sold around 900 books, with many orders and requests for my new latest book from people I have not seen yet, and which will obviously boost that figure,  SO target is in range and ANY help or promotion will be MUCH appreciated !!! ????

Worth noting (Uncle) Rex my publisher of excellent My Voice Publishing has told me now probably getting towards a million books are published each year, (was 50,000 when first told me over two years ago!!! ) AND less, yes LESS than 1,000 of those will sell 100, yes ONE Hundred books in their LIFETIME….. THUS guys we are doing fine…..????

Blimey I say looking at my notes, lots to say and add so must crack on, (yes there WILL be poems)! As i have mentioned the new book is starting to go well so for  yours email me  on = or mobile 07967 355236 and check if you qualify for a discount on the BARGAIN price of only £6.99 anyway !!! ???

Also FREE local Eastbourne area delivery. What? A "takeaway"  service me like your "fast" foods or books….. Oh lol, C’mon 5 books in 40 months IS pretty ho ho FAST…………… 

A bit of humour then with a poem excerpt  from new book called "Badgers" (also I’ve found a strong draught ale), with hopefully photo at the end…..


There now appears to be a rash

Of job-description I D cards,

Worn proudly by those workers

Keen not to be seen as retards.

For they nobly masquerade now

Behind a “managers” badge bold.

Until of course you make a request

When they will just do as they are told,

By someone with a much larger badge

Or just metaphorically worn.

But clearly a step above the first,

Now gasping fish-like and forlorn.

Web site:- The perceptive and astute (observant even ?) will already have noticed that my (our?) website here has already been updated a bit by an overworked and harassed "James", (thanks man) with more to come in form of kind and complimentary reviews and testimonials (THANKS guys) AND "little ME" recording, reading, cursing, re recording (with a cough) muttering, re doing music, reading re doing, more Anglo Saxon language, (thanks Keith quoting Father Kirk) as love that, and finally getting all over on email, (YES on email), so how good am "I" now??? LOL, don’t write too bad a poem either, to James! Go, GO man !!!!

I have also been busy promoting book and made some requests for interviews, some awaiting, some confirmed like the excellent Simon of Hailsham FM who is "suffering" me on his show again in mid September, with other requests for papers coverage awaiting my "timing" in week or two.

WHICH brings me on to "Lovely Linda" of "Creative careers & mindset" who interviewed me, listened to many poems and shared hers? for over 2 hours last Thursday, with a backdrop of Airbourne blasting us, AND was kind enough to promote me on Facebook  (check my page) with the plaudit of having a "rendezvous with a super talented poet and author of 5 books who wrote my own little poem for me", as pre session before hosting me on her show "Legends"…. watch this space!

Phew, I need a poem… From my first book and written in around 1999, also a requested "favourite", again in my latest book comes this…

Unknown Journey

The very beauty of the gift

Was that it was not seen or showing,

We did not know or notice

That something great was growing.

You sailed in your ship, I in mine,

No other course was charted.

We journeyed on across our seas

Unaware just what had started.

I did not know but I looked for you,

Your way, your eyes, your smile.

A touch can take our breath away

And be felt from near a mile.

But the greatest star was yet to shine

Beaming light from sky to sea.

I was manic, laughing , flying

When you said you cared for me!

There is a bit more news, Ted n Beth crave a mention, (their "Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet" Facebook page going well, so PLEASE visit they ask and give it a LIKE) amongst other things but enough for now, but plenty to watch out for!

Exciting times and THANKS for supporting AND sharing with me, (Hi Rebecca), and on we go…..

To which I can ONLY say (NOT !!! ) O M G !!!

O M G!

One of the most overused prattles now

Must be the “oh my god” saying,

Often said many times in a row

And has nothing to do with praying.

Probably another modern influence

That has been picked up here,

And garbled nonsensically too

In a manner not sincere.

Sometimes like a collective chorus

Uttered by a multi sized throng,

And certainly not an “hallelujah” one

Or Hebrew slaves going wrong.

But “oh my god” is now universal

And can be intoned at will,

Which will grate on sensitive ears

Far worse if the voice is shrill.

Yes again an excerpt from a latest book poem, but just how will it end? Worth buying my book to find out, and see all the other "little Laurie touches" in my new book too…

Gasp and phew, a "longeeee" but hopefully an amusement for you? Please let me know on the "comments" section at end of WEBSITE, to contribute please"

Thanks again for support and The Journey Continues STUNNINGLY and lets "Get to that thousand" !!! 

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