Unprecedented, BUT "if you have, find, receive and CAN", then "flaunt it" the old saying goes…… SO I AM !!!!

I have just received another of a flurry of kind, wonderful and amazing comments on my poetry….

THUS, and thanks, S P, L R, G G, D M, T F, E W, M F, H P and many, many more who have described my poems as "psychological, socially deep and descriptive & shining lights on places we have to keep in the dark" etc… I WILL "name names" one day!

THUS I have just recognised a theme (from themes) of my recent work… First my "acclaimed" and nationally recognised in British finals, poem that was subsequently published by Forward Poetry called "Moment in Time", an enigmatic piece written for a dear and close family member who suffered a tragic and unexpected loss…


Moment in Time

The world spins on its axis

Night darkens the light of day,

Summer follows winter and spring

Our times were made that way.

Yet we go on in our existence

Even if we want to or not,

For however much we fight it

We mostly have the life we’ve got.

For as we continue on our road,

Days will come that bring our turn.

To have some suffering to bear,

From which we need to learn.

For as our loved ones die on us

Others will come as we see them go.

Replaced by babes newly born,

In natures continuous flow.

So enjoy what you have now

For as long as you possibly can,

Because there is no certainty

Of the time scale given to man.

Waiting for exactly the right time

To do all that you want to do,

May catch you out very badly

And be totally denied to you.

Thus best appreciate it all now

Even if the truth hurts and numbs,

For however hard to accept it

Sometimes tomorrow never comes.

Two other excerpts (I’m not giving it all away) will follow that are going in my new and 5th book "LIFE PRESENTED In VERSE" and that have powerful messages about our lives, occupations, lifestyles, loves etc… There WILL be enough for you to get the gist, but maybe you need it ALL ?????
Thus to order all of my books from me, including ordering my NEW book = lw1800@hotmail.co.uk  OR 07967 355236 and of course on here…
The Poems……..

Listen to the Flowers

There are so many people now

That won’t stop to hear the flowers,

As they always rush to meetings

Or stare at a screen for hours.

Hoping to get fantastic reviews

And many more than all the rest,

Equally seeking the top ratings

Whilst yearning to be the best.

For the flowers and natures beauty

Like the birds and spreading trees,

Are still wasted on these drones

That simple things don’t please.


As they look over their shoulders

Or battle hard to constantly reach

Peaks and heights others haven’t,

As the blossoming flowers teach

Simple lessons that will arrive,

The more pressures that you stack

Upon your blind indifference,

Before you have a heart attack.

And the next then, also from my new book is called simply, but ISN’T, "Pyramid"……………


A pyramid is an ancient wonder

Of architectural progressions,

As a protective tomb for Pharaohs

When buried with their possessions,

To accompany them up to heaven

And so grace them in the after lives.

Sometimes including many slaves

Still alive, just like their wives!

Thus these ancient rulers and kings

Would have riches in a next world too,

Well that was the theory they had

But alas it was so rarely true.

For the cunning human mind

Has very few boundaries or ends,

So many of these lauded kings

Were betrayed by so-called friends.

Who ensured a secret passage or two

That would allow removal of wealth.

So after the deaths assured inside,

These valuables are taken by stealth.

Which I think gives a great example

Of man’s vulnerability to sin,

And reminds us that at life’s end,

We only leave with what we brought in.

SO that is it then really, simple and oh so easy lessons that perhaps are not learned, well until it is too late on many instances I guess, but now you cannot say that you are "unaware" if you have read this………………………………………..

"Psychological statements of social intercourse shining a light on what perhaps is hidden then?" Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Cheers, Laurie





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