There could only be one photo and headline for this Blog Post and that is to say our "mischievous twosome" have their own Facebook page from last Wednesday !!!!!

The page, also entitled "Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet", is easy to find and has all the usual contacts on it, (thanks Sandra of Pink Spaghetti). They already have over 30 page likes so feel free to visit and like their page if not already done so!

There are also many photos, video’s, poems and more on their page and they are very proud of it!!!

Regarding the "Ted n Beth fan Club" we are still looking at how to proceed with that and are missing "Uncle James’s" input as he is off dealing with other issues of his own at moment. The bears do understand but are getting a bit of "restless paws" syndrome, so hurry back James, but we do hope things are falling into place for you now…

I can only put one poem topic up and of course that is one on "our bears"

From book 3 comes "Bears Bath Fun"…..

Bears Bath Fun

Ted and Beth are full of fun

Happy bears and keen to laugh,

And one of their special joys

Is in a massive soapy bath.

With water sloshing everywhere

As the bath fills to the top,

Both laughing until they hurt

And their fur soaked as a mop.

Then Beth gives out a cry

As her paw’s caught in the plug,

But again screams in surprise

As Ted frees her with a tug!

And so the bears fun continues

With the floor wet as it can be,

But their splashing just goes on

As if swimming in the sea.

Ted’s got his toy boat in the tub

And Beth has her rubber duck,

But alas now their play fun

Is about to run out of luck.

For their big watery puddles

Are dripping through the floor,

But the bears still don’t know it

Until a loud voice at the door,

Says "just what are you doing?"

An angry dad asks of the bears

Saying that all their splashing

Has made water leak downstairs!

So with a mop each in their paws

And a strong demand to sort it out,

Ted and Beth are now deflated

But will continue to muck about!

That should appease and keep our bears quiet for a little while then, so I can now concentrate on me as the boss, well "I" am the author of all, not just their poems. Did you hear that bears ???? lol

My new and latest book then, and my number 5, is entitled "LIFE PRESESENTED In VERSE" and due for publication on August 15th 2017…

I have had, amended and returned to Rex of My Voice Publishing the first draft, but apparently the changes might be a while as he had to go to a wedding!

Of course being a lively, sardonic and somewhat curious poet, ring any bells Rex? (like the wedding I guess?), my "poetic juices" were flowing, but hey I’m also a respectful, considerate, polite and obedient poet too (NOT), so I won’t make any comments….

Mmmmmm, now Rex just what was that comment about the author on inside cover of my new book??? Nay worries Boss, nothing is written regarding you, and nothing in my pipeline on you. YET…..

"Give us a new book poem excerpt" I hear you shout, well ok whisper or maybe  suggest, but being as I just said obedient hahahahahaaaaaaa, here is the start of a poem called "Ducking Stool" from my new book.

Ducking Stool

The Ducking Stool was a torture

From dark medieval times.

But it was also a device,

To punish those with no crimes

Other than to stand accused

By bigoted and hypocritical men,

With perverse views of law and justice,

Although it was accepted then.

For women alleged to be witches

Or men also charged with wrong,

Were ducked into water many times

Which was traumatic even if strong.

So should the victim survive this

And live somehow through the ordeal,

They were found to be guilty, and killed

Which was a cruel, unfair deal.

But no justice for the other victims

Who succumbed and were drowned.

For it had a sad and sadist irony

When innocent they were found,

By the prosecutor and court

Orchestrated by the church and rich.

Who dispensed their evil justice

For years without a hitch.

I will leave you to work out where that poem is going, or perhaps you have guessed? (Oh really lol?), but I doubt it, so you must buy my new book to find out exactly.

  No price decided yet, but as all my previous four books were very reasonably priced AND great value for money, (I can say that according to my "Quality assurance" gang), CHEERS guys!

  So please put your order in with me alongside quite a few other people in confidence of a good read!!!

So I have done "The Bears" Facebook page news, and updates on my new book, so will close now, BUT as always with a full poem from a previous book. Again to keep my "Romance" fans happy it is from book 2 and the poem is called "A Wildest Dream", (are you out there and reading M C?).

You all can (PLEASE do) request a theme or poem for on here on the "comments" bit at the end, email me on or my "The Psychy Poet" Facebook page, and order books on there as well…. Anyway the poem…….. 

A Wildest Dream

Looking back inside ourselves

How wistfully we can recall,

Times and places that have gone,

Wildest dreams that had to fall.

Many an act or adventure bold

That mostly could not be,

Something that was not known,

Or meant for you and me.

Eyes and ears that are seeking

Sights and sounds passing by,

Driven by some unknown force

That came from sea or sky.

So I listened to all the melodies

And then had to pick a card,

Knowing surely it would lose

And thus be forever marred,

By decisions that are Hobson’s

Though seen to be our choice,

But it’s very hard to call out

If the music has your voice!

Looking back inside ourselves

How wistfully we can recall,

Times and places that have gone,

Wildest dreams that had to fall.

I can still remember days

And wonder what we think,

Of those once upon a times,

When life was on the brink.

Music, love and laughter

That took stars from on high,

To put down for us to see

What light just had to die.

Right I think that I have "gathered" all my thoughts for this post again, (I blooooooooming LOST 75 minutes of it all before), so I wasn’t a very happy poet, but it might amuse you to see Ted n Beth’s take on that posted on their Facebook page !!!!

To close then as ever, thanks for being here, please tell your friends and invite them to "join up" as all supports me and thus Help for Heroes too..

For now The Journey Continues MAGNIFICENTLY,

Cheers and thanks,


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