I will only "whisper it" but life seems to have settled a bit generally since the last of recent tragedies and terror atrocities. Things do have a way of evening themselves out though, especially as "Mister "Shakey" said in his play Hamlet, "when sorrows come they come not in single spies, but in battalions", so like the old cliche when waiting for a bus, you wait ages for one and then they all come?

Not surprisingly with over 350 poems now I have a poem on this too, from my 2nd book…

Even Out

The roller coaster ride of life

Will test us one and all,

Just when you think you’ve won

That’s the very time you’ll fall.

So up you get and start again

Sorry, but perhaps much wiser,

To continue on your road again

Having fully cleared your visor.

For it’s best to see the road ahead

To ensure no fall or trip,

As without a doubt you will err

If your awareness you let slip.

Gleeful shouts you’ve got it right

Can only lead to sorrow,

For any complacency in this world

Will bring sadness in the morrow.

As that is only part of it you will have to check it out from book two…. I will be watching!!!

So talking about things "evening out" I am now back from my French place, as of photo, and after basking in the sun for 3 weeks I came back to an initially hot and humid U K, that soon changed to a stiff breeze, but on having a stall yesterday for Help for Heroes at a local school fate, (Or FETE ??? lol), I got flipping drenched as did my literature, books and a VERY unhappy and disgruntled Ted n Beth !!!

In fact the only way I could stop them moaning was by threatening to withdraw their Fan Club, and saying I would write their complaining into a poem! That stopped them, but we were soaked, me right through to my underpants, GGGGRRrrrrrrrr

I did though somehow raise a fair bit for Help 4 Heroes and gave out lots of my leaflets too, so not too bad, but felt for the school and all the effort put in that had to be stopped at only 12.45 instead of 14.00! I did though enjoy getting home to dry out all my stuff, and also have a warm bath after putting the two very wet and unhappy bears on the radiator!!!!

A poem from my very first book published April 2014 and on the awful winter of 2013/14 called "Monsoon"



Pouring, soaking, drenching rain

Descends on us again and again,

Flooding, drowning, spraying wet

Day after day is all we get.

Pounding, crashing, driving wind

Hitting us as though we’d sinned,

Blowing, gusts, and shrieking bluster

So a sigh is all we can muster.

Pouring, soaking, drenching rain

Pounding crashing, a driving force.

Flooding, blowing, drowning storm

Batters us which ever the course.

The wind then drops to just a gasp

And after the sunshine shows,

So when we feel like peering out

Another deluge freely flows.

Gusting wind, and driving rain

Twin partners in their crimes,

Get together to unleash on us

The very worst of times.

Houses flooded, power lines down

Wonder if we’ll freeze or drown,

Railways stopped, roads under water

Seems we’ve upset the devils daughter.

So that was that, and from the book that got me up and running, SO onto my new and fifth book that I’m really getting on with now! All virtually completed with just a few small bits to do, with the title likely to be "LIFE PRESENT in VERSE"….

Ted n Beth await launch of their Fan Club and I’m in talks with "Uncle James" re this (give us a wave James lol), as of COURSE I won’t hold back their much wanted Fan Club…. hope you all join!!!

Just a quick point generally, could you all please visit my Facebook page "The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson" and if not done already give it a "LIKE" please, or any friends too be good as hung around the 369 mark for a while….

As "things" seem to have settled down I will end with a nice, positive and happy poem from my 3rd book… "Love to Live"

Love to Live

To love is to live

In all things, they say,

As to feel like this

Must enrich every day.

Though some people can’t,

Get love past themselves.

And the result of this is

They’re left on the shelves.

Others spend their love

All on one single thing,

Which if it goes wrong

Only heartache will bring.

You can love what you do

To give you much pleasure.

So long as it’s spread out,

And done in equal measure.

Many folks type of love

Will only bring strife,

Whilst for me it’s all simple,

I just love my life!

Well I must crack on with other things now, so as always, thanks, cheers, Laurie. And as ever :-

The Journey CONTINUES !!!!

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