Coming so close on the heels of the Manchester and London Bridge terror atrocities, the terrifying, heartrending and crushing news, pictures and utter despairing grief of the Grenfell flats fire was almost too heartrending to behold!

Often the case with these disasters, any fortunate person lucky enough not to be caught up in it, can only imagine the horror and desolation the victims must feel, alongside of course, losing all their homes and possessions. Many lost family members too….

As this awful event unfolds in almost grisly, nightmarish slow motion now, the death toll continues to rise and must surely reach 100 killed, with many still missing, and some people apparently unlikely to be identified!!!


This tragedy occurred just after my last Blog Post so I will only briefly touch on my activities as somehow they seem unreal in the face of so much heartbreak…. In fact at this juncture I will only say that I am very busy, checking, preparing and sorting out the last details for my new book….


I feel the need to let my poems speak, and perhaps give a good reflection on our finite existence…

Inner Tears from my 3rd book:-

Inner Tears

I have heard that when you cry

Tears are words the heart can’t express,

Though whatever the explanation

It is a sign of great distress.

Of course there are tears of joy

And some of laughter in a form,

But none can seem as heartrending

As anguish riding out a storm.

Tears of grief or frustration perhaps

Are streaming down your face,

You should not be ashamed of this

As it’s really no disgrace.

For those who cry are often caring

And so let their passions free,

Unlike blank faced stone hearts

Who other people’s woes can’t see!

We can cry at the world’s sadness

Or what it has all done to us,

So some will weep out openly

Others cry with much less fuss.

But however you shed your tears

When pain’s too much to bear,

It just proves you have empathy

And that you do, really care.

So pucker up, let yourself go

Express emotions and your views,

For if you cannot manage this

You have a life without clues!


With the number of young children amongst the dead and casualties of Grenfell flats, I felt this sad and poignant poem seemed to fit…. Again from my 3rd book, “Dead Flowers”


Dead Flowers

Dead flowers in a field or vase

Have no more glory to show,

For most had been spectacular

Before their time to go!

Strong, upright in radiant colour

They stood proudly on display,

But now their beauty has gone

Their heads sag with dismay.

Some flowers never get to bloom

And fulfil the promise of a spread,

For a cruel wind or sudden frost

Cuts their emerging beauty dead.

Dead flowers in a field or vase

Have no more glory to show,

For most had been spectacular

Before their time to go!

Sadly humans can be as flowers

With loss of radiance near our end,

Despite the glamour we had once

Health and vigour are a dying trend.

But with those gifts we had our peak

And made choices with the time,

Unlike children or young flowers

Who are cut short in their prime!

   So in great sadness and more than an odd tear, I will close this latest Blog, but as per with me, NO apologies for my content that I feel deeply, as I’m sure you will too as we count our blessings.
    My last poem from my fourth book probably sums up life for me, and as my work often does, has a quite profound thought and lesson for our lives! The poem featured in a national final and publication by Forward Poetry, “Moment in Time”…

Moment in Time

The world spins on its axis

Night darkens the light of day,

Summer follows winter and spring

Our times were made that way.

Yet we go on in our existence

Even if we want to or not,

For however much we fight it

We mostly have the life we’ve got.

For as we continue on our road,

Days will come that bring our turn.

To have some suffering to bear,

From which we need to learn.

For as our loved ones die on us

Others will come as we see them go.

Replaced by babes newly born,

In natures continuous flow.

So enjoy what you have now

For as long as you possibly can,

Because there is no certainty

Of the time scale given to man.

Waiting for exactly the right time

To do all that you want to do,

May catch you out very badly

And be totally denied to you.

Thus best appreciate it all now

Even if the truth hurts and numbs,

For however hard to accept it

Sometimes tomorrow never comes!

That is it then, so maybe with tears, maybe with a limp, but certainly as ALWAYS .. The Journey CONTINUES

Cheers, and thanks,





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