Well weeks will come and weeks will go,

Months soon follow in life’s steady flow.

Days and weeks we enjoy, pass quick

Whilst tougher times will go slow.  

That certainly is how this last week has seemed, with the memorials and silence’s observed for the innocents injured and slaughtered by the demented terrorists.

Also another kind of battle, though seemingly just as cutting and frenetic, in the form of a General Election was fought. Casualties, rows and massive fall outs abound from that!

NO, don’t expect any comment on the latter from me, although of course "me being me", I’m sure some sardonic reference will slip out at some time…… MMMmmmmmmmmm

Apart from the events mentioned above the week seemed quiet but actually wasn’t, but maybe that was due to the very hot weather here at my French place, and hence the photo of me out on our lake in my dinghy! Avast Landlubbers……


Ghosts from our early life
May come back to haunt,
Playing down the fun times
While bad days they’ll flaunt.

So how best to deal with this
Recall of past days and years?
Being morbid wishing for change
And spending your future in tears?

Far better to learn from times
You made the wrong bet or call.
Indulging days that you enjoyed
With good prospects and no squall!

Going back to my contradiction of terms earlier, yes of course you noticed my hawk eyed friends, when I said it had been a quieter, but actually wasn’t, I will explain what I meant.
Generally in our immediate world it was quieter after the terrorist atrocity, that was until the election, but I won’t go on about that as it was supposed to be a damp squid…. OOOOoooops

No I’m talking about my little world where I suddenly got two commissions for two poems in two days, started the final round up for my 5th book, now confirmed for publication by the end of this coming July, completed three other poems I had started and also did some planning and negotiation with Ted and Beth regarding their increased desire for a Fan Club!

Oh and of course I needed to take on plenty of liquid to replenish what the heat had taken out, so thus was forced to take refuge in a bar at times. Again of course, my brain was working on all the planning and writing as above…. ????????????????????????????????????

A Life or Early Death

Death’s spectre is above us
Yes, we are all marked to die.
Only the manner of our living
Will separate how we try.

Spending all our time in fear
A constriction with no fun.
And cower in the shadows,
Or from the end try to run!

But oh so very much better,
To celebrate the life we lead.
Enjoying our precious moments,
Before death’s angel does the deed!

However bizarre this week has been, perhaps there is some kind of link between the terror, the election and my topsy turvey week? I really don’t know, and as I said maybe the heat has addled my brain a little, though overall I think the week has sped past, and as above the start of a new poem called "Will" suggests, it must have been largely good. Was it? I’m not too sure…..
Please continue to "Watch This Space" as I will endeavour to finish my new book, amuse you, placate Ted N Beth until the cavalry in the shape of "Uncle James" arrives, and plan new events, so rest assured as ever THE JOURNEY CONTINUES…..

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