Yes, that is me at the front proudly leading the 42nd Highland Regiment (1815) as Colour Sergeant last weekend (May 28/29th) for a Napoleonic battles and re enactment event in Kent. No specific connection to my poetry, but just an insight into some of the other things that I get up to….

I will say however that my own re enactment group members (42nd) as well as quite a few generally have been very supportive and generous in supporting me, buying my books etc which of course then all aids my supportive charity I donate to, Help for Heroes….. Thanks again guys!!!


As I am writing this back at my French place, there is a massive thunder and lightning storm overhead as the  weather has been glorious and “barmy” (suits me here a?) for some time, which often ends in suchlike before returning to hot and sunny!

One of the other great things here is that I always seem to write a lot, so away I will go again when finished doing this Blog Post….


I must put before I forget, to say a massive THANKS for many kind “Comments, emails, & general feedback” I have received, especially on last “Blog” on the Manchester bomb atrocity, yeah nice and thanks again!


Perhaps just the place for one of my “subtle” (lol really ???) poems….. Nature of Man


Nature of Man

As well as my sardonic observations

And cryptic views of life’s things,

I also see nature’s wonders

Like beautiful creatures with wings,

Or amazing life all shapes and sizes

Living plants in varied hues,

Filling us with awe and amazement

And our eyes with special views.

Mr Attenborough awakened minds

Before all closed to planet Earth,

So now we can be astounded

At stunning wildlife giving birth,

With expanding growing numbers

                                                             Living with and around us.

Some we see and take for granted

Others just live without fuss.

But though I dearly love to see nature

My main interest is the common man,

Who with knowledge, or perhaps none

Is killing our world each way he can!



SO, what else am I up to?

A bit quiet for me in some ways, well apart from running about on a Napoleonic battlefield and packing, driving all day and arriving at my French place only two days later, I guess?!!!

No, I have been “tidying up” some of my “Author Bio’s”, reviewing my poems and generally gathering idea’s for my “Book 5” that seems must burst out reasonably soon?

I will mention and remind people that if you’ve not visited the two “online” newspapers I write for (The Sussex Newspaper & Bonjour France Online Newspaper) please do, as they have many interesting articles, stories and local news (in the Sussex one), also ME lol, but my last article (for May and entitled “When it has Gone”) has been well received, and I think myself that “one of my best” so from this (horse’s ?) mouth you heard it!!!

Yes talking to each other cues another poem, Note I’ve not said which books the 2 poems are  from this time, so you must look them up…

Open Up

I’m so glad that I spoke to you

How else would I have known,

Thoughts that you have told me

That are all your very own?

You shared just what you think

What makes you laugh or cry,

The things that make you angry,

That you love, or perhaps let by.

We can often pass each other

Without a smile or spoken word,

And that we don’t talk to each other

Is quite frankly so absurd!

We need to share our feelings

And how others may endure.

For in a world of madness

It’s good to know what’s pure.

By listening and talking

We learn some different views,

Like how life can be for others

When before we had no clues.

We can often pass each other

Without a smile or spoken word,

And that we don’t talk to each other

Is quite frankly so absurd!

So give a nod, or even smile

Who knows what may pan out?

You may have great times spent

If you end your speaking drought!

Ted n Beth are desperate to get some “teddy words” in, so I will give them a brief mention as they excitably await “Uncle James” return from holiday in couple of weeks, when they may have a “Big Ted n Beth” announcement, (be PATIENT Auntie Yvette !!!! lol)….
Last quick word, and bit of a “very new” poem before close…
On recent count, and including “Commissioned Personal Poems” (I obviously not publish unless asked) I have now written over 350 poems in about 3 1/2 years, THUS I can put “Prolific Poet” in my titles now Hahahahaaaaaa
Write (get it ???), a play on words, no RIGHT as promised I will end with a little taster (or drink ?) on a very new poem for Book 5 and called “No Milk Today”…..
No I am NOT putting a sample on for another new poem “First Sex Lessons” for those who read/remembered my last couple of Blog Posts ???? Be patient, you WILL see it…..

No Milk Today

No milk today” the bottle note said

When left for the milkman to see,

For he delivered our milk each day

Knowing what the order would be.

But sometimes if the milk built up

Or perhaps we were going away,

We had to let him know the score

With a note of no milk today.

There is though another type of milk,

That of the human loving kind.

Bestowed on others in our life

Giving strength to ties that bind

Us tight together in the world,

As we journey on our way.

Allowing giving and taking

With each other every day.



Right lol, I WILL close now, so as ever MANY thanks to you all,

Cheers, Laurie and “THE JOURNEY CONTINUES…..







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