Yes words can be very powerful and emotive which I have loved all of my life, schooled by my wonderful parents from an early age, with their humour, singing, quotations and sayings. Bless you mum and dad, and I hope you can see me now, and are very proud…… ????????


Why have I started with this you may ask?

Well because I have written many poems on all sorts of emotions and feelings, fed by my love of music, songs and the written word.

I was recently asked to go to a concert/gig by The Fureys, a long established Irish folk band…. The “asker” said their “wonderful words remind me of your poetry”…. WOW….

We went last night (6/05/2017), and the FUREYS were amazing, with their wonderful lyrics and music. Being an emotive, (and I’m stripping here) poet with many different moods, feelings, appreciations etc that I try to pack into my poetry, I was stunned by the gig and am still singing “And I love you”, “Steal Away” and others, and shedding a few tears (more than), at their song “The Old Man”….. ????

Oh yes, if my poems are received even nearly thus, which I tentatively believe are now, I’m a very happy man!!!! ????


Perhaps this poem may say more about how I feel……


Blind Faith

Thoughts are tumbling from my head

Almost written before I’ve said,

What I really need to say

About our world on a given day.

With all its tragedies and war

Who knows what they’re fighting for?

Just I guess, that desperate need

For more power, wealth and greed.

So little children, babes in arms

Are blown up and lose their charms,

Or any hope of normal life,

Torn away by psychotic strife,

Performed by armies of the just

Who grind opposition into dust.

Believing they have their gods will

To terrorise, maim and kill!

But this world has always seen

Acts of cruelty by the mean

And callous bullies who all say,

We must live and pray their way.

But I have hope deep in my heart

That if everyone will play a part,

We can make this a nicer place

Free of all extreme disgrace.

Well, as I reported last “Blog Post”, two of my poems are again in a national final (2,000 or so entries each I hear) and my two have again been chosen to be amongst the 180 or so to be published in 2 separate books, so not TOO bad a?….. ????

Hopefully then, this is me as of following poem “Heartfelt”, and from my fourth and latest book, ( the previous poem “Blind Faith” is yet to be published, so HEY a first for you!!!)…. ????


A positive mind yields a happy heart

For troubles come, and some go slow.

But if you are steadfast in your way,

You can help any heartaches go.

For all of us will have challenges,

We must do our very best to meet

With strongest resolve we can find,

Or get knocked right off our feet,

By seismic shocks that shake you

And possibly cause you many tears.

Though if you tackle these heroically

You may have better future years.

For a positive mind yields a happy heart

And helps make troubles seem smaller,

Thus meet them in a courageous way

And you certainly will walk taller.

For I feel I’m living proof of this

Being a very optimistic man.

Though I have had many trouble too

But met them the best way I can,

For even if I lost sometimes

I always stood back up again,

Which certainly was best for me

Although of course I felt the pain.

So onwards in life and upwards

We must make our merry way,

Because even if sad times prevail

We can still fight another day.

RIGHT, that has got a few emotions out, and again may indicate where the “depth, quality and spectrum” (quotes) of my poetry come from! For if you can’t feel raw emotion and life, you cannot even begin to express it.

I am now starting to accept, but not in a presuming way, that I can “create” this raw emotion in words….. THANKS to the kind people and great friends who “metaphorically” beat me up to accept it, AND gave me the confidence to write even more “philosophical and powerfully”, (again quotes).

You “kind and great friends” KNOW who you are, and bless ya hearts !!! ????????????

An apology, (LOL, well from my publishing team, sorry guys ????) for my “whittering” on about you lovely folks not making many “comments” on my posts. For as “I” tested it, and it was Bl*^^*y hard, I apologise, so thanks “Uncle James” for not only “solving” problem, but removing some of security making it so difficult… !!!

SORRY guys…. ????

THUS, as you may see by a few comments on recent posts, you can now easily “Comment Away”, but be gentle with me please……. ESPECIALLY you ladies….

 I think that is enough for now, but as ever happily, WELCOME to the new folks who have joined us on here……




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