It may come as a great surprise to those who (think/thought?? lol) that they know me, that this picture of my former self, and to what I will soon be returning to, as a cute Cherub, is a revelation?


Well all poets “worth their salt” must have some surprises and “altered roads with twists and turns”, so hold on and behold the many that I have and are still coming across…. ????


Well forgetting that (hahahaaaaaa at YOUR peril he heee !!!), it is six days since last Blog Post so here we are starting with a (genuine) serious request please!


Regarding these Blog Posts that come to you as emails…..

IF you reply to those emails I can READ, but NOT reply to them as apparently, (thanks James who is working on it now), they are another address, THUS (pretty) please, I would MUCH prefer that you put your very (lol so far) kind replies, compliments etc  onto the COMMENTS section at the end of each (as this) Post!!!

THUS if people have replied by email to the posts I may NOT have seen the, so obviously not replied, but please accept my PROMISE that I WILL reply to every communication lovely folk take time to send !!!! Many thanks !!!!!……..


Update and as of the Productive bit of post title!!!

Even “I” am stunned that since last Blog I have written ELEVEN poems in those SIX days (ALL excellent still of course, “and I’m TOLD lol), so now totals 55 towards any/what next book(s) I choose to do….

A sample of new titles since last lot= Trying Alone, Colour Bar, Enigma (You’ll LOVE), Badgers, Back Pass and Pride and Joy, (wonder what THAT is ABOUT he he heeee ???). Hey I will even put up a sample…



                                                      Consider all of your playing cards

And bring that cake in from the rain,

For there is always so much to do

So that you don’t go insane.

And just because I luuuuuuurrvee you (growing, sorry should have mentioned earlier) lovely lot, I will add another snippet and an earlier published poem too!

Colour Bar

A multi-coloured Lycra suit

With a crash helmet on the head,

Could have been the “Tour de France”

And not a narrow lane instead.

Well they are “tasters” to come, (I’m saving the “Romance” for you S P !!!! he heee), but will conclude now with a complete published poem that can actually be seen with me reading on a VIDEO in 2014, (Google The Psychy Poet and it is the Eastbourne Herald video, and you can also trace it under Eastbourne Herald The Psychy Poet Video May 2014)… FAME even then a ? Ha haaa

This poem from my first book Poetic Views of Life was largely written on the passing of a beloved, fantastic lady aged only 57….

Someone Says Goodbye

See how quick we can be gone

And the world will blink and carry on,

Another soul out the exit door

Whilst we wonder what life is for.

But there must be more for us than this

A racing heart and a loving kiss,

All our struggles and an uphill climb

Take our words and makes them mime.

Mothers, fathers, siblings and friends

We are all these before our ends,

But what of this when we are to go

What will change and who will know?

See how quick we can be gone

And the world will blink and carry on,

So we may learn how hard they try

When someone has to say goodbye.

Laughing, crying, bitter sweet years

That give us joy, or shed our tears,

And looking back from an ageing eye

Condemning those that would not try,

To ever give, or leave their mark

On a wasted life without a spark,

As for them it was all much too hard

They passed on by, never played a card.

See how quick we can be gone

And the world will blink and carry on,

With daily tasks that must be done

Or problems causing us to run.

But wait, a lesson will be taught

From those who died, but valiant fought,

To spend more time with those that care

Not granted! Who said life was fair?

So as we hear their struggling breath

As they slide towards impending death,

See how quick we can be gone

And the world might blink and carry on.

But some things can make life worthwhile

Just leave a little of your style,

To sprinkle out and upward fly

When our turn comes to say goodbye.

Bless you and R I P Denise, It was a vast privilege and honour to have known you! Love and regards, Laurie
Well sorry, that all unexpectedly swerved massively, but thus does much of my writing, which may explain some of my (nicely lauded) diversity and spectrums!
 I will say BYE for now and go and find a tissue….


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