Or as I prefer “watcha mates”, another week, well virtually a week being pedantic, has slipped past so an update and “more” I’m sending from a very sunny and warm France…


Some new people have “joined up” with us on here, so WELCOME to them, and please as I implored last message, can all on here with me and “us” try to get ONE other person to sign up…. ALL supports me and thus the excellent charity HELP for HEROES….


Cut the commercials “Laurie Boy” but I can’t help caring……. Anyway in the week I’ve been here in France I have written five new poems, AND the latest will be at the end of this Post Blog for you!!!!!!  …… NO hotter “off the press” than that, so hang on in guys!


The new poems, apart from your gift at the end, are my usual mix and include:- “Arrow, Regrets, Nimble Paws, (wonder who THAT is about? lol), & Pyramid ….. NO, even “I” don’t know where they come from, but I now have 45 NEW poems for (any?) Book 5 (OR SIX?) ??? Rex, James??? Anyone out there HAhahaaaaa…


My regular monthly article for “The Sussex Newspaper” online and “Bonjour France” was published about a week ago and is entitled “Comings and Goings”, so please check it out…. The Sussex Newspaper (TSN) has lots of local news, reviews, opinion, information, and of course for 18 months now ME !!!!! Well worth a look….


A wonderful lady here in France, (she is very reserved, although I sneaked an acknowledgement for her into my 3rd book), Mrs Joanna P has sold TWENTY FOUR of my books, (7 last year but another 17 since) for me and thus HELP for HEROES too, at coffee mornings etc in Wales!


THANK YOU and please enjoy the figurine I got you as a “thanks” but was sure you would “tell me off” for getting, but was “Chuffed” when you loved it… You are a star!!!!


Anyway I will shut up now, but as promised please enjoy, (indulge, support?) my literally latest poem about our current world situation… It is called “Don’t Write it Off” and to me is what I’m about…… Et vous??


Don’t Write it Off

I suppose I now have a mission

With my written thoughts in verse,

For as I scan the worldwide scene

I fear it’s all getting worse.

For it seems there are wars everywhere

With the world once more on the brink.

So great leaders please take care

And give lots of time to think,

Of the amazing wonders, good, and values

At new risk from conceited power.

Which can lead to mass destruction

In much less than an hour.

Of course there’s been great wars before

And yet somehow we still survived.

Learning from the mushroom cloud

That insured we have now arrived,

At a state of chilling acceptance

Of just what harm man can do.

But now it seems we must again

Test out if it’s all true!

So what use then is my puny verse

That on a world scale’s just a jot?

But for me it’s hugely important

To give our opinions than to just not,

Do anything, or our make our protests,

As generations have done before.

When on monumental occasions

It did bring an end to war.

So I will scribe away my thoughts

To let my feelings be known,

As you won’t succeed, if you don’t try

Thus I may not stand alone!

Copyright (c) of My Voice Publishing & Laurie Wilkinson 



Thanks guys as ever for being there? (talk, comment, reply to me etc please !!!) ….

The Journey Continues…..

Cheers, Laurie




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