VERY sorry to "Post" again so soon after earlier but Philippa Drake says she "cannot comment on my posts", (Philippa has successfully done so before) so I wondered if anybody else has tried/can try please to see if it works, I will be grateful, (Mr J H ?). The "comment" place is at end of each post…

Philippa kindly sent this to my Facebook Timeline as couldn’t "comment" on here after last post….  

  1. Philippa Drake to Laurie Wilkinson
  2. That was a great poem you posted on your site. I’m still not able to post comments on WordPress due to the same error messages. Thank goodness for Facebook!

Thanks Philippa, very kind…

The post photo is from my Napoleonic weekend just passed.

As a bonus I post a poem from my first book and called "Dancing Light" written in about 2000. Mrs D M you may recognise some of it !!!! LOL ????

Dancing Light

A dancing light to a room you are

Not seen at once but bright,

Your natural warmth is subtle too

Stronger still with frequent sight.

You are like the solid honest firs

That pretty flower to the moon,

Your laugh and fun could melt a stone

And cause sound minds to swoon.

I could be as your fantasy

Like a moth drawn to a lamp,

As others chase to be near you

Their joy tears running damp.

You may not know you radiate

This warm attracting haze,

Upon unsuspecting people met

Drawn in by your carefree gaze.

A dancing light to a room you are

That embraces all around,

To reach and skip in places dire

Where joy is seldom found.

Cheers and apologies for quick follow up post, Laurie

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