Well I have safely landed at my “French Abode”, sunshine, great friends, “le Lac”, as photo with me in my dinghy from a while ago!

Also great wine, beer and surroundings, bars etc and historically a fertile place for my writing, NOT that it’s needed at present, but hey, any excuse a?


The regular guards are in situ at other home so metaphoric port cullis is down!!!! Thus would be robbers can Foxtrot Oscar…


WELCOME to a new “little glut” of signed up members on here, including the lovely “Miss Pink Fifty”, our “own J C” (said I had friends in “high” places) so stay with me hahahahaaaa

Also couple of other “lovely ladies” joined up , so again welcome and thanks to all of you fantastic people!


Quick (commercial lol) thought, that if all of you wonderful 50 plus gang on with me now could get just ONE, (more be better) to sign up too “we, moi and Help for Heroes would benefit as we would double or more…..????


Will end soon as just a “I’m here” quickie, but will put up a simple but quite poignant, (maybe heavy?) poem from my first book Poetic Views of Life, which incidentally started it all off publishing wise, for me 3 years ago on April 17th….


I wrote the poem about December 2013 I think, so fairly early in current proceedings. It is entitled “Crowded Out”


Crowded Out

Can a tree in a forest be lonely

Or a wave crest on the sea?

So if surrounded by people

How can loneliness possibly be?

When you look at peoples faces

For a smile or glint of an eye,

Everyone seems to be moving

And like spectres just pass by.

The fish in the ocean have shoals

And the bees will build their hive,

But many people live in surroundings

Where no-one knows they’re alive.

So maybe we should reach out

With more effort to connect,

To try and prevent isolation

That even stout hearts will deject.

No person wants their passing

To go off with barely a squeak.

With people saying they saw them,

But never found time to speak!

As ever, cheers, Laurie and The Journey Continues WONDERFULLY









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