YAY, another fantastic few days… And another of my “commissioned” poems delivered with many “compliments and appreciation” always nice to get!!!

Wednesday I went to Underground Theatre to do my bit for World Poetry Day, (which was Tuesday, but venue was booked, thus Wednesday), and following “the psychotic scum” terrorist activity earlier that day in our / MY London, I read couple of my “anti- terrorism” poems to great response… will include one at end!

It is now confirmed that I will “guest” and read poems “live” on Hailsham F M radio this Saturday 1st April….. looking forward to that!

On Saturday night I was privileged to go and see “live” the amazing Strawbs that I have followed and seen over the years. I earlier dropped an “appreciation” letter in for the “iconic, heart & soul” leader of the group Dave Cousins, with a copy of my 3rd book “Reviews of Life in Verse”…

Much of my “poetic motivation” has come from mainly The Strawbs (AND Moody Blues) amazing music, lyrics, stories etc on life (all deserved reverence to them, bow, scrape & worship) and on having brief chat to the amazing, iconic Dave Cousins on Saturday after their immense gig, who I had earlier delivered one of my books, I said did you receive a book? he said “Indeed I did thanks, was it yours?” and I replied, “yes, it was a thank you for the music and  hope you enjoy! To which he said “he’d already flicked through and it looked good !!!”… WOW, ‘Kin hell….
On Sunday it was Mothers Day so will also include start of my “Mothers” poem…

Cradle to the Grave

A lilting voice from the past

That will affect you like no other.

Bringing love and goose bumps too,

For it can only be your mother.

And as promised my powerful thoughts poem on “terrorist bullies” written over 3 years ago now, and in my first book “Poetic Views of Life”…..

Hand of God

                                                       Scenic beauty, sweet fresh air

All you could wish for, it was all there,

For one more moment, then it was gone

When the coward set off another bomb.

Smoke and flames, cries and screams

Another end to countless dreams,

A place of wonder to melt all hearts

Was now a horror of body parts!

All be praised, his god is served

The dead just got what they deserved,

For not praying the same as those

Who blew them up and burnt their clothes.

Some strange god, that death he asks

From his army with their bloody tasks,

That spreads out terror, fear and dread

And victories measured by the dead.

Again you pray, your day is won

Religion spread by your smoking gun,

It is honour you want, your way is best,

Go tell the man with his shattered chest.

Little children, babes in arms

Now lie slaughtered with no more charms,

You say it is vengeance, we had done wrong

So we must suffer you sick death song.

It is peace you wish, and to make us sure

You continue to kill, and make more war,

Until we learn, and have passed the test

That your gentle, loving god is best.

Cheers, Laurie!

And as ever, The Journey Continues……..




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