Phew, and what a week or last few days……


RE my Help for Heroes Fundraise & Book 4 Celebration, I will put this first as of photo…….

Many thanks Liz Pellett for the photo, the Lansdowne Hotel for generously providing the venue & raffle prize, for all the other prize donator’s, people who bought raffle tickets etc and last but not least the people who came to help and support me yesterday afternoon! THANK YOU !!!!

With all above said help we raised £150 on the raffle for Help for Heroes + various bits of money in collection tin, merchandise and also my donations from the books I sold…..
Well most people who I was expecting came and thanks to them, although I was hoping for some people from the hotel or “general public”, but alas none obliged but nay worries mon, we did ok, and enjoyed ourselves! Hic, hic, HIC, well hahahahahaaaaaa, “I” DID !!!!!
Prior to Yesterday (Saturday 18th March), apart from zooming round getting prizes for the raffle, selling tickets and “advertising” lol I was also busy thus……
I somehow have written x 8 new poems (including typing, editing & printing off) in about 5 days or so (lol days have “blended” a bit!), received 3 commissions to write “Personal Poems” for people, one also completed, “delivered” (and “loved” by recipient), always nice, and been paid too!
I attended a writing group I belong to, Anderida Writers, where I read two of my very new poems (one was “The Walthamstow One or The Gift” I recently put on here) which heralded great compliments (again always nice thanks) but especially “Walthamstow” that “Senior Sage Writers” amongst the group kindly said was without doubt “one of the best poems I have ever written !!!” Praise indeed, but on top of being “Well Chuffed” obviously, it shows I must be “going in the right direction” Ennett?” LOL
Right will “shuuuuuddap” now, but probably be back quite soon with more news????
The Journey Continues FANTASTICALLY !!!!
Cheers & Love, L xx


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