On occasions I reflect quite deeply for no apparent reason, and perhaps in such mood write some of my better stuff?


I have just been looking back a bit over my “poetic journey” (SO far), and some of my words about myself fluttered to the surface….


Thus I will say no more, but include parts of three of my poems and then conclude with one of my favourite quotes from Shakespeare, (about me?).

 Are these pieces of my intrinsic writing engine room? You make your mind up, and maybe tell me in the “comments section”! I’ll be interested to know your thoughts…..

And I have never been more sure,

That I am a very fortunate man.

I have never been too ill.

Sure I have had my down times,

But most of life I’ve had a fill!

I have travelled so many places,

Tried the wares on many stalls.

Not left many unturned stones,

Playing games with different balls.

I’ve seen good and bad in women,

Learning from them, having fun,

Perhaps a couple gave me problems

So then I just got up to run!


From my 3rd book Reviews of Life in Verse “Happy Birthday” (Reflection)

I look back to regard my test in life

When my world crashed all around,

And for some time I floundered lost

Until my proud stoic root I found.

So whenever life became a trial

I knew that somehow I’d succeed.

And overcome the hardship or pain,

For my deep rooted spirit would lead.

From my 2nd book MORE Poetic Views of Life “Deep Rooted” (Tragedy)

But I can be at one with dark

So long as I have a beam,

To turn on if I feel the need

For I like my dark fed dream.

These take away the daytime trials

Which can leave us all aggrieved,

Thus slipping into my warm dark

My soul will feel relieved.

From my 2nd book again as above “Darkness” (Romance)

AND now, my quote from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” Act V, Scene 1 ….

“Yet have I something in me dangerous, which let thy wiseness fear.” (Hamlet) ???

MMMMMmmmmmm The Journey Continues (reflectively?)……

Cheers, Laurie



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