MMMMmmm, Food for thought "Laurie Boy"…

After several manic days, and ideas awash in early mornings that I don’t really "do" now, all involving my Help for Heroes Fundraise and my Fourth book celebration, I felt a bit "Nick, Nacky Noooo’d" earlier today. That’s "cream crackered" or "knackered" to the uninitiated…

I then ashamedly muttered something about "all this running about is flipping hard work", then I stopped up short !!! Without even needing my "Oft a bloooooooooody sleep" Guardian Angel to tell me, I again thought and muttered, "yeah well at least you can still run about mate!" Indeed, and that is exactly WHY I was running about, organising and donating with kind people supporting me to HELP our Heroes….

They sacrificed to help us, so now WE must help their suffering….. Thus a "self chastised" Laurie cracked on with running about, organising, cajoling and generally trying to make sure I can do my best for the fundraising event… Me? Well I’m lucky aren’t I ???

I can only close this with a poem "Footsteps" from my fourth book that perhaps says it all and is my interpretation of why I support Help for Heroes……

Meanwhile The Journey Continues……..


He is a man of constant sorrow

And no pleasure can he derive,

So he really cannot care less

If he should die now, or survive.

The world he loved has broken

And shattered into many parts,

So the grief he is enduring

Would shred the stoutest hearts.

The career he loved is now over

For you have to be fully fit,

And not pain filled and crippled

Struggling to get along with it.

An unlucky placed size ten boot

On bland ground that looked fine,

Took the life he knew in seconds

With that cruel exploding mine!

It was what these heroes feared

An undiscovered explosive device,

That could rip off skin and limbs

Or cause the supreme sacrifice.

So just how do they do this job?

If wrong moves can be your end

They say you just get on and do it

With your comrades and best friend.


Now our man of constant sorrow

Begins to get on with his life,

With support of all his family

And care from a loving wife,

Who tends his hurt and fears

Like those buried deep inside.

So slowly he starts to fight back

And regain his stubborn pride.

Of course he gets help and aid

Along whatever way he goes,

From excellent support teams

That gives help to our heroes.

Thus now he has a strong lifeline

Helping his family without fuss,

So we should all help him also

Giving thanks, it’s him not us!

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