Yeah, a couple of things "sorted" !!!

As I have been saying for a while there are a few things in "pipeline" and now have two of them confirmed!

On Saturday 18th March at the Lansdowne Hotel Eastbourne (who are kindly letting me have a room for no charge and are putting a raffle prize in !) at 13.00 – 17.00 I am doing a "Help for Heroes fund raise and my 4th book celebration and signing" get together! Hopefully I can get a lot of support, and I already have donations of some prizes for the raffle, plus couple of things I will put in, so not bad for having only confirmed this a couple of days ago! More news (and reminders) nearer the time…..

Also, and only confirmed today, on April 6th I will be doing a "Poetry Reading & Help for Heroes" fund raise at Church Bailey Retirement Living. They and I are really looking forward to it, and those "mischievous bears" Ted n Beth will be making an appearance too…..

As "we" on my website here are gradually growing in numbers, (and big "HI" to you lovely guys overseas too) could you please mention, recommend, cajole, pester and persuade your friends & family to "join us" as it all helps promote both myself and of course Help for Heroes, that excellent and much needed military charity for our wounded guys, which includes wounds not obviously seen!

This first part of a new poem would seem to be apt here…

Not To Reason Why

Loyal boots march where they’re told

On rough terrain or forbidding ground,

For our courageous forces go

To where danger’s often found.

Never to disobey or question

Any strange command given out,

No matter how they feel

Or how much that they doubt,

The wisdom of the orders

And so their best they’ll try,

To perform for Queen and country

For they will just do or die.

Ok I think on that note I will close for now, but suspect that I will be back quickly,


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