WOW, Wowwy WOW!!!! Fantastic news!

Ted n Beth can hardly contain themselves with all the recent happenings, (they’ve even forgotten about their wanting a Fan club temporarily too) and are soooooo excited, whilst I can hardly keep up with organising, posting on and reporting it all !!!

On top of recent success from reading out my poem "Volunteer" to "The Great and Good", Blog Post photo is me reading poem) recently, My Voice Publishing who have done all my books, and some video’s etc are soon to release a Press Release on my latest book "Life Scene in Verse"!!!

NOW this…… The editor (and a publisher too) of the two online newspapers I write a monthly column with poems for, (The Sussex Newspaper & Bonjour France for English speakers there, PLEASE check these out to see my monthly articles & back dated as well) has done a review of my last book and WHAT a review !!!! Please have a read at the following……

PHEW, think that is all for NOW, but don’t hold your breathe, I can hardly get mine and there are other great things in the pipeline as well and ALL supporting Help for Heroes as ever…..

The Journey Continues FANTASTICALLY !!!!

Cheers for support guys,



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