Great day after reading my poem ” Volunteer” to Eastbourne Mayor , MP (on far left), politicians, counsellors & Helen Burton (Founder 2nd left) ) who formerly opened Eastbourne Volunteers in front of an unexpected crowd  of about 60 odd people!

My poem went down very well with the crowd, (the M P, Caroline Ansell who spoke after me reading my poem, repeated part of the final line “life blood throb” and said “how do I follow that!!!??? ), so all good stuff!

Of course I mentioned Help for Heroes and my collecting for the charity, so good publicity for them and myself, (I sneaked in a quick resume of my poetry, books etc before reading the poem) and got a lot of compliments and interest afterwards, also selling some books too!

My poem Volunteer…


It is often said that a volunteer

Is worth more than ten pressed men,

Of course now that includes women

But wasn’t always a factor then.

Now women have an equal say

So can make more decisions too,

About the challenges of life

And what you want to do.

One meaning of a volunteer

Is about someone freely choosing,

To help out, or give their time

Instead of just idly cruising,

Without an idea or plan

Of what you want to achieve.

So being around helping others

Your pattern you can weave.

For volunteers gain experience

Like the requirements of the world,

And business skills and attitudes

That need to be unfurled,

Dealing with different people

Will always give you thrills,

And trying different challenges

Is sure to teach new skills.

So don’t dither about wondering

How to get that special job,

For learning things as a volunteer

Will make your life blood throb!

Cheers, Laurie



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