A warm and big welcome to a lovely crop of lovely new member "sign ups" to our site here, yeeeeaaah lol LOVELY and welcome !!!

Privileged to have on here now 2 ladies from Germany, one from each of France, New Zealand & Australia, with of course folks from various areas of Britain too… Room and a welcome for more so please spread the word and invite your friends, family etc…. Ho ho it’s FREE, fun has those two mischievous bears Ted n Beth!!! They say "Hi" and are keen to have their photos and poems on here… SSssssshhhh, NO mention of "Fan Club" yet……..

Life Scenes

Life’s scenes are acted out
Right before my eyes,
So I can’t help but notice
The careless and the wise.

Thus will have my feelings
About all that I have seen,
And will put them into words
So others know what I mean.

For poets have passionate thoughts
Put into burning words and verse,
As I observe the world’s scenes
That are better or much worse.

Thanks for being here, and best regards Laurie


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