Well a BIG THANKS first for all the kind and lovely people who have given me such fantastic reviews on Amazon for my new book “Life Scene in Verse”!!! These reviews really count and anyone else who has, or has seen my book, then please, pretty please, do me a review!

NEXT my promise, and that also partly answers some of the brilliant review comments, with people urging me to “keep up the great work” which of course I WILL be doing!

To that end I set myself a target to write three poems yesterday evening, and whilst I had 3 ideas going round my head I actually wrote FOUR in about five hours, taking me into the “small hours” writing!

I include the first verse of a new poem:-


Coincidental Chance

You spoke to me out of the blue

And I didn’t know who you were,

But like Pitney’s “24 hours from Tulsa”

Such happenings can occur.

For I had felt an instant shudder

That I couldn’t quite control,

Also a strange realisation

You had touched my very soul.



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