Railways of Life

If the "good time" train calls at your station

Make sure that you get on board,

For you may never get another chance

After "please mind the doors" is called.

Enjoy this journey and give thanks

For your blessings and good days,

Remembering it could be quite different

And you may travel less happy ways.

Well that excerpt from one of the poems in my new book “Life Scene in Verse” is perhaps pertinent for the start of this new year and psychological time to make changes and new plans?

Certainly I’m looking forward to future goals and moving forward in my “Poetry World” this coming year, with my continued flow of writing more poems, new ideas, ventures, collaborations, further video ideas (J H? ) and planning for a new (or perhaps two?) book! Maybe perhaps Ted n Beth will actually get their “Fan Club” they so desire?

With my continued support, promotion and fundraising in aid of Help for Heroes The Journey Continues………………..


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