For this Blog I have the title and loose theme of driving on, or continuing to go forward. Yes, okay I will admit that is largely chosen that I have just bought a new car, the white one in the lead photo, SO yeah I’m driving on in more ways than one, but I guess most importantly with my Poetry World that donates to the charity Help for Heroes. Latest news in a moment but first poem coming up and has to be “Cowboys and Motorists” =

Cowboys and Motorists

In those days of the wild west

People all travelled around by horse,

Mostly riding on these animals

With coaches and carts of course.

So I wonder how it would all go

If we drove about like on horseback,

And substituted cars into that wild west

Maybe having to repel an Indian attack?

Would our vehicles cope with that terrain

Or lots of horses fit well in the city?

But I don’t think we can ever see this

So in some ways that’s a pity.

For many motorists driving behaviour

Lends itself to those lawless days,

Seen in the old western towns

Riding their horses in careless ways.

Though of course back in that rough time

Horses were not subject to body repair,

And with any little coming together

Nobody would just get off and stare,

To see if any damage for insurance

Which could land you up in court,

And possibly a more perilous ending

Than who was the driver at fault.

As maybe it would have been settled

By both parties going for their gun,

So one of them might be killed

Or be left lying out in the sun.

Thus not for them any third parties

With any witness statement need,

To ensure that justice was done

And the innocent would succeed.

But alas although we’ve moved on

From horseback to modern car.

Some still drive as if on the plains

When any street courtesy is far

Away from their immediate thought,

Which is to complete their drive

In the shortest time that’s possible,

And just hope they stay alive.

Thus I would like to now see

Modern day sheriffs on our roads,

To monitor and punish rash cowboys

And enforce the highway codes.


I will own up that I purposely put that poem in as for Driving On with title Cowboys and Motorists. Also after some news another driving poem will follow. So here is a bit of what has been happening since my last blog.

I have done a couple more of my reading gigs, one with a follow up of selling my books and collecting for Help for Heroes at the care home’s coffee area. And very nice it was too. Strangely and coincidentally I’ve negotiated a couple more care home readings, so all good there. Second poem of driving theme follows, =

Speedy End

The fool in a desperate hurry

Roars his car against the bend,

Whilst every other driver

Knows just how this will end.

His metal box wrapped round him

The wheel crushed on his chest,

How many times you tell him

He thinks he knows what’s best.

So he goes on taking chances

Driving over lights at red,

And the sad fact of the matter

Is that soon he will be dead.

And his family will be mourning

For his death and lack of years,

But it’s too late now for lessons

All that’s left are wasted tears!


A very convenient time to mention my Publisher and Website Guru James Harvey, lol not because he’s a speedy driver, but he is great at what he does on Anyway following Speedy End, from my very first book, I continue with related theme, I hope you notice, so hang on for ….

On The Other Side

I wonder what’s on the other side?

You know that opposite to living,

When we go through to another place

Maybe hellish or perhaps forgiving.

For like it or not we will be going

Through the door to whatever or why.

And that has been a certainty since,

Our first breath and bawling cry.

For no matter how long life will be

It will end up on that other side,

However much we try to protest

Or even run away and hide.

But don’t worry too much about it

As I think it’s quite a short move,

Though the last exit may be painful

Of which we surely won’t approve.

Although of course we can change

Our destiny that’s been decided,

By cutting short the agreed plan

On which we’ve not presided.

For we can of course end this life

At our chosen time and place.

Instead of waiting for that date

When we leave the human race.

So then will be on the other side

And no longer living, but dead.

But I wonder what is waiting,

To give us cheer or dread?

For I have never yet met anyone

Who’s returned from their final day,

Thus we must go from this world

Not knowing what they can say.

So I should now proclaim aloud

We need to make sure we’ve spent,

Our time enjoying this life before

To the other side we’re sent.


Quite heavy that so it must be JOKE TIME

  • Rotation of the earth really makes my day

  • Friend of mine got a parking ticket as he parked up in Bus Lane

  • A woman had to stop eating hot cross buns as she was on Diazepam

  • I knew someone who went on a ballooning holiday and put on four stone.

My podcasts are still going well too, so check them out, my usual four sections as I know some people like more than one go. Link = Yup that will do it so please enjoy a stress free listen and laugh, you may even feel quite relaxed and content after so Hip, Hip Hooray for that!

Near the end of this particular little journey, (lol Driving On as blog title, see clever a?), thus a welcome to a couple of new sign ups, and of course Izzy who got a little ditty, about girls who are pretty, see even that rhymes, but seriously as usual BIG THANKS to all for following and kind words and compliments too, but please do remember there is a comment section at the end of this, and every blog.

Last poem and end then, hoping you have enjoyed blog, for even this last poem, romance as per had moving and travelling connections. Again from my very first book published April 2014 so near ten years, and also my first poem read out on Magic FM, so here comes Unknown Journey….

Unknown Journey

The very beauty of the gift

Was that it was not seen or showing,

We did not know or notice

That something great was growing.

You sailed in your ship, I in mine,

No other course was charted.

We journeyed on across our seas

Unaware just what had started.

I did not know but I looked for you,

Your way, your eyes, your smile.

A touch can take our breath away

And be felt from near a mile.

But the greatest star was yet to shine

Beaming light from sky to sea.

I was manic, laughing, flying

When you said you cared for me!


The finish then and as ever THE JOURNEY CONTINUES DRIVING ON

Love, light and smiles,

Laurie xx

Laurie Wilkinson
The Psychy Poet

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